Naruto: Ultimate Ninja Storm 2 Cheats - Xbox 360

 All cheats for this game by platform: Xbox 360
Check out these Naruto: Ultimate Ninja Storm 2 cheats and stay cool!
Complete each achievement to get the allotted gamerscore:

Clear Chapter One (5) - You've cleared Chapter One.
Clear Chapter Two (5) - You've cleared Chapter Two.
Clear Chapter Three (5) - You've cleared Chapter Three.
Clear Chapter Four (5) - You've cleared Chapter Four.
Clear Chapter Five (5) - You've cleared Chapter Five.
Clear Chapter Six (5) - You've cleared Chapter Six.
Clear Final Chapter (10) - You've cleared Final Chapter.
Clear Prologue (5) - You've cleared the Prologue.
Clear Fragment (10) - You've cleared Fragment.
Naruto's Friends (5) - You can now use members of Naruto's generation.
Overflowing Hatred (20) - You've acquired S Rank in "The Two Uchiha".
Overwhelming Sage (20) - You've acquired S Rank in "Battle Between the Sage God".
Vision of a New Wind (20) - You've acquired S Rank in "Earth Shatter".
The Unknowable Moment (100) - You've seen all secret factors.
Cursed dolls exterminated! (10) - You've retrieved all cursed dolls.
Oink!! (10) - You've retrieved all Tonton's pearls.
Trial accomplished! (10) - You've cleared the 10 trials.
Request Master (10) - You've cleared all requests.
Ninja of Letters (10) - You've cleared all correspondence events.
Naruto's Teachers (5) - You can now use Kakashi, Yamato, Guy and Asuma.
Sand Village Friends (5) - You can now use Gaara, Kankuro, Temari and Chiyo.
The Legendary Sannin (5) - You can now use Jiraiya, Tsunade and Orochimaru.
Stealthy Akatsuki (5) - You can now use all members of the Akatsuki.
Hebi on the Move (5) - You can now use Sasuke, Suigetsu, Karin and Jugo.
Assassin from Tekken 6 (10) - You can now use Lars.
All ninja assemble! (30) - You can now use all characters.
Bell-Stealing Expert (20) - You've acquired S Rank in "The Bell-Stealing Drill".
Village Guardian (20) - You've acquired S Rank in "Sand and Art Blast".
At the mercy of Puppet Jutsu (20) - You've acquired S Rank in "Sakura Dances".
Unstoppable Rampage (20) - You've acquired S Rank in "Forbidden Fury".
Difference in Growth (20) - You've acquired S Rank in "Showdown Between Best Friends".
Fourth Hokage's Back (20) - You've acquired S Rank in "Sturm und Drang".
All Friends Here! (10) - You've seen friendship events for everyone.
Conquered all events! (50) - You've cleared all events.
Nothing escapes you (20) - You've picked up 500 items.
Also Known As... (20) - You've gained 50 titles.
Which name shall I use? (60) - You've acquired all titles.
Wealth to move nations! (30) - Saved up 999,999 Ryo.
Point Tycoon (30) - You've saved up 999,999 Storm Points.
I Love Ninja Tools! (50) - You've acquired all battle items.
General Store Booming! (50) - You've collected all collection items.
The First Edit (5) - Edited a Ninja Info Card.
Card Collector (50) - You've acquired all Ninja Info Cards.
Message Ninja shocked! (10) - You've collected all messenger birds.
Review Complete! (20) - You've seen all memories.
Story Assembler (30) - Collected 100% of the stories.
Thanks for all your time! (20) - Your total play time is over 30 hours.
On the Path to Ninja! (30) - You've won 1 time in online Ranked Match battles.
Dextrous Ninja (60) - You've won 10 times in online Ranked Match battles.
A perfect Storm Master. (0) - You've unlocked all achievements.

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