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Mar. 27, 2008
May. 22, 2007
Best End Bonuses
Complete the game with the best ending to unlock the following:

"Richiter" and "Sisters" mode - Start a new game with a different duo!
Boss Rush Courses 2 and 3 - Selectable from the Boss Rush menu.
Hard difficulty - You can place a max level cap here too.
New Game+ - Start a new game on your clear data.
Sound Mode - Selectable at the main menu.

English Voiceovers (or Japanese Voiceovers for English version)
To enable English voices in the Japanese version of this game or vice versa, simply press [A] while holding [L] at any of the main menu choices. Jonathan will say "showtime" to confirm the activation.

Boss Rush Rewards
There are 3 Boss Rush courses where you face a string of bosses without breaks in between. Each course has its rewards if you beat it within a certain amount of time:

Astral Ring Clear Course 1 in 1 minute
Illusion Fist Clear Course 2 in 5 minutes
Invisible Cape Clear Course 1 in 3 minutes
Record 1 Clear Course 2 in 3 minutes
Record 2 Clear Course 3 in 3 minutes
Scout Armor Clear Course 3 in 5 minutes

The Magus Ring
When equipped, the Magus Ring quickly regenerates your magic points. In order to acquire it, you must complete all of Wind's quests.

The dark side of Vincent
If you take your main character and press UP for about 10 seconds in front of Vincent, the shopkeeper, he'll make a funny comment. Try with and without the other character on the screen!

Luck Bonus
To get a permanent luck bonus for both your characters, beat the last boss in Hard Mode.

English Voiceovers
To enable English voices in the Japanese version of this game, simply press [A] while holding [L] at any of the main menu choices. Jonathan will say "showtime" to confirm the activation.

Play as Old Axe Armor
Kill 1000 (or more) Old Axe Armor (Monster No. 92). Then SAVE. You need to SAVE in order for the Kill Count to register. Now when you start a New game. You can choose OLD AXE ARMOR as a player character.

Glitch: Play as Maria only
Note that she can not beat the game by herself since she does not have a super jump skill. To unlock a Maria-only mode, follow these steps. You must have both Richter and Old Axe Armor modes unlocked for the glitch to work:

1. Resume your completed Jonathan/Charlotte mode game.
2. Switch the main character to Charlotte.
3. Save the game. Restart.
4. Choose New Game + with your Jonathan/Charlotte mode game.
5. At the name entry screen, press [B].
6. Start a new game and choose Old Axe Armor as the character.
7. Instead of Old Axe Armor, your character will be Maria!

Birthday Cake on your Birthday!
Go to Vincent on your Birthday and He will offer you a special treat...a Birthday Cake, but it will cost you $3000 dollars. Happy Birthday!

Glitch: Duplicate Quest Reward
Upon completing a Quest, Talk to Wind to open up the quest menu. Press A twice. When you hear the "reward" chime, press [Start] to exit the quest menu.

The quest reward is already given to you, however, the quest is uncleared from the list. You can repeat this as many times as you want and get the rewards again.

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