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Jul. 31, 2007
Unlock Makuta's Domain World
Collect all 6 Inika Masks.

Animal Farm - Runes P-I-R-A-K-A and 30,000 LEGO Pieces.
Crazy Colors - Runes V-E-Z-O-K and 10,000 LEGO Pieces.
Silhouettes - Runes Z-A-K-T-A-N and 10,000 LEGO Pieces.
Tiny Enemies - Runes M-A-T-A-N-U-I and 20,000 LEGO Pieces.
Big Head - Runes I-R-N-A-K-K and 20,000 LEGO Pieces.
Disco Craze - Runes T-H-O-K and 15,000 LEGO Pieces.
Human Voice - Runes M-A-K-U-T-A and 60,000 LEGO Pieces.
Invincibility - Runes H-A-K-A-N-N and 200,000 LEGO Pieces.
Makuta Mode - Runes V-O-Y-A-N-U-I and 5,000 LEGO Pieces.
One Hit Deafeat - Runes R-E-I-D-A-K and 150,000 LEGO Pieces.
Piraka Party - Runes I-N-I-K-A and 30,000 LEGO Pieces.
Unlimited Ammo - Runes A-V-A-K and 100,000 LEGO Pieces.

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