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Aspis Master (500 XP) - Explode 10 demon demolitionists by bashing bombs towards them.
Atheist (500 XP) - Return the Fleece without praying.
Combo Bash (500 XP) - Knock a demon into the magma by bashing another demon or bombing them.
Conflagration (500 XP) - Incinerate 10 demons by bashing them into the magma.
Crush Saga (500 XP) - Crush 10 demons by bashing them into solid surfaces.
Demon Partisan (500 XP) - Return the Fleece without killing any wizards or demolitionists.
Dory Master (500 XP) - Lunge 10 demon archers by leaping directly towards them.
Flawless (500 XP) - Return the Fleece without taking damage.
Hermes (500 XP) - Reach Depth 10.
Hoplite Master (5,000 XP) - Take the Fleece to depth 27 or below before returning it three times in a row.
Multi Kill (500 XP) - Lunge a demon while stabbing two others in a single move.
Optimal Restoration (500 XP) - Pray for restoration with one heart and zero energy remaining.
Pacifist (500 XP) - After picking up the Fleece, reach Depth 10 without killing another wizard.
Rampage (500 XP) - Kill at least one demon per turn for seven consecutive turns.
Speed Run (500 XP) - Return the Fleece in 150 turns or less.
Streaker (500 XP) - Return the Fleece three games in a row.
The Depths (500 XP) - Take the Fleece to depth 27 before returning.
Victory (500 XP) - Return the Fleece.
Xiphos Master (500 XP) - Stab 10 demon footman by leaping over them.

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