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Complete the following achievements to unlock Xbox Live Gamerscore points.

Complete 10 Co-op Episodes (15) - Complete 10 co-op episodes.
Complete 15 Episodes (10) - Complete 15 Single Player episodes.
Complete 30 Episodes (15) - Complete 30 Single Player episodes.
Complete 40 Episodes (20) - Complete 40 Single Player episodes.
Complete 5 Co-op Episodes (15) - Complete 5 co-op episodes.
Complete 50 Episodes (25) - Complete all 50 Single Player episodes.
Disciple (5) - Complete one tutorial episode.
Perfectionist (20) - Complete an episode without dying in Single Player mode.
Practice Makes Perfect (15) - Die 1000 times in Single Player mode.
Speed Demon (20) - Win 10 races in ranked online matches.
Survivalist (20) - Win 10 survival games in ranked online matches.
Treasure Hunter (20) - Complete an episode and obtain every gold piece in Single Player mode.

Unlock Expert Challenge Stages
If you complete all 50 single-player chapters, 10 more will be unlocked. They do not show up on the leaderboards and can not be played in multiplayer, their only purpose seems to be a personal challenge.

Unlock New N+ Gamer Picture
Beat the expert level challenges (50-59) to unlock a new N+ gamer picture to use with your Xbox Live Gamertag. The gamer picture features a black ninja with the red headband jumping through the air.

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