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Press [Up], [Down], [Right], [Left], [Down], [Right], [X] during the introduction, while the girl is talking.

A phone call from his mother awakens John. Jane answers a phone call from her father. John and Jane shower and get dressed. John and Jane meet in a parking lot. Harry Armis appears.

Select the "He makes a first move!" option.

Jane leaves John to attend her job interview.

Select the "He plans a vigorous assault later on!" option.

Jane is interviewed by Mr. Thrusher.

Select the "The hairball takes advantage of the situation!!" option.

Mr. Thrusher makes unwelcome advances on Jane.

Select the "Our heroine declines the disgusting proposal!" option.

Jane fends off Mr. Thrusher's and runs out of the office and back to the parking lot. Thelma hijacks the story from Harry Armis.

Select the "John heroically dashes off to save Jane!!" option.

Jane, Mr. Thrusher, and John pursue each other through Los Angeles. John brings Mr. Thrusher down. Mr. Thrusher makes Jane a cash offer. Harry Armis shoots Thelma and regains control of the story.

Select the "Jane rejects the power." option.

John tells Jane he loves her. (Note the blooper that was kept in the game.) Jane and John leave Mr. Thrusher with a bag lady. Jane and John return to the parking lot.

Select the "I want the Hollywood ending!!" option.

John kisses Jane. Both leave together on John's motorcycle.

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