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Unlock Generation IV Legendary Battles
After defeating Landorus, insert any of the five main series Generation IV Pokémon game into the Nintendo 3DS to unlock areas that contain the cover legendary that can only be sent once per Pokémon Dream Radar game and can be obtained once per Pokémon Black 2 or Pokémon White 2 game:

Diving Extension (Lugia) - Insert Pokémon SoulSilver into the Nintendo 3DS.
Rainbow Extension (Ho-Oh) - Insert Pokémon HeartGold into the Nintendo 3DS.
Renegade Extension (Giratina) - Insert Pokémon Platinum into the Nintendo 3DS.
Space Extension (Palkia) - Insert Pokémon Pearl into the Nintendo 3DS.
Time Extension (Dialga) - Insert Pokémon Diamond into the Nintendo 3DS.

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