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Check out these Sine Mora cheats and stay cool!
Complete each achievement to receive the allotted gamerscore:

Dies Irae (50) - Promoted to General of the Air Force.
Nascentes Morimur (5) - Promoted to Airman.
Repetitio Est Mater Memoriae (20) - Promoted to First Lieutenant.
Salva Veritate (15) - Promoted to Lieutenant.
Fortiter Fideliter Feliciter (20) - Promoted to Major General.
Inter Caecos Regnat Strabo (20) - Promoted to Captain.
Lex Talionis (10) - Promoted to Sergeant.
Melius Frangi Quam Flecti (20) - Promoted to Major.
Stercus Accidit (5) - Fail the Prologue.
Sine Mora (5) - Destroy everything in the Prologue and remain unharmed.
Suaviter In Modo (20) - Promoted to Colonel.
Tempus Neminem Manet (10) - Promoted to Master Sergeant.

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