Radirgy Noa Massive Cheats - Xbox 360

 All cheats for this game by platform: Xbox 360
Check out these Radirgy Noa Massive cheats and stay cool!
Complete the following achievements to unlock Xbox Live Gamerscore points:

100,000,000 points (50) - Score reaches 100,000,000 points on Arcade mode or Expand mode.
200,000,000 points (100) - Score reaches 200,000,000 points on Arcade mode or Expand mode.
Destroyer (75) - In Massive mode, score reaches 80,000,000 points.
All stage clear (50) - Clear all stages on Arcade mode or Expand mode.
Classic style (75) - Clear Classic mode.
Cuts too hard (5) - Power up item is changed to a Point item.
Expand play (10) - Play Expand mode.
Expand play clear (100) - Clear Expand mode.
First step (10) - Tutorial is completed.
Full power (5) - Shot level reaches maximum (except for MASSIVE mode).
Guardian (75) - In Death mode, score reaches 200,000,000 points.
Item fever (30) - When a boss is destroyed, big point item appears.
Kamikaze (30) - Player bumps into enemy a total of 100 times.
Point item 200 (10) - Get 200 Point items.
Point item 400 (30) - Get 400 Point items.
Point item 600 (50) - Get 600 Point items.
Power slash (5) - Destroy enemy by Power slash.
Special Boss destroy (50) - Destroy The boss who appears in the 1,3,5,7th stage on Arcade mode or Expand mode.
Stage2 Boss destroy (10) - Destroy Stage2 Boss on Arcade mode or Expand mode.
Stage4 Boss destroy (20) - Destroy Stage4 Bosson on Arcade mode or Expand mode.
Stage6 Boss destroy (30) - Destroy Stage6 Boss on Arcade mode or Expand mode.
Stage8 Boss destroy (40) - Destroy Stage8 Boss on Arcade mode or Expand mode.
True ending (100) - True ending requirements are satisfied and all stage cleared.
x16 (10) - Score magnification increases 16 times.
x32 (30) - When the score magnification is 16, destroy enemy by Power slash.

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