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Complete the following achievements to unlock the indicated number of Xbox Live Gamerscore points (1,000 total possible points):

First Mission Complete (25 points) - "Death of a Show man" completed.
Rookie Mode Complete (25 points) - Complete the game under the Rookie difficulty.
Normal Mode Complete (50 points) - Complete the game under the Normal difficulty.
Expert Mode Complete (75 points) - Complete the game under the Expert difficulty.
Professional Mode Complete (150 points) - Complete the game under the Professional difficulty.
Silent Assassin (25 points) - Get a Silent Assassin rating.
Normal Silent Assassins (25 points) - Get 5 Silent Assassin ratings under Normal difficulty.
Expert Silent Assassins (50 points) - Get 5 Silent Assassin ratings under Expert difficulty.
Professional Silent Assassins (100 points) - Get 5 Silent Assassin ratings under Professional difficulty.
Fully Customized Silverballers (25 points) - All custom Silverballer components purchased.
Fully Customized SMG Tactical (25 points) - All custom SMG Tactical components purchased.
Fully Customized SP12 Shotgun (25 points) - All custom Shotgun components purchased.
Fully Customized M4 (25 points) - All custom M4 components purchased.
Fully Customized W2000 Sniper (25 points) - All custom W2000 components purchased.
All Firearms Collected (100 points) - All firearms collected and displayed in Hideout.
Tier 2 Kruger Schmidt (5 points) - Tier 2 of the Kruger Schmidt upgrade shop unlocked.
Tier 3 Kruger Schmidt (15 points) - Tier 3 of the Kruger Schmidt upgrade shop unlocked.
Tier 4 Kruger Schmidt (20 points) - Tier 4 of the Kruger Schmidt upgrade shop unlocked.
Secret Achievement: Unknown Secret Achievement.
Secret Achievement: Unknown Secret Achievement.
Secret Achievement: Unknown Secret Achievement.
Secret Achievement: Unknown Secret Achievement.
Secret Achievement: Unknown Secret Achievement.
Secret Achievement: Unknown Secret Achievement.

Alternate main menu
Successfully complete the game to change the background of the main menu.

Intel at no cost
Purchase all the intel when a mission starts. Make a not of it, then pause game play and choose to restart the mission. You will have your original starting money, and the intel will now be available for purchase again even though you know what it contained.

Newspaper headlines
After completing a level, the newspaper information varies depending on how you did. If you did poorly, the paper will say so in the paragraph. If you shoot very little and use mostly hand to hand it will say that there is not enough information to make a ranked description of you. High accuracy states you are a well trained marksman. Try doing the level differently to see different headlines.

A New Life: Easy "Silent Assassin" rank
Start the mission with no weapons except for your standard equipment. First, go to the back of the food truck when the delivery man is walking off. Pick up the donuts then take them around the corner so that nobody can see you. Put them on the floor and then scroll through your inventory. Go to the "Sedative Syringe", and select it. Look down to the donut box, then inject the sedative into them. Pick up the donuts again, put the syringe away, then go back to the food truck. Drop the box of donuts on the floor directly behind it. Walk away. The delivery man will pick up the donuts and take them to the FBI van across the road. Wait a short time. An short intermission sequence inside the truck will appear, showing the FBI agents falling asleep. Go to the back of the truck, open the door when prompted, and go inside. When inside the FBI truck, suit up as an FBI agent, and steal the video tape, which should be on the left side of the van as you go in. Do not pick up any weapons. Leave the vehicle. Go up to the front of the house and walk inside. Go out the back towards the shed, which is in the top right hand corner. Wait until there is nobody around. If the pool man goes in, do not be tempted to follow him or your suspicion bar will go into the yellow. When there is nobody around, pick the lock, go inside, and pick up the lighter fluid. Leave the shed, go right, and then go towards the pool. Over to your right is a barbecue. Go up to it and you will get the "Rig the Barbeque" option. Select I, then go inside the house and wait under the stairs. Stand around for a short time. A short intermission sequence will show a woman being burned alive. When she is dead, go back outside and pick up the microfilm that she is wearing around her neck. Go back inside then go up the stairs. Turn right across the landing, then go straight. Open the first door on your right. Go in and wait behind the L-shaped wall. If the main target is already there, wait for him to leave, then wait awhile for him to return. When he returns, make sure he has his back towards you then fibrewire him. When he dies, drag his body to the place you were hiding (the L-shaped wall). Then, sprint out of the house towards your escape as quickly as possible. If done in a short time, you should get either a "Hitman" rating or "Silent Assassin" rank. Either way, you will get $100,000 and if you have already completed the game you can purchase an additional upgrade to your custom weapons whenever you select a mission.

Amendment XXV: Keep custom weapons
There are two methods to take weapons such as the Silverballers, etc. through the White House and bypass the metal detectors. The first method is to go to the other end of the parking lot when you start. Look to the left when you get to the end. You should see an ICA storage box. Put your custom weapons in it. Go into the White House through the double doors at the front and walk through the metal detectors. Remember that fibre wire, syringes, mines and the detonator will not activate metal detectors. Go to the other end of the lobby. There should be a guard behind a rope watching some double doors. Go into the door on his left (the toilet), and stand facing the corner furthest away from the door and the toilet. Wait for the museum member or staff to walk in and for the door to shut behind him. Take out a silent weapon (fibre wire or syringe) and use it on him before he opens the door. Take his clothes and hide him as best you can against the corner furthest from the toilet, but closest to the door. Check the map. If there is an innocent person in the lobby looking in your direction, wait for him to start walking away before opening the door or he will see the body and you will be shot. Open the door when you get the chance. While staying behind the ropes, walk across the width of the lobby and through the door on the other side. Go directly to the other end of the next corridor and take the last door on the left. This should lead you outside. When you get the chance to take out the U.S. Marine who patrols here, do so then hide him behind the big steel block. Take his clothes and gun. Walk back out the front doors. You should beep when going through the scanner, but the guards will not shoot you. Take your weapons out of the storage box from the side of the building and conceal them. When you go back in you should beep, but once again the guards should ignore it as long as you have your M14 at the ready.

For the second method, do the same as above. However when the Marine is out of the way, do not take his clothes or his gun. Work your way back out the front doors and go to the storage box. Take out a weapon. Hold the weapon so you can throw it. Aim up and past the fence, towards the White House wall. Bounce your weapon off the wall and it will land on the other side of the fence. Do this with all your weapons then go back to the area where you incapacitated the Marine. Walk down the alley and pick up your guns then conceal them. Make sure you are far enough behind the wall for the guards out the front not to see you or they will shoot at you. Note: This method is useful if the game glitches and the Marines shoots at you even when you look like one.

The Murder Of Crows: Dance
Get one of the disguises for the Salsa, Rock, or Blues bar. Move Agent 47 on the dance floor and allow the game to idle. After a few minutes, he will begin to dance. To stop him, move the Left Analog-stick. Note: You can still move the camera.

Hidden Rat Club
In Curtains Down, there is a room in the basement on the west side where there are three rats. Occasionaly, a worker will come in and try to kill them with a nailgun. If you kill all three rats, a ket card entitled RATCLUB KEYCARD will appear on one of the tables on the west side of the room. If you take stairs near the target's dressing room to the second floor, and use it on the door on first door to the left, it will open a storage room with what appears to be a cel, and on the other side there are a bunch of rats havinga party and doing things like boxing, and playing cards.

Requiem: Control ending
Requiem is the last level. Allow the credits to play all the way through. 47's body will be lowered underground. This level is playable. As the credits are playing, you can hear 47's heart beat and his health bar moving to the rhythm of his heart beat. As the credits are playing, repeatedly tap [X], [B], [A], [Y], [LT], and [RT] in any order. This must be done quickly. You will notice that his heart begins to beat faster and that his health bar rises. When his health bar reaches full, he will rise up and you will have control of him. The objective is to leave no witnesses -- kill everyone.

Demo version: "On The Job" level: Devils TMP
Proceed through the level until you reach the first two guards you must kill. Walk off the platform you are on and turn right. Walk a short distance and turn right again to face the garbage and rubble pile. Walk into the box that is slightly jutting out of the pile. You can pick up a TMP briefly. Grab it and it will have 25 in the clip, and a reserve of 666.

SP12 Shotgun
Butt stock ($50,000)
Flechette ammo ($50,000)
Extra ammo ($75,000)
Reload boost ($75,000)
12 gauge slugs ($75,000)
Short barrel ($100,000)
Rail mount ($100,000)
Laser sight ($150,000)
Bigger magazine ($150,000)
Red dot sight ($200,000)
Silencer type1 ($200,000)

Ris handguard ($50,000)
Low velocity ammo ($50,000)
Butt stock ($50,000)
Extra ammo ($75,000)
Laser sight ($75,000)
Rail mount ($75,000)
Armor piercing bullets ($75,000)
Silencer type 1 ($100,000)
Pistol grip ($100,000)
Double clip ($150,000)
Red dot sight ($150,000)
Silencer type 2 ($200,000)
Drum magazine ($200,000)
Scope type 1 ($200,000)

Low velocity ammo ($50,000)
Silencer type 1 ($50,000)
Extra ammo ($75,000)
Laser sight ($75,000)
Rail mount ($75,000)
Magnum ammo ($100,000)
Dual action ($100,000)
Long slide ($100,000)
Red dot sight ($150,000)
Large clip ($150,000)
Silencer type 2 ($200,000)
Full auto fire ($200,000)
Scope type 1 ($200,000)

SMG Tactical
Butt stock ($50,000)
Low velocity ammo ($50,000)
Extra ammo ($75,000)
Rail mount ($75,000)
Magnum ammo ($75,000)
Rapid fire ($100,000)
Short barrel ($100,000)
Silencertype 1 ($100,000)
Laser sight ($150,000)
Double clip ($150,000)
Silencer type 2 ($200,000)
Red dot sight ($200,000)

Misc. upgrades
Pain killers ($50,000)
7x50 zoom binoculars ($50,000)
Improved lockpick ($50,000)
Kevlar vest ($75,000)
Enhanced detonator ($75,000)
Adrenaline ($100,000)
Flak vest ($100,000)
Extra mine ($100,000)
Cratt Schultz lockpick ($150,000)
Foil padded suitcase ($150,000)
Flexible flak vest ($200,000)
Glitch: Infinite Saves on Normal and Expert
When saving during a mission, a message box will come up telling you that it is saving. Press start before the Save Complete message appears and it will not count it towards your limit. There is no harm to the saved game.

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