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Xbox Live gamer points
Complete the following achievements to unlock the indicated number of Xbox Live Gamerscore points (1,000 total possible points):

Activate RS card - 10 points
Complete 30 years of franchise mode - 400 points
Complete an offline game - 30 points
Enter the History Book - 10 points
Get four sacks in one game - 100 points
Get a first down - 20 points
Pass for 350 yards - 100 points
Rush for 200 yards - 100 points
Score a touchdown - 30 points
Win a franchise mode game - 100 points
Win the Super Bowl - 100 points

Due to the fact that the punt blockers do not like to block very much, you should select the "Punt Block" formation instead of any other punt return formation. With the "Punt Block" formation, the punting team will not be spread out, therefore allowing your blockers to somewhat block for you; which in turn will give you more time to field the ball and have a little space to start something big.

Easy sacks
Be a defensive lineman and back up a few feet. When the play starts, immediately run forward and hitsick an offensive lineman. He will fall down and your person will still be running fast towards the quarterback. Then, sack him.

Pause game play, then go to the settings. Go to the penalties, then turn off offsides. You will now be able to hold [Run] and never cross the line of scrimmage. Grab a linebacker and set a new record for sacks in a game.

Easy blocked field goals and punts
When playing against the CPU and it is a punt or field goal situation, switch to the end player on defense. If the opposing punt team is in a regular punt formation, select punt block on defense. The offense will adjust to a protection formation. If not, this is easy. Before the last player makes his adjustment, he puts his hands on his knees. If you begin to charge at the kicker you should not get a penalty if timed correctly. You will get an extra jump on the kicker and should tackle him or block the punt or field goal.

Booth review under two minutes
When under two minutes in the second or fourth quarter, when a play is questionable press [R] + [L] when you return to the play selection screen. Booth will then review the play most of the time it is overturned.

Touchdown celebrations
When you play as the Eagles against the Ravens and score a touchdown with T.O., dive in the endzone by pressing [X]. He will do a Ray Lewis dance in the endzone as a celebration.

If you are playing as either Donovan McNabb or Daunte Culpepper and you get tackled into the endzone scoring a touchdown, they will do their trademark dances. Daunte will "get his roll on" and Donovan will do the moonwalk.

When playing as the Steelers and Antwaan Randle El scores a touchdown, press [X]. He will make a showoff jump, and after that he will sometimes do the same slide as he did in the 2002 Divisional Playoffs against the Browns, after he returned a punt for a touchdown.

Player nickname
With a player named Troy Siegel (a drafted rookie three seasons into a franchise), Al Micheals will call him "Simian" in his commentary when he makes a play.

Sign created player with high attributes for three years
When you create a player, make him a free agent. Then, get his attributes up to 75. Next, sign the player for any team desired. Go to that team's rosters and edit his attributes. You can make it as high as 99. When you go to franchise mode with the team the player you created will be on the team with a contract for three years.

Create low paid all-star QB
Create a punter or kicker with all his attributes at maximum, including passing. You will sign him for a low salary simply because he is a kicker. Then, set him as the starting quarterback on the depth charts as the season begins. You will now have the best kicker/punter and QB in the league. You may also maximize all passing attributes and take the kicking attributes down to sign him at an even lower price. This is most recommended if you only rarely kick.

Making players suffer
If there is a player you dislike, do the following to make him suffer. Go to "Features", then to "Rosters". Select his team then choose the player and go to "Attributes". Reduce his injury to "0". This may take awhile; you may also want to set the game to four or five minute quarters.

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