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Sep. 25, 2007
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Brain Age Check Selection
Go to the Daily Training section and select your name, press and hold [Select] and pick Brain Age Check. This will open up a selection menu that lets you choose which three challenges you want to complete for the age check.
Perform the following tasks in order to unlock new contents:

Hard mode for Calculations x 100 game - Get 11 stamps or score below 90 seconds
Hard mode for Head Count game - Get 09 stamps
Hard mode for Triangle Math game - Get 17 stamps
Head Count game - Get 03 stamps
Low to High game - Get 01 stamp
Stamp Designer Option - Get 07 stamps
Syllable Count game - Get 02 stamps
Time Lapse game - Get 15 stamps
Tips Option - Get 05 stamps
Triangle Math game - Get 13 stamps
Voice Calculation game - Get 20 stamps

Sudoku Advanced Mode
You can unlock the Advanced level of sudoku puzzles by completing 48 of the puzzles in Basic and Intermediate modes - a total completion percentage of 40%.

Easter Egg: Glasses, Glasses
On the main menu say "glasses glasses" into the microphone and Ryuta Kawashima will perform a "funny" animation on the left screen.

Easter Egg: Doctor
Say "doctor" into the mic at the title screen and Ryuta Kawashima will laugh or scowl.

Easter Egg: Big Stamp
If you complete three brain challenges in a day, the stamp used to keep track of your progress will be bigger.

Get More Stamps
Get your daily stamp and then, turn your DS off and take the game out. Change the day to the next date. Now, turn your DS on again. Get another stamp, and repeat the steps over again until you unlock more training programs.

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