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Secret mission
After all ten standard missions are completed, the game credits will appear. After the credits, a new mission (Burning Cobra) will appear on the mission map. The introduction to the mission includes video from Burning Soldier, another game by Pack-In Video. The mission objective is to locate and destroy the large animated creature. Enemies in this mission are objects and spacecraft from the game Burning Soldier.

General hints
Fire missiles as they obtain a lock. Try to get groupings of three for multi-missile lock. It takes too long to lock on to more than three.

Use the Vulcan for anti-missile fire. Use the Vulcan in short bursts, swinging back and forth across the approaching missile to destroy it. Use the missile warning display to determine the directions that the missiles are appoaching.

Napalm is best for the ground-based mission objectives. A single napalm hit will take out the equivalent of three to five missiles.

Protect the supply truck at all costs.

Re-arm immediately whenever there is any kind of break in the action

Press [X] to remove the Commander off the radar screen as the mission starts to see where the enemy is.
Mission hints
Mission Three
Choose one city area to defend and stick with it. Keep the supply truck alive and use missiles to take out all targets. If given the chance, Tightly grouped tanks can be hit with napalm.

Mission Four
This is a rough mission. The enemy jets will come to the Cobra. Wait for them near the supply truck. When the three-minute notice appears, pursue the two planes. Two missiles are needed to destroy each plane.

Mission Five
Take out the four ground units and approach the carrier. Destroy it and there will be fewer jets to fight. Return and defend the base. Remain above the supply truck and spin around. Use the corners of the radar to see the direction that the enemy is approaching. Let them close in, then destroy them.<A NAME="DDE_LINK2"> </A>

Mission Nine
Proceed to the target building and ignore all other enemy objects. Jink left and right to avoid the missiles that will be fired at the Cobra. After destroying the building, a secondary objective must be met. Use the green indicators on the compass to locate the target, which will not appear on radar.

Mission Ten
Fly quickly to the prison building and while ignoring enemy vehicles and aircraft and avoiding their missiles. Hove over the prison and use your missiles to remove any immediate threat. After the "completed" display appears, fly in any direction to cross the border and complete the mission.

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