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Feb. 19, 2009
Poochika's Body Skin
Score 9,999 points at the indicated mini-games to unlock a new body skin for Poochika:

Dragoon - "Kain's 100m Jump" game.
Ninja - "Edge's 100 Shurikens Throw" game.
Paladin - "Cecil's 100 Goblins Punishment" game.
Summoner/Black Mage - "Rydia's 100 Math Homeworks" game.
White Mage - "Rosa's 100sec Meditation" game.

Easy Max Score on Rydia's Mathemagic Minute
There is a easy way to score 9,999 points on Rydia's Mathemagic Minute -- when you're about to begin the minigame, quickly remember the numbers and close your Nintendo DS screen. It will put your Nintendo DS in sleep mode. Write down the numbers you remember and solve the mathemagic. After you find your answer, quickly open up your Nintendo DS and prepare to copy the answer as fast as you can. Keep doing this until you get your max score (9,999) and Whyt's Summoner costume at the end.

View Credits
In the developer's room in the Dwarve's Castle, inspect the shelf behind the doll in the first room to view the credits.

New Game +
Beat the game, save and then start from the beginning with all augments and items carried over. After 3 playthroughs in a row, you can't start another New Game + on that file (unless you delete it).

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