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Check out these Katekyoo Hitman Reborn! DS Flame Rumble Hyper - Moeyo Mirai cheats and stay cool!
Primary Collection of Cheats
Unlock Secret Characters
Go to cheat option and type in the password. When the password is successfully entered go to the character select screen and go to the pre-transformed version of the character and press select:

1,6,3,8,9,14 - Allows you to use 10 Years Gokudera
16,10,7,1,13,6 - Allows you to use Tri-Ni-Sette Reborn
9,6,3,8,11,14 - Unlocks Albito and Rizona as support characters
1,5,9,3,7,11 - Unlocks all boxes
9,6,3,13,10,7 - Unlocks Lal Mirch, 10 Bianchi, Haru and Kyoko as support characters
Unlock Characters
10 years later Hibari - Beat Story Mode with Hibari
10 years later Yamamoto - Beat Story Mode with Yamamoto
Belphegor - Beat Arcade Mode with Gokudera
Byakuran - Beat Story Mode with Byakuran
Gamma - Beat Story Mode with ZTR & NTR
Gola Mosca - Beat VS Varia Replay Story Mode
Lal Mirch - Beat Story Mode with Tsuna
Lancia - Beat Arcade Mode with Mukuro
Leviathan - Beat Arcade Mode with Lussuria
Lussuria - Beat Story Mode with Sasagawa Ryohei
M.M. - Beat VS Kokuyo Replay Story Mode
Mammon - Beat VS Varia Replay Story Mode
Rokudo Mukuro - Beat Story Mode with Chrome Dokuro
S. Squalo - Beat Arcade Mode with Belphegor
Xanxus - Beat Story Mode with Xanxus
ZTR & NTR - Beat Story Mode with Gokudera

Unlock Albito (support)
Finish arcade mode with Mukuro.

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