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Achievement Items
Pegasus (+15 D Weapon) - Complete 100 Quests.
Silver Hoop (+5 Atk +5 Vit +5 Mind Accessory) - Complete 500 Quests.
Gold Hoop - Win 100 VS Matches (any type).
True Mars (Weapon, Flare P+32) - Clear 1,000 Quests.
True Seraph - Complete 100 Coop Quests.

Unlock Characters
Alchemia - Beat Little Witch Bonus Quest.
Boss Jupponogi - Beat all Free Mission and all Bonus Quests.
Marco Neko - Beat Epic Mandrake Bonus Quest.
Schwartz - Clear Campaign/Watch Thousand Years with Solange.
Distille - Beat Fallen Angel Bonus Quest.
General Jupponogi - Beat Return of the Ninja Bonus Quest.
King Golgius - Clear Campaign/Watch Thousand Years with Allegro.
The Guardian - Clear Camapaign/Watch Thousand Years with Zozo.

Unlock Characters for Co-op Mode Online
Clear 100 quests.

Unlock Ending Credits
Watch the "A Thousand Years..." quest with Solange, Ali, Zozo, and Allegro.

Play as Bonus Characters in Quests
Beat the Campaign.

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