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Unlock Bonuses
Boss Rush Mode - Defeat the Final Boss.
After Credits Speech - Beat the game, and wait 5 minutes at the end of the credits.

Unlock Hades's Treasure Hunt Bonuses
By completing certain goals in the game, you'll unlock additional idols, powers, hearts, music, and other features. They can be viewed in the Treasure Hunt section of the menu between chapters after you've beaten the game.

5,000 Hearts - Acquire a Hewdraw Club with a melee-combo modifier.
8,000 Hearts - Defeat Twinbellows before it can roar once.
9,000 Hearts - Exceed 15,000 points on the Practice Range (Air Battle) damage counter.
Boss Battle Intensity - Clear Boss Battle mode on easy difficulty
Feather - Perform 1,000 melee attacks.
Feather - Open 150 treasure boxes
Idol: Aurum Brain - Acquire a weapon valued at over 300.
Idol: Centurion Orbitars - Execute 2,000 dodges.
Idol: Crusader Blade - Defeat 50 Souflees
Idol: Final Strike - Score 100 or more hits during the game credits.
Idol: Knuckle Staff - Clear Chapter 25 within 15 minutes (Intensity 7.5 or higher)
Idol: Lightning Chariot - Beat the boss of chapter 19 while in the lead on the chariot track
Idol: Magmoo - Defeat Gaol in Chapter 2 with a dash melee attack
Idol: Nukleen - Use powers 100 times
Idol: Orne - Use 150 Special Attacks.
Music: Boss Fight 2 - Defeat Magnus with a Magnus Club
Music: Hades's Infernal Theme - Defeat 100 bosses
Power: Angelic Missile Lv. 3 - Defeat Phosphora within 30 seconds
Power: Freeze Attack Lv. 3 - Perform 100 Idol tosses
Power: Interference Lv.3 - Defeat 100 opponents in Together mode
Power: Random Effect Lv. 2 - Play Far Away in Together mode 50 times
Power: Slip Knot Lv. 2 - Defeat the Chaos Kin without letting Dark Pit get taken down.
Power: Super Speed - Clear chapters 30 times
Power: Warp - Achieve 30 victories in Light vs. Dark
Power: Weaken Attack Lv. 3 - Acquire all arms.
Stage: Large Arena - Play Light vs. Dark 30 times.
Weapon: Cutter Palm - Use 100 items.
Weapon: Drill Arm - Fire a total of 50,000 shots.
Weapon: End-All Arm - Recover onto your feet from a knockback 100 times.
Weapon: Ogre Club - Clear Chapter 9 without using the Three Sacred Treasures
Weapon: Shock Orbitars - Clear Chapter 14 without taking any damage (Intensity 2.0 or higher)

Unlock Optional Three Sacred Treasures
After completing a level with the Three Sacred Treasures for the first time, you have the option of playing the stage with or without the Treasures on subsequent playthroughs.

Toggle Treasures (Ch. 23) - Complete Chapter 23 once
Toggle Treasures (Ch. 9) - Complete Chapter 9 once

Unlock Viridi's Treasure Hunt Bonuses
By completing certain goals in the game, you'll unlock additional idols, powers, hearts, music, and other features. They can be viewed in the Treasure Hunt section of the menu between chapters.

2,000 Hearts - Clear Chapter 17 having defeated 280 enemies in this Chapter
2,000 Hearts - Acquire an arm with a knockback-defense modifier
4,000 Hearts - Defeat your first Rare Treasurefish.
500 Hearts - Play Light vs. Dark 10 times
Feather - Acquire a blade with a weakening modifier
Feather - Clear 50 Chapters
Feather - Collect over 150,000 hearts
Idol: Ball Cannon - Rank 1st in a Free-for-All match 5 times
Idol: Drink of the Gods - Play Free-for-All 20 times
Idol: Phosphora - Clear Chapter 14 within 17 minutes
Idol: Three Sacred Treasures - Perform 300 melee attacks.
Idol: Treasurefish - Defeat 5 Rare Treasurefish
Item: Chomp Trap - Defeat 10 opponents in Together mode.
Item: Tempura Bomb - Get turned into a tempura.
Music: Phoenix Mountain (Ch. 10) - Clear Chapter 10 using a staff
Power: Freeze Attack Lv. 2 - Acquire 5 different bows.
Power: Heart Booster Lv. 2 - Acquire 50 different weapons.
Power: Heavenly Light Lv. 2 - Acquire 5 different claws
Power: Heavenly Light Lv. 2 - Acquire 5 different claws.
Power: Instant Death Attack - Defeat 3,000 enemies.
Power: Invisible Shots Lv. 1 - Execute 500 dodges
Power: Invisible Shots Lv. 2 - Acquire 5 different clubs.
Power: Item Vacuum Lv. 2 - Clear Chapter 21 within 17 minutes
Power: Libra Sponge - Find the Libra Zodiac Chamber and take its treasure.
Power: Pisces Heal - Find the Pisces Zodiac Chamber and take its treasure.
Power: Playing Dead Lv. 1 - Acquire 5 different staffs.
Power: Power Thief Lv. 1 - Collect 100 different Idols
Power: Quick Charge Lv. 3 - Acquire 5 different cannons.
Power: Reflect Barrier Lv. 2 - Use powers 50 times
Power: Shake Attack Lv. 1 - Clear Chapter 12 within 20 minutes
Power: Trade-off - Defeat 50 bosses.
Power: Transparency Lv. 2 - Acquire 5 different arms.
Power: Weak-Point Reticle Lv. 2 - Acquire 5 different orbitars.
Weapon: Artillery Claws - Acquire claws with a shot-defense modifier.
Weapon: Atlas Club - Defeat 20 Souflees.
Weapon: Babel Club - Defeat 25 bosses.
Weapon: Ball Cannon - Play Far Away in Together mode 10 times
Weapon: Boom Orbitars - Clear Chapter 25 within 15 minutes.
Weapon: Capricorn Club - Find the Capricorn Zodiac Chamber and take its treasure.
Weapon: Crusader Blade - Recover on yout feet from a knockback 50 times.
Weapon: Electroshock Arm - Open 50 treasure boxes.
Weapon: Fireworks Cannon - Acquire a cannon with an evasive modifier
Weapon: Hedgehog Claws - Have more than 50,000 hearts in your possession.
Weapon: Laser Staff - On Intensity 5 or higher, clear Chapter 16 having destroyed 230 enemies
Weapon: Paw Pad Orbitars - Acquire orbitars with a modifier for a backward-dash charged shot
Weapon: Phosphora Bow - Defeat Phosphora with the Meteor Bow
Weapon: Viridi Palm - Acquire 5 different palms.

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