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Unlock COs
Complete these campaign missions to unlock corresponding COs:

Caulder - Complete mission 26.
Forthsythe - Complete mission 14.
Gage - Complete mission 13.
Greyfield - Complete mission 21.
Penny - Complete mission 24.
Tabitha - Complete mission 25.
Tasha - Complete mission 12.
Waylon - Complete mission 20.

Unlock Medals
Nests Medal - Destroy 10 nests.
Maps Cleared Medal - Clear 150 maps.
Time Medal - Play the game for 50 hours.
S Rank Medal - Obtain 50 S ranks on campaing mode.
Wi-Fi Connection Medal - Clear 50 fights on Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection.
Gun Medal - Get five medals total for Talon Gun/Nest/Meteors destroyed.
Maps Played Medal - Play on 150 maps.
Units Destroyed Medal - Get a total of 50 medals for units destroyed.
Units Production Medal - Get a total of 50 medals for units produced.
Multiplayer Medal - Obtain four medals total in multiplayer/Wifi catagories.

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