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Oct. 03, 2009
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Random Sigma Bosses
At the title screen hold [L] and press these gold stars in order:

S Comp Star, G Comp Star, S Comp Star, M Comp Star, SS Star, SS Star, and Red Joker Star.

You should hear a confirmation if done correctly.

White Card
Go to your's Profile,select four card in the bottom of right.

[A] [E] [I] [M] [Q]
[B] [F] [J] [N] [R]
[C] [G] [K] [O] [S]
[D] [H] [L] [P] [T]

LPBKDJ - Anger Fire 3, Time Bomb 3, Bobobon Bomb 3, Bobobon Bomb 3.
RBDLCI - Break Sabre, Heat Upper 3, Heavy Down 3, Hammer Weapon 3.
SIHFQK - Bubble Hook 1, Bubble Hook 1, Flash Spear 2, Inazuma Head 2 (White Card 04).
KQBPAH - Daba Flame 3, Heat Upper 3, Anger Fire 3, Machine Flame 3.
KICMJT - Destroy Upper, Stun Knuckle, Freeze Knuckle, Poison Knuckle.
JKIPTD - Double Eater, Beast Swing 3, Whistle, Great Axe (White Card 11).
BTRIFJ - Double Eater, Wide Wave 3, Bubble Hook 3, Queen Virgo.
RSBQPH - Edogiri Blade 3, Edogiri Blade 3, Edogiri Blade 2, Edogiri Blade 1 (White Card 14).
THFLJI - Elec +30, Flash Spear 3, Inazuma Head 3, Spade Magnets V3.
GHDRJL - Aqua +30, Bubble Hook 3, Shark Cutter 3, Dia Iceburn V2 (White Card 17).
HNDKLQ - Atomic Blazer, Attack +10, Beast Swing 1, Heat Upper 1 (Powered Red Joker).
IJMHQP - Barrier, Cannon, Cannon, Cannon (White Card 10).
GFKSLR - Beast Swing 1, Gravity Plus, Giza Wheel 1, Ice Spinning 1.
TLSRPJ - Beast Swing 3, Beast Swing 3, Death Scythe 3, Heel Wizard 3.
GLRHED - Beast Swing 3, Heel Wizard 2, Double Eater, Jack Corvus.
EJHRPG - Black Ink, Flash Spear 2, Bubble Hook 1, Mummy Hand 2 (White Card 05).
KJRLBD - Break Sabre, Drill Arm 3, Sword Fighter 3, Acid Ace V3.
JCKDBA - Break Sabre, Giza Wheel 3, Stealth Lazer 3, Acid Ace.
FJLEDR - Heavy Cannon, Drill Arm 2, Heat Upper 2, Heavy Dawn 1 (White Card 08).
HRJKBQ - Heel Wizard 1. Bubble Hook 1, Elec Slash, Dummy Spider 1 (White Card 09).
RTALSJ - Ice Grenade, Wide Wave 3, Shark Cutter 2, Blue Ink.
DKMPHI - Ice Grenade, Wide Wave 3, Shark Cutter 3, Flame Axe.
BFGJIM - Ice Spinning 3, Wide Wave 3, Shark Cutter 3, Bubble Hook 3.
DTOFKL - Jet Attack 3, Skull Arrow 3, Skull Arrow 3, Hammer Weapon 3.
OGBFKL - Kogarashi 3, Death Scythe 3, Tornado Dance, Windy Attack 3.
CSTKQN - Meteorite Barrage, Gravity Plus, Wide Wave 1, Beast Swing 1 (High-Speed Black Ace).
IJDCEO - MiniGrenade, Sword, WideSword, LongSword.
JDFICS - Mummy Hand 3, Dummy Spider 3, Elec Slash, Thunder of Earth 3.
BSCHLJ - Panic Cloud, Panic Cloud, Flash Spear 3, Powder Shot 3.
SLBHDT - Elec Slash, Sword Fighter 3, Wood Slash, Dancing Blade 3.
KDANJH - Fire +30, Anger Fire 3, Ox Fire V2, Machine Flame 3 (White Card 16).
JRQTLA - Flash Spear 2, Shark Cutter 2, Heat Upper 2, Shuri Shuriken 2 (Fourth Element).
SKQALD - Flash Spear 3, Inazuma Head 2, Elec Slash, Elec Slash.
JQMAKC - Giza Wheel 2, Ground Wave 2, Shuri Shuriken 1, Ice Spinning 1 (White Card 07).
SJBMPL - Great Axe, Break Sabre, Drill Arm 3, Hammer Weapon 3.
ACTKGM - Green Ink, Dummy Spider 1, Shuri Shuriken 1, Thunder Shoot 2 (White Card 02).
DKLEAH - Hammer Weapon 3, Heat Upper 3, Great Axe, Grave Joker.
MFQLHJ - White Meteor, Time Bomb 3, Heavy Dawn 3, Machine Flame 3.
AGHTRQ - Wide Wave 2, Shark Cutter 2, Ice Grenade, Ice Grenade (White Card 13).
JDBPLC - Windy Attack 1, Windy Attack 1, Noised Wizard 1, Noised Wizard 2 (White Card 06).
TDAFIQ - Windy Attack 3, Typhoon Dance, Tornado Dance, Death Scythe 2.
EMJKAD - Wood +30, Kogarashi 3, Vulcan Seed 3, Club Strong V3.
JSTKAP - Heat Upper 2, Anger Fire 1, Time Bomb 2, Daba Flame 1.
SLDTCI - Plasma Gun, Stealth Laser 2, Mummy Hand 1, Inazuma Head 1 (White Card 01).
EGIKMP - Powder Shot 3, Vulcan Seed 1, Vulcan Seed 2, Shuri Shuriken 3.
IDHBGT - Rolling Nuts 1, Rolling Nuts 2, Count Bomb 3, Machine Flame 1 (White Card 12).
STKGHM - Shuri Shuriken 3, Wide Wave 3, Stealth Lazer 3, Smile Coin 3.
SHDETN - Sword Fighter 1, Ground Wave 3, Noised Wizard 2, Drill Arm 3.
IDOSTE - Synchro Hook 1, Freeze Knuckle, Stun Knuckle, Heat Upper 3 (White Card 15).
KFHPLD - Tornado Dance, Air Spread 3, Vulcan Seed 3, Mad Vulcan 3.
DFEJTH - Whistle, Drill Arm 1, Drill Arm 2, Windy Attack 1 (White Card 03).
MISBLT - Wood Slash, Dummy Spider 2, Shuri Shuriken 2, Stealth Lazer 2.

Cipher Codes
Go to the Big Wave store in Echo Ridge. Once inside talk to the orange Wizard holding a surfboard at the right of the store. He will ask you for a Cipher Code. Enter them to receive a reward:

Eta67300: "AcidAceV3" Battle Card
Upsilon79755: "AcornBomb3" Battle Card
Sigma08312: "AirShoes/260" Ability
Delta86531: "AirSpread3" Battle Card
Phi40588: "AntiDmg/250" Ability
Psi07280: "BeastSlap3" Battle Card
Lamda09373: "BigDrop3" Battle Card
Omega68805: "BN Blaster EX (1/5/2)" Weapon
Omicron74574: "BubblHook3" Battle Card
Mu13420: "Bushido3" Battle Card
Gamma31412: "ClubStrngV3" Battle Card
Theta78108: "CygnsWingV3" Battle Card
Psi09659: "Danger Ring (2/2/3)" Weapon
Omega42348: "DblEater" Battle Card
Beta20976: "DiamndIceV3" Battle Card
Zeta11702: "DreadJokrV3" Battle Card
Chi83559: "DrillArm3" Battle Card
Kappa34080: "DrkPhntmV3" Battle Card
Sigma66019: "FlashStrk3" Battle Card
Chi78584: "Gale Claw (2/1/2)" Weapon
Epsilon07292: "HP+50/110" Ability
Pi95941: "IceSpin3" Battle Card
Epsilon71083: "JackCorvsV3" Battle Card
Zeta78695: "KiloBomb1" Battle Card
Nu31121: "MechFlame3" Battle Card
Tau90338: "MegCls+1/270" Ability
Mu66767: "MoonDstryV3" Battle Card
Phi24914: "MuTech3" Battle Card
Tau78431: "Shuriken3" Battle Card
Nu73618: "SiriusV3" Battle Card
Alpha40352: "SpadMgnes V3" Battle Card
Omicron64221: "StrngSwngV3" Battle Card
Rho17385: "ThndrHead3" Battle Card
Eta28274: "Virus Claw (1/2/3)" Weapon
Pi62739: "WickdFlame" Battle Card
Iota16196: "WolfWoodsV3" Battle Card
Theta32596: D.Engry
Alpha85072: SmEngry
Delta51999: SmEngry
Alpha53637: SmEngry
Gamma19606: SmEngry
Theta71782: SrchEye
Iota20404: Unlocker

Fight RogueZZ
At the title screen, hold [L] and press G Comp Star, M Comp Star, M Comp Star, SS Star, G Comp Star, S Comp Star, and Black Ace Star. He'll appear in the Meteor G Ctrl CC, which is located in the Orbital Base.
Unlock Golden Stars
These stars appear at the title screen. Once you have all 5, you can challenge Crimson Dragon SP:

G Comp Star - Collect all the Giga cards.
M Comp Star - Collect all the Mega cards.
Red Joker Star - Beat the game for the first time.
S Comp Star - Collect all the Standard cards.
SS Star - Beat Sirius.

Unlock Silver Stars
AJ Star - Beat Acid Ace BB or Grave Joker RR.
Mu Star - Beat Burai ZZ.
Sigma Star - Beat Sirius Sigma, Moon Disaster Sigma, and Apollon Flame Sigma.

Unlock Black Ace Wallpaper
After you get all 5 Gold Stars, Go back and Fight Crimson Dragon. After you defeat him and watch the credits and cutscences you will recieve a Black Ace Wallpaper that you can set as a background for your Hunter VG.

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