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Check out these R.I.P.D. The Game cheats and stay cool!
Complete each achievement to get the allotted gamerscore:

Bombay Away (50) - Use Salary to Purchase All Weapons.
Chaat Through The Heart (50) - Fully Upgrade All Weapons.
Chapati In My Pants (10) - Complete Your First Challenge.
Locha Me! (15) - Win Your First Bet.
Locked and Laddu (30) - Fully Upgrade One Weapon.
Naan Lethal (25) - Arrest 10 Deado Criminals.
Out of Batti Experience (50) - Send Hayes to Judgement.
Chapati Training (25) - Complete Every Challenge In One Level.
Chicken 65 (10) - Kill 65 Deados.
Curry, You Can't Be Serious (25) - Win Each Different Bet.
I'm Cumin For You! (20) - Unlock the Final Showdown with Hayes.
It's Not a Turmeric! (30) - Complete All Maps on the "HOT" Difficulty.
Lethal Dosa (25) - Execute 10 Deado Criminals.
Puri Good Killer (25) - Soul Kill 100 Deados.
Vindaloose Cannon (10) - Beatdown 50 Deados Using Melee.

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