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Passwords (US version)
These are the passwords for the US version of Fantasy Life. They can be enters at the post office by speaking to the creature behind the counter on the right. Capitalization matters make sure that you write the code exactly as it is posted.

Angel Costume - I'm finished!
Butler's Outfit - Butting in.
Cacto Costume - Pokey pretender.
Choco Mat - A little peckish.
Cuddly Sea Turtle - Shell of a time.
Cute Outfit - Exceedingly cute.
Dancer's Outfit - Got the fever?
Demon Costume - Fiendish fashion.
Dragon Tamer Costume - Fired up!
Elegant Outfit - Strike a pose.
Fairy Doll - Dolled up.
Festive Costume - Forever festive.
Festive Furniture Set - Just add cookies.
Fluffkin Costume - Fur couture.
Football Pitch - Sports ball.
Frilly Outfit - Lace case.
Halloween Furniture Set - Trick or Treat!
Heart Rug - Love-ly carpet.
Honey Pudding - Reveria.
Island Resort Decoration Set - Forgot my lotion.
Laura's Hat - Hidden princess.
Mysterious Costume - Alakazam.
Ninja Costume - Masked Mercenary.
Plushling Costume - Pretty in plush.
Pool Decoration Set - Floating fun.
Princely Outfit - Not charming.
Pumpkin Costume - Seedy deeds.
Sailor's Outfit - Sailor's delight.
Sheep Outfit - Shear Comfort.
Snow Outfit - Snow daze!
Snowman Costume - Stay frosty!
Snowman Decoration - Wanna build me?
Spring Indoor Decoration Set - Spring Cleaning.
Spring Outdoor Decoration Set - Spring fling.
Summer Fun Costume - Beach Bum.
Summer Outdoor Decoration Set - Don Gero!
Sweet Furniture Set - Sweet Furniture.
Teddy Bear - Un-bear-able.
Toy Camel - Spittin' image.
Witch's Hat - Witching hour.
Yippee-Ki-Yay Costume - Ride 'em cowboy.
Yuelia's Outfit - Moonerfly magic.

Passwords (UK, AUS versions)
To enter a password, go to the Post Office and talk to the Password Clerk. All of the passwords are Case Sensitive.

Honey Pudding - Reveria.
Mysterious Costume Set - Abracadabra.
Sailor Costume Set - Seasick sailors.

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