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Jul. 31, 2007
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Duplicate Magic
*WARNING: This item duplication will ruin the game play, please note to do this at your own risk. If may also damage your save file so please duplicate your save before you attempt this.

In Final Fantasy III, all magics can be duped using this method, as mentioned, please use at your own risk.

1. Open menu screen via non-battle.
2. Select "Magic"
3. Go to any character you desire and select by A Button
4. Once at the magic menu, go select Trade (koukan)
5. Highlight a character that has magic you want to duplicate, but do not push the accept button (A button). Simply highlight the character (Hover the cursor on the character)
6. After highlighting the character you wish to duplicate magic off, hit the cancel button once (B button)
7. You should be back to the first character you chose, now go select Remove (Hazusu)
8. Now, move your cursor to the level and space of magic you wish to duplicate from the character you highlighted. You will get and hear the error message, but in reality, you are removing the magic that you don't even have(duplicated magic).

*You will now that the glitched worked on begging of step8 if the description of the magic you want to duplicate is describe in the text box. If you are using the character that has magic already (the one you chose on step 3) in the level you want to duplicate magics off, make sure you remove all magic he has equipped on before Step 1, other wise you will rewrite the loose the magic with the one you are trying to duplicate.

Item Duplication(Japanese FFIIIDS)
*WARNING: This item duplication will ruin the game play, please note to do this at your own risk. If may also damage your save file so please duplicate your save before you attempt this.

In Final Fantasy III, all useable items (not weapons/armors/magic) can be duped using this method, as mentioned, please use at your own risk.

1. Open menu screen via non-battle.
2. Select "Items"
3. Put the item you want to duplicate in the very top left corner in your item list
4. Enter a battle randomly
5. When in battle, go select "Item" on any characters.
6. Your cursor should be at the very top left of the item box, the item you have placed there. Once you're here, hit UP and A button at the same time
7. This will briefly take you to Wepon/Shield list (about 1/2 second). If you see this, the code has worked after you hit "cancel' or B button. Go to your invetory and you will notice that the item quantity has been added by one.
With this method you are able to duplicate any demishable items, even items you can't by such as Chocobo's Rage, Elixir, Phoenix Down.

How to obtain access to secret dungeon
In the Nintendo DS version of FFIII, there is a secret dungeon that contains a secret boss harder than the last boss, in order to obtain access:

1. Send a total 7 mails to another PC (one or multiple) using Mog Net.
2. Send 4 mails using Mog Net to the NPC: The 4 Elderly
3. Send 4 mails to King Arusu and after reading the fourth one, you'll unlock a quest
4. Go ride on the airship that can go underwater
5. Head for the floating island and once finding it, go exactly south.
6. You will eventually see a shadow in the waters, once you do go underwater to enter the cave
7. Soon after entering the dungeon, you will meet the secret boss

* This boss is notorious and mean. It does a total of 4 attacks per sound and also uses Meteo. Please be at a very high level before attempting this fight.

How to obtain secret job: Onion Swordsman
Back in the original Famicom FFIII, Onion Swordsman was the first job you start as (unlike Freelance from the DS version), but you can play this job in the Nintendo DS version as well by unlocking it. Onion Swordsman is one of the most powerful jobs with the Onion Equipment + past level 90's.

How to obtain:
1. Register someone elses's (or multiple) communication ID under Mog Net.
2. Send message to another PC 7 times
3. Send and receive 4 messages from Topapa, on the fourth one you will receive a message to do a mini-quest.
4. Go to Uoul (First town in the game)
5. Talk to Topapa
6. Go to the cave up north of the cave
7. At the drop hole, you will have an event and then will be proceeded to fight 3 bombs
8. After the battle, you will obtain a piece of crystal, which will unlock Onion Swordsman

Secret Dungeon
Send seven mails to another player through Mog Net. Then send four mails using Mog Net to the NPC "The 4 Old Men", and another four mails to "King Alus". It does not matter what order this is done, as long as Alus is last. After reading the fourth one you will unlock the new dungeon. Ride on the Nautulus and go east of the floating continent. Once there you will see a shadow in the water. Go underwater here and move into the coral to enter a cave. There is no real dungeon here, but there is a difficult boss, Iron Giant.

Onion Knight Job
Register someone multiple communication IDs on Mog Net. Send seven messages to another player. Send and receive four messages from Topapa. After reading the fourth one you will get a message giving your a mini-quest. Go to Uoul and talk to Topapa. Go to the cave that is to the north of the other cave. Enter, then defeat the three Bombs to get a piece of crystal. This will unlock the Onion Knight as a job.

Easy Gil
Go to the Town Of The Ancients and talk to the child two stories up the grass hills. He is back behind the stairs. He will tell you that he will give you a prize if you ride around the continent. Leave town and go east a bit. Get a Chocobo and ride around the outside of the continent. Go back and talk to the child for your rewards. Sell them, then repeat.

Spells Replaced by Items
You can use certain items instead of spells if you run out of MP. For example, if your Black Mage wants to use Fire but is out of MP, go to the item screen and use the item Fire Staff. This seems to only work if your character is able to equip the item that is being used. Also, not all items work. Items that work include the Ice Staff, Fire Staff, Light Staff, and Salamd Sword.

Free Mini-spell for Party
After you get dropped out of the dragon's nest, go to the area with the spring and the gnome. Talk to him and he will give you a Mini. However, you can talk to him again and get one for all of your party members.

Glitch: Item Duplication
This trick works on any item you can use in battle, such as Elixirs or Phoenix Downs. Enter the item menu outside of battle. Move the item you to be duplicated to the first slot. In battle, choose the item menu. Press [Up] + [A]. If done correctly, you should see a flash of the equipment screen before seeing the main menu again. Press B to cancel. The item is now duplicated. You can repeat this as many times as necessary, but be careful not to get more than 99 of an item as it may glitch your game or saved game file. Note: Items can be in either the top left or top right hand corner to be duplicated.

Unlimited Gil
Choose a high-priced item to sell then use the "Item duplication" glitch. Sell all of them except one. Then do it repeatedly for plenty of gil.

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