Perfect Woman Cheats - Xbox One

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Check out these Perfect Woman cheats and stay cool!
10 Lives (30) - You have not yet experienced 10 lives.
100 Lives (50) - You have not lived 100 lives.
Boring Woman (secret) (100) - Try to be normal for once!
Born (10) - You have not been born yet.
Career Woman (secret) (100) - Try harder!
Conservative Life (secret) (100) - You're still too liberal to be conservative.
Death (10) - You have not experienced death.
Extremist (secret) (100) - Be a rebel!
Family Life (secret) (100) - Take care of your family, woman!
Gruesome Death (20) - You have not experienced a gruesome death.
Hard Life (secret) (100) - What doesn't kill you, makes you harder.
Hippie (secret) (100) - Relax harder!
Sexy (secret) (100) - Love your body more!
So many fun ways to die (30) - You are not very fun.
Space Camp (secret) (50) - You have not transcended.

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