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Unlock costumes in Story Mode
Beat the main campaign once to unlock the ability to use costumes in story mode.

Unlock Player name colors in Raid
Blue - Get 150 different bonuses.
Green - Get 100 different bonuses.
Purple - Get ALL different bonuses.
Red - Get 200 different bonuses.
Yellow - Get 50 different bonuses.

Unlock Campaign Weapons
G18 handgun - Scan all hand prints.
Hydra - Finish the game on normal or above.
Infinite Rocket Launcher - Finish the game on infernal mode.
PC356 Handgun - Defeat 150 enemies in Campaign.
Psg-1 sniper rifle - Scan 15 of the hand prints.
Auto Loader (Campaign Only) - Beat Game on Normal without Continuing.

Unlock Free Herb in Raid Mode
Smash the BSAA emblem at the end of a stage in Raid Mode with a fully charged melee attack.

Unlock Raid Mode Characters and Outfits
Chris, outfit 1 (Snow) - Clear episode 1-3 in the main game.
Chris, outfit 2 (Ship) - Reach player level 30.
Jessica, outfit 1 (Snow) - Reach player level 10.
Jessica, outfit 2 (Ship) - Clear every stage on Trench difficulty.
Jessica, outfit 3 (Terragrigia) - Reach player level 40.
Jill, outfit 1 (Ship) - Clear episode 1-3 in the main game.
Jill, outfit 2 (Beach) - Reach player level 5.
Keith, outfit 1 (Snow) - Clear episode 4-6 in the main game.
Keith, outfit 2 (HQ) - Clear 50 missions.
Morgan - Find the real exit on stage 21.
Norman - Obtain all rare weapons.
O'Brian - Clear every stage on Abyss difficulty.
Parker, outfit 1 (Ship) - Clear episode 1-3 in the main game.
Parker, outfit 2 (Beach) - Reach player level 20.
Parker, outfit 3 (Terragrigia) - Obtain one rare weapon.
Quint, outfit 1 (Snow) - Clear 100 missions.
Quint, outfit 2 (HQ) - Reach player level 50.
Raymond - Clear every stage on Chasm difficulty.

Unlock Raid Mode Colors
Complete every stage on one difficulty of Raid Mode with an S rank to change the colour of your name. The 21st stage is not required.

Blue name - S rank on every level of Trench difficulty.
Green name - S rank on every level of Chasm difficulty.
Pink name - S rank on every level of Abyss difficulty.

Unlock Raid Mode Difficulties
In Raid Mode, you can unlock extra difficulties for the stages by completing objectives in Raid Mode.

Complete all Raid Mode stages on Chasm Difficulty - Trench Difficulty
Complete all Raid Mode stages on Trench Difficulty - Abyss Difficulty

Unlock Raid Mode Stages
While playing the campaign for Resident Evil Revelations, you'll unlock stages for the game's bonus Raid Mode. These stages are obtained by reaching points in the main story.

Raid Mode Stages 1-7 - Clear Episodes 1-3.
Raid Mode Stages 8-12 - Clear Episodes 4-6.
Raid Mode Stages 13-17 - Clear Episodes 7-9.
Raid Mode Stages 18-20 - Clear episodes 10-12.
Raid Mode Bonus Stage 21 - Clear the game.

Unlock Bonuses
Hell Difficulty - Complete the game once on normal.
Hydra Shotgun - Complete the game on Normal difficulty or higher.
Infinite Rocket Launcher - Complete the Game on Hell difficulty.
New Game+ - Complete the game once on any difficulty.

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