Mario Party: Star Rush Cheats - 3DS

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Unlock Party Levels
Balloon Bash (mode) - Reach Level 3.
Boo's Block Party (mode) - Reach Level 9.
Challenge Tower (mode) - Reach Level 10.
Coinathlon (mode) - Reach Level 2.
Diddy Kong & Dr. Mario Music (character and Rhythm Recital level) - Reach Level 11.
Donkey Kong (character) - Reach Level 8.
Mario Shuffle (mode) - Reach Level 7.
Master Difficulty setting - Reach Level 12.
Rhythm Recital (mode) - Reach Level 5.
Rosalina (character) - Reach Level 6.
Staff Credits - Reach Level Star.
Toadette (character) - Reach Level 4.

Unlock Characters
Diddy Kong - Reach Level 11 or scan a Diddy Kong amiibo.
Donkey Kong - Reach Level 8 or scan a Donkey Kong amiibo.
Rosalina - Reach Level 6 or scan a Rosalina amiibo.
Toadette - Reach Level 4.

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