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Unlock New Games
Complete the following tasks to fufill the requirements to unlock these games:

Dyna Blade - Beat Spring Breeze.
Gourmet Race - Beat Spring Breeze.
Helper to a Hero - Complete The Arena.
Megaton Punch - Complete The Arena.
Meta Knightmare Ultra - Complete Revenge of the King.
Milky Way Wishes - Beat Spring Breeze, Dyna Blade, The Great Cave Offensive,Gourmet Race, and Revenge of MetaKnight.
Revenge of MetaKnight - Beat Spring Breeze, Dyna Blade, The Great Cave Offensive, and Gourmet Race.
Revenge of The King - Complete Milky Way Wishes.
Samurai Kirby - Clear Meta-Knightmare Ultra.
Sound Test - Clear The First six games.
The Arena - Complete Milky Way Wishes.
The Great Cave Offensive - Beat Spring Breeze.
The True Arena - Complete The Arena.

Unlock Special Videos
Video #00 - Complete Helper to Hero as all of the helpers.
Video #31 - Complete Meta Knightmare Ultra.
Video #34 - Complete The True Arena.
Video #35 - Complete 100 percent of the game.

Mario Characters in King Dedede Battle
When you are battling the final boss of Spring Breeze (King Dedede), if you go to the far left and right of the arena, you can spot characters from Mario games.

Unlock Bonus Movies
Dyna Blade - Play through Dyna Blade.
Gourmet Race - Play through Gourmet Race.
Grand Opening - Simply watch the opening of the game.
Great Cave Offensive - Play through the Great Cave Offensive.
Great Escape-Hero Up High - Beat the Great Cave Offensive.
Halberd Scenes 1-3 - Play through Revenge of Meta Knight.
Live Healthy - Defeat Dyna Blade.
Revenge of Meta Knight - Play through Revenge of Meta Knight.
Spring Breeze - Play through Spring Breeze.
Tomorrow's Wind - Defeat King DeDeDe in Spring Breeze.

Sound Test
After completing Milky Way Wishes, you unlock the sound test. It lets you lisen to all the songs and sounds in the game.

Secret HAL Room
On Revenge of the King, if you go to Stage 2, there is a secret room with the word HAL spelled out. To find it, go to the area with the stone switch. When you hit the switch, and the blocks break, go to the left and press up. There should be a door there. When you go through, you will face a mini-boss. Beat him and continue to the right, Soon, you should get to a room with blocks spelling out HAL, along with an Invinsible Candy.

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