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Complete each achievement to get the allotted gamerscore:

Spellslinger (0) - Defeat someone who has earned the Spellslinger achievement.
Duelist (10) - Win 5 ranked Xbox LIVE matches.
Duels Master (20) - Win 10 Xbox LIVE matches.
Defender of Foriys (20) - Win a Two-Headed Giant game.
Devastator (10) - Deal 20 combat damage to a player in a single turn in a game.
Epic Conclusion (40) - Defeat Tezzeret in the final single-player campaign battle.
Life Preserver (10) - Increase your life total to 30 or more in single player, or 60 or more in Two-Headed Giant.
Magic: The Puzzling (10) - Complete a challenge.
Master of Artifice (10) - Defeat Tezzeret & Tezzeret in the cooperative campaign.
Planeswalker (30) - Unlock 100%.
Puzzling Master (20) - Complete all challenges.
The Spark (20) - Win a game.

Additionally, there are three DLC achievements:

Overkill (15) - Control creatures with a total power of 75 or more (Duel the Dragon).
Dragon Slayer (20) - Defeat Nicol Bolas in the single player campaign (Duel the Dragon).
Puzzling Grandmaster (15) - Earn Puzzling Master and complete all Duel the Dragon expansion challenges.

Additionally, there are three Expansion Pack 2 DLC achievements:

Last One Standing (15) - Win a 3- or 4-player Xbox LIVE match.
Overflowing Harvest (15) - Put 8 lands onto the battlefield in one turn.
Everything at Stake (20) - Defeat Sorin Markov in the single-player campaign (Expansion 2).

Additionally, there are three Expansion Pack 3 DLC achievements:

Tsunami of Pain (15) - Deal 12 combat damage to an opponent in a single attack with one blue creature.
Salt in the Wound (15) - An opponent's last permanent leaves the battlefield.
Madness Suppressed (20) - Defeat Sarkhan the Mad in the single-player campaign.

Jace Beleren Gamer Picture
Complete all Challenges in single player campaign.

Unlock Cards
Mind Of Void Deck (Blue & White)
Angel's Feather - 13th Win
Angel's Feather - 11th Win
Counterbore - 9th Win
Deft Duelist - 5th Win
Dispeller's Capsule - 2nd Win
Isleback Spawn - 10th Win
Jayemdae Tome - 1st Win
Kraken's Eye - 12th Win
Kraken's Eye - 14th Win
Traumatize - 8th Win
Wall of Air - 6th Win
Wall of Air - 3rd Win
Wall of Swords - 7th Win
Wall of Swords - 4th Win

Eyes of Shadow
Ascendant Evincar - 13th win
Corrupt - 15th win
Crowd of Cinders - 8th win
Deathmark - 9th win
Deathmark - 5th win
Demon's Horn - 1st win
Demon's Horn - 6th win
Demon's Horn - 4th win
Demon's Horn - 3rd win
Dread - 16th win
Hollowborn Barghest - 17th win
Mind Shatter - 10th win
Mortivore - 11th win
Nekrataal - 14th win
Plague Wind - 2nd win
Royal Assassin - 12th win
Soot Imp - 7th win

Thoughts of Wind
Counterbore - 4th Win
Denizen of the Deep - 16th Win
Flashfreeze - 10th Win
Flashfreeze - 6th Win
Flow of Ideas - 14th Win
Kraken's Eye - 5th Win
Kraken's Eye - 2nd Win
Kraken's Eye - 8th Win
Kraken's Eye - 12th Win
Mahamoti Djinn - 1st Win
Mind Spring - 11th Win
Mind Spring - 17th Win
Put Away - 7th Win
Thieving Magpie - 13th Win
Thieving Magpie - 15th Win
Thieving Magpie - 3rd Win
Thieving Magpie - 9th Win

Wings of Light unlockable cards
Angel's Feather - 2nd win
Angel's Feather - 12th win
Angel's Feather - 5th win
Angel's Feather - 8th win
Angel's Feather - 13th win
Luminesce - 6th win
Mass Calcify - 15th win
Paladin en-Vec - 10th win
Purity - 17th win
Reya Dawnbringer - 16th win
Serra Angel - 1st win
Serra's Embrace - 3rd win
Skyhunter Skirmisher - 7th win
Soul Warden - 11th win
Spirit of the Hearth - 14th win
Voice of All - 4th win
Wrath of God - 9th win

Claws of Vengeance
Angel's Feather - 2nd win
Angel's Feather - 10th win
Brion Stoutarm - 9th win
Bull Cerodon - 6th win
Cho Manno, Revolutionary - 15th win
Dragon's Claw - 7th win
Godsire - 14th win
Knight of the Skyward Eye - 11th win
Pariah - 4th win
Sangrite Surge - 8th win
Sigil B Blessinlessing - 3rd win
Sigil Blessing - 12th win
Woolly Thoctar - 1st win
Wrath of God - 13th win
Wurms Tooth - 5th win

Ears of Elves
Coat of Arms - 12th win
Elvish Champion - 1st win
Elvish Champion - 6th win
Eyeblight's Ending - 13th win
Immaculate Magistrate - 3rd win
Imperious Perfect - 9th win
Jagged-Scar Archers - 8th win
Lys Alana Scarblade - 11th win
Nath of the Gilt-Leaf - 14th win
Rhys the Exiled - 4th win
Talara's Battalion - 15th win
Wurm's Tooth - 7th win
Wurm's Tooth - 5th win
Wurm's Tooth - 10th win
Wurm's Tooth - 2nd win

Hands of Flame
Blaze - 7th Win
Bloodmark Mentor - 9th Win
Cinder Pyromancer - 3rd Win
Cryoclasm - 6th Win
Cryoclasm - 10th Win
Dragon's Claw - 5th Win
Dragon's Claw - 2nd Win
Dragon's Claw - 8th Win
Dragon's Claw - 12th Win
Furnace of Rath - 16th Win
Hostility - 17th Win
Incinerate - 4th Win
Kamahl, Pit Fighter - 13th Win
Rage Reflection - 14th Win
Seismic Assault - 11th Win
Shivan Dragon - 1st Win
Shivan Hellkite - 15th Win

Scales of Fury
Blighting - 3rd win
Broodmate Dragon - 11th win
Crucible of Fire - 4th win
Demon's Horn - 5th win
Dragon Roost - 6th win
Dragon's Claw - 7th win
Fervor - 13th win
Flameblast Dragon - 1st win
Flameblast Dragon - 14th win
Hellkite Overlord - 15th win
Shivan Dragon - 9th win
Threaten - 8th win
Violent Ultimatum - 12th win
Wurm's Tooth - 10th win
Wurm's Tooth - 2nd win

Teeth of the Predator
Blanchwood Armor - 1 win
Blanchwood Armor - 11 wins
Elvish Piper - 14 wins
Howl of the Night Pack - 4 wins
Karplusan Strider - 12 wins
Karplusan Strider - 10 wins
Karplusan Strider - 6 wins
Loxodon Warhammer - 16 wins
Molimo, Maro-Sorcerer - 3 wins
Roughshod Mentor - 7 wins
Troll Ascetic - 15 wins
Troll Ascetic - 9 wins
Verdant Force - 13 wins
Vigor - 17 wins
Wurm's Tooth - 8 wins
Wurm's Tooth - 5 wins
Wurm's Tooth - 2 wins

Cries of Rage (Red and Green Deck)
Borderland Behemoth - 7th win
Bramblewood Paragon - 10th win
Bramblewood Paragon - 3rd win
Dragon's Claw - 12th win
Dragon's Claw - 14th win
Eyes of Wisent - 17th win
Eyes of Wisent - 16th win
Hurricane - 6th win
Mirri, Cat Warrior - 5th win
Obsidian Battle-Axe - 11th win
Obsidian Battle-Axe - 1st win
Shock - 2nd win
Shock - 9th win
Vengeful Firebrand - 8th win
Vengeful Firebrand - 4th win
Wurm's Tooth - 13th win
Wurm's Tooth - 15th win

Relics of Doom (Blue and Black Deck)
Demon's Horn - 15th win
Demon's Horn - 13th win
Eiherium Sculptor - 6th win
Etherium Sculptor - 8th win
Etherium Sculptor - 3rd win
Kraken's Eye - 14th win
Kraken's Eye - 12th win
Leonin Scmitar - 4th win
Leonin Scmitar - 2nd win
Loxodon Warhammer - 11th win
Mater of Etherium - 5th win
Platinum Angel ( Most Powerfull Card in Game ) - 10th win
Razormane Manticore - 7th win
Sharding Sphinx - 9th win
Tidehollow Strix - 1st win

Expansion 3: Master of Shadows
Anowon, the Ruin Sage - 15th win
Arrogant Bloodlord - 11th win
Bloodghast - 7th win
Corrupt - 12th win
Demon's Horn - 2nd win
Disentomb - 9th win
Guul Draz Vampire - 5th win
Guul Draz Vampire - 10th win
Hideous End - 8th win
Malakir Bloodwitch - 4th win
Malakir Bloodwitch - 14th win
Sanguine Bond - 3rd win
Tendrils of Corruption - 1st win
Vampire Nighthawk - 6th win
Vampire Nighthawk - 13th win

Expansion 3: Root of the Firemind
Aether Figment - 3rd win
Bladetusk Boar - 1st win
Deprive - 10th win
Dragon's Claw - 2nd win
Evacuation - 7th win
Flame Slash - 4th win
Gelectrode - 8th win
Into the Roil - 13th win
Kraken's Eye - 6th win
Lava Axe - 11th win
Niv-Mizzet, the Firemind - 16th win
Shivan Dragon - 9th win
Sky Ruin Drake - 5th win
Sleep - 14th win
Surrakar Spellblade - 12th win
Wheel of Fortune - 15th win

Expansion 3: Weapons of the Warrior
Angel's Feather - 11th win
Angel's Feather - 2nd win
Conqueror's Pledge - 12th win
Excommunicate - 5th win
Guard Duty - 3rd win
Kor Duelist - 1st win
Kor Hookmaster - 6th win
Kor Skyfisher - 9th win
Loxodon Warhammer - 14th win
Makindi Griffin - 4th win
Martial Coup - 15th win
Ogre's Cleaver - 10th win
Pennon Blade - 8th win
Stoneforge Mystic - 7th win
Windborne Charge - 13th win

Unlock Magic Card Deck Avatar Item
Unlock all cards for 6 decks.

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