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DGamer Honors
Achievements in the game using the DGamer system:

Bet on It - Take a picture with one of the guys in a tux.
Now or Never - Take pictures of all the six main Wildcats.
Registered DGamer - Log onto DGamer online with a username.
Bop to the Top - Get a 5-star rating on every song on all 3 difficulties.
Fabulous - Take a picture with one of the girls in a prom dress.
Go My Own Way - Beat all the songs and take every quiz in the game.
Music In Me - Take a picture with Troy and Gabriella together.
Work This Out - Get signatures of every wildcat.

New Song
New Song in Jukebox (Together,High School musical) will be unlock after you beat the game:

Song in Jukebox-High School musical - Beat the song game-High school musical.
Song in Jukebox-Together - Beat the song game-together.

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