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1,000 Gold
Once in-game, tap Menu, then Profile, then the red arrow on the top-right corner of the screen, then Update Status. Enter in "aemdt" without the quotes. Code can only be used once. Can also be entered as a referral code at the end of the tutorial.

Tutorial Code
At the begining of the game you do a tutorial with a monk, at the end of the tutorial he will ask you for a code. Enter "PUYNU" and you will recieve 1,000 free food and 200 extra food.
Food is the most important resource in the game because it is what you use to gain levels. Everytime you gain enough experience to move up a level it cost's 80 food so the 200 food actually is very valuable. It is also the only thing in the game that costs real money if you want to buy it but you can get food in game through trading and or selling also so it isn't like you are forced to spend real cash to play.

Quick Start to Parallel Kingdom
Start off collecting wood, berries, leather, stone and iron sell it a solid market and buy yourself a dead weapon then go to a body of water and water hunt. you will build a massive skeleton army and will build cash fast to equip the rest of yourself. enjoy. use fqewv when signing up if you want a little help with the start.

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