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Primary Collection of Cheats
Cheat Mode
Press the following codes during the Space mode of the Word Attack training game:

[A], [Y], [X], [B] - Destroy all enemies.
Unlock Games and Modes
Change Pen Tip - Get 22 stamps.
Change Stamp Design - Get 03 stamps.
Comment Settings - Get 08 stamps.
Piano Player - Hard Mode - Get 27 stamps.
Select the Piano Player song (2nd time and thereafter each day) - Get 20 stamps.
Slideshow Mode - Complete any two Themes.
View Tips - Get 16 stamps.
Meet and Greet - Get 24 stamps.
Meet and Greet - Hard Mode - Get 30 stamps.
Photo Recall - Hard Mode - Get 18 stamps.
Piano Player - Get 10 stamps.
Virus Buster - Get 13 stamps.
Word Attack - Get 01 stamp.
Word Attack - Space Mode - Get 06 stamps.

Unlock Challenge Mode
Get a Brain Age score of 20.

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