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Sep. 20, 2012
Jul. 31, 2007
Eligible Girls
The girls that you can marry are: Harvest Goddess, Mermaid , Princess, Aafi , Arisa , Erisu , Kaarii , Reona, Marivia , Serena , Nasuka , Furen, and Muu.

Field Upgrades
The different items that you cam use to upgrade your field houses will rot away after different periods of time. The following materials can be used to upgrade:

Grass/ Hay: The weakest
Lumber: Average
Stone: Good
Golden Lumber: Excellent
Special Children
If you get married to either the Harvest Goddess, Harvest Witch, Princess, or Furen, you may get a special child. This is a child that wears different clothes and looks differently instead of the child you will get by getting married to any other girl.

The Harvest Witch
Her birthday is on Winter 29. She lives in the small hut near the mansion. She likes Red Grass and Poisonous Mushrooms, and loves Rainbow Curry.

Eligible Brides
Flora, The Harvest Goddess, Keria, Leia, The Witch Princess, Muffy, Nami, Lumina, Celia, Ann, Popuri, Elli, Karen, and Mary.

The only place where you can litter is on your field. Anywhere else will cause people to begin disliking you.

Secert RPG-Styled Game
If you inspect (press A) at 4:44 at night (4:44am), you can play a special hidden mini-game. It is an RPG where you battle the girls, and eventually the Witch Princess, in an all out battle until you or she faints. If you win, you get a special item called the "Battle Title" which you can you purely to complete the shipping list. If you lose, nothing will happen. Alsoo, your weapon will be whatever is in your current tool slot. NOTE: This will not make the girls mad if you beat them.

Witch Princess 3-Bear Game
If you buy a TV from Van and interact (press [A]) with it at 0:00am (midnight), you will play a memory game involving 3 bears that hold colored sparkles and choosing the bear with the correct color. If you beat this 5 times, you will gain 100 LP with the WP.

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