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Primary Collection of Cheats
Cheat Mode (Level 7 Gold and Silver Figurine Codes)
Enter the following case-sensitive codes at the Figure Collection menu:

DmdkeRvbxc - Golden Blanka Figurine.
zAAkcHVbHk - Golden Chun-Li Figurine.
uUDsTlmbUN - Golden E. Honda Figurine.
qeJkznDbKE - Golden Guile Figurine.
KjckTnSbwK - Golden Ryu Figurine.
CgIsQNWbHu - Golden Vega Figurine.
hinsVnebTu - Golden Zangief Figurine.
RYSsPxSbTh - Silver Akuma Figurine.
PqUswOobWG - Silver Balrog Figurine.
tLWkWvrblz - Silver Chun-Li Figurine.
naMkEQgbQG - Silver Cody Figurine.
rDRkkSIbqS - Silver Dan Figurine.
ilMsRBabpB - Silver Ibuki Figurine.
OfQkARpbJR - Silver Juri Figurine.
NyosHgybuW - Silver Ken Figurine.
GHakWCTbsl - Silver Makoto Figurine.
GKkkXXtbSe - Silver Rose Figurine.
uzTsXzIbKn - Silver Sakura Figurine.
uQHkWgYbJC - Special Akuma Figurine.
Fight Akuma
In order to make the master of the satsu no hado appear, you must beat arcade mode without continuing and recieve at least one perfect. After you defeat Seth, Akuma will appear to challenge you. Defeat him and you will recieve the "Akuma Killer" title.

Fight Your Second Rival (Arcade Mode)
During Arcade Mode, when "Fight Your Rival" flashes on to the screen, hold the [R] button. When the match starts, you'll fight your character's 2nd Rival.

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