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Jul. 31, 2007
Unlock Arcade mini-games
There is an arcade next to the transerver in Area C-2 where Vent or Aile can play mini-games. At first, none of the games are active, but by completing certain tasks within the game, you will be able to play them by pressing Up next to a lit screen.

Crusher-F - Defeat any two bosses
Mega Crusher-F - Beat the high score on Crusher-F (100 points)

Biometal O / Model OX
The secret area N-1 houses one secret boss from Zero 3- Omega Zero. People who played that game know that this guy is using Zero's "origional" body. Anyway, once you take down this guy, go to the area where you can fight bosses from Zero 3 and 4. Take the third door and follow it through. Eventually you'll reach a strange stone that looks alot like a live metal. Go to the lab in X-1 and talk to fluub (in the Lab area). After the game, he'll analyse it and find out it's a live metal, letting you use Model OX. NOTE: You do NOT have to beat the 8 bosses from Zero 3 and 4 to fight Omega Zero or get OX.

Keep Model X
Complete the game with both Vent and Aile on Normal or Hard difficulties and save their "Cleared!" save files. Now, when you play through a New Game again as either character, you'll keep Model X after acquiring Model ZX.

Unlock Hard Mode
Beat the game once on "Normal Mode" in order to unlock the extraordinarily difficult "Hard Mode."

Megaman Zero 3 and Megman Zero 4 bonus
If you insert either a copy of the GBA Megaman Zero 3 or Megaman Zero 4 in the GBA slot of the DS when starting a game. The bosses that were found in the GBA versions will be found throughout Megaman ZX. Do you have what it takes to defeat them?

Purpose of the doll
The doll in Prairie's room isn't just there for decoration or to attack just for fun. If you continually strike the doll with attacks, in time it will drop a "W Can." The "W Can" or Weapon Can refills all of the weapon energy for all of the Live Metals. The doll will only drop it if you don't already have one. So return to the doll after you use the W Can to get another one. Cutting the doll from its string makes obtaining the item much easier.

Boss Plushies
Beat a Boss with a Level 4 victory. This means beating the boss without ever hitting where their Biometal is located. The Plushies can be found in Prarie's room in the background.

Fistleo Plushie - Beat Fistleo while avoiding to hit his head
Flammole Plushie - Beat Flammole while avoiding to hit his arms.
Hivolt Plushie - Beat Hivolt while avoiding to hit his wings
Hurricaune Plushie - Beat Hurricaunce while avoiding to hit her neck
Leganchor Plushie - Beat Leganchor while avoiding to hit his head.
Lurerre Plushie - Beat Luererre while avoiding to hit her head
Protectos Plushie - Beat Protectos while avoiding to hit his chest
Purprill Plushie - Beat Purprill while avoiding to hit his arms.

Easter Egg - Get A Birthday Cake
Change the day to your birthday then go to area c-1 and take to Sherry, Sherry is in one of the building that has a dark door. Cake restores 8 points of life.

Glitch: Always Have up to 9 Lives
NOTE: This can only be done after acquiring the green keycard. Start by heading to the teleporter that is placed before level C-1 . Then, enter that level and proceed until you find a green door, which you should enter. Use the human form of your character to go under the gap and then get the 3 items on the right, which include 1 life. Now, go back to the teleporter (which resets the position of all items in the levels) and repeat the step above, something you can do until you have up to 9 lifes, the maximum value for them in this game.

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