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Check out these Sega Superstars Tennis cheats and stay cool!
Complete each achievement to get the allotted gamerscore:

After Burner (20) - Hit a serve over 100mph / 160kph
Classic Complete (20) - Complete all Challenges in one SEGA game (Rank A)
Climb the Ladder (20) - Win the final stage in Tournament mode
Dragon Slayer! (20) - Destroy the Final Squilla in under 20 seconds!
Ball Buddies (30) - Win 5 Xbox LIVE Doubles matches
Beat them All (30) - Beat all characters in Singles matches
Cameo Appearance (20) - Hit a SEGA court cameo
Challenges 101 (30) - Complete all Challenges in all SEGA games (Rank A)
Full Roster (30) - Unlock all Secret Characters
Let's Get Friendly (20) - Win 10 Xbox LIVE Player matches
Pot Black! (20) - Clear 4 Trick Shots in one game!
Puyo Puyo! (20) - Clear a 20 Puyo combo!
Score Attacker (30) - Unlock all Ball Games
Magical Sound Shower (30) - Unlock all Secret Music Tracks
Master Tagger! (20) - Clear a Tag without missing a shot!
Mouse Mania! (20) - Rescue 500 ChuChus over time!
Original Teams (30) - Beat all the classic Doubles pairs
OutRun (20) - Run a total of 10 kilometers / 6 miles
Party Time (30) - Play each type of Ball Game Multiplayertime!
Play Ball (10) - Win your first match
Play the Field (30) - Unlock all Secret Courts
Supercop! (20) - Destroy Kong without being hit!
Surf the Net (10) - Win a Match on Xbox LIVE
Swinging Report Show (30) - Become a TV Superstar
To be this good takes AGES (60) - Complete all Challenges in all SEGA games (Rank AAA)
Secret Stage (30) - Beat the hidden stage in Tournament mode
Seeing Stars (20) - Enter Superstar mode 10 times in a match
SEGA Rally (20) - Hit a 40 shot rallyHit a 40 shot rally
Space Channel 5 (10) - Watch a match on TV
Starting Grid (10) - Win with all 8 starting characters
Step into SEGA World (10) - Complete your first Challenge (Rank A)
Super Sonic (20) - Collect 7 Chaos Emeralds in one game!
To The Max (20) - Hit 3 Max serves in a row
Top Gun (20) - Hit 100 aces
Top of the Tree (20) - Win a Tournament on Xbox LIVE
Top Ranker (20) - Win 10 Xbox LIVE Ranked matches
Zombie Hunter! (20) - Hit an 8 zombie combo!

Unlock Characters
Complete the following missions to unlock the indicated characters:

Pudding - Mission #1 in Space Channel 5's World.
Gilius - Mission #1 in Golden Axe's World.
Amy Rose - Mission #2 in Sonic The Hedgehog's World.
Reala - Mission #2 in NiGHTs' World.
Gum - Mission #12 in Jet Grind Radio's World.
Meemee - Mission #8 in Super Monkey Ball's World.
Shadow The Hedgehog - Mission #14 in Sonic The Hedgehog's World.

Unlock Ball Games
Puyo Pop Fever - Complete "Get A High Score!" on the "Puyo Puyo Fever" stage.
Space Harrier - Complete "Get A High Score!" in the "Space Harrier" stage.
Virtua Squad - Complete "Get A High Score!" on the "Virtua Squad" stage.

Unlock Courts
Golden Axe - Complete all Super Monkey Ball missions.
NiGHTS - Complete "Doubles Match" in the NiGHTS stage.
OutRun - Complete "Doubles Match" in the OutRun stage.
Sonic The Hedgehog - Complete "Singles Match" in the Sonic the Hedgehog stage.

Unlock Stages
Alex Kidd - Complete "Get A High Score!" in the "Space Harrier" stage.
Golden Axe - Complete "Speed Rings" in the Sonic the Hedgehog stage.
NiGHTS - Complete "Monkey Ball Keep Up" in the Super Monkey Ball stage.
OutRun - Complete "Hit Justice Shots" in the "Virtua Squad" stage.
Puyo Pop Fever - Complete "Doubles Match" in the Super Monkey Ball stage.
Space Harrier - Complete Tournament Singles in the "Space Channel 5" or "Virtua Squad" stage.
Virtua Squad - Complete "Hit The Big Zombies!" in the "Curien Mansion" stage.

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