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Check out these RollerCoaster Tycoon 3D cheats and stay cool!
Primary Collection of Cheats
Unlock Park Decoder
Go to the Park decoder under options and enter the following codes:

Asteroid Splash - splotch, splotch, splotch, crown.
Atari Dragon - crown, drink, crown, drink.
Atari Ride Theme - wrench, drink, wrench, drink.
Bamboo Fence - ferris wheel, wrench, wrench, wrench.
Black Beard - roller coaster, roller coaster, splotch, splotch.
Boneyard - splotch, ferris wheel, mechanic, mechanic.
Cemetary Fence - crown, crown, mechanic, mechanic.
Chute Drop - wrench, mechanic, crown, crown.
Meteors - ferris wheel, drink, tree, tree.
Moai Head - crown, crown, mechanic,crown.
Outlaw Cactus - splotch, ferris wheel, splotch, ferris wheel.
Picket Fence - splotch, drink, splotch, splotch.
Pumpkin Slime - drink, splotch, drink, splotch.
Red Baron Refresh - drink, mechanic, crown, wrench.
Reverse - ferris wheel, wrench, wrench, ferris wheel.
Robot Revolve - ferris wheel, splotch, crown, crown.
Robot Trash Can - crown, crown, splotch, splotch.
Rocket Repair - drink, ferris wheel, splotch, splotch.
Coffin Bench - mechanic, splotch, wrench, wrench.
Combat Arena - splotch, tree, wrench, wrench.
Combat Mech - mechanic, mechanic, mechanic, wrench.
Dead Elm - drink, drink, ferris wheel, tree.
Flying Carpet - wrench, splotch, tree, tree.
Fourth Dimension - crown, drink, ferris wheel, ferris wheel.
Ginger Breads - ferris whee,l ferris wheel, tree, ferris wheel.
Griffin Bounce - crown, crown, mechanic, drink.
Hi Tech Sign - mechanic, tree, mechanic, tree.
Liquid Magic - mechanic, mechanic, tree, mechanic.
Mangrove - splotch, tree, tree, splotch.
Standup Twister - ferris wheel, ferris wheel, splotch, splotch.
String Theory - mechanic, mechanic, splotch, splotch.
Sundae Surprise - drink, splotch, wrench, wrench.
Sunflower - drink, splotch, crown, crown.
Suspended Swinging - ferris wheel, ferris wheel, ferris wheel, tree.
Tea Cups - roller coaster, tree, roller coaster, tree.
Techno Falls - wrench, roller coaster, mechanic, splotch.
Tropical Blends - crown, ferris wheel, crown, crown.
Wing Seater - splotch, wrench, crown, crown.
Zipper - drink, ferris wheel, ferris wheel, ferris wheel.

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