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[Green], [Green], [Red], [Red], [Blue], [Blue], [Yellow], [Yellow] - Always Drum Fill.
[Red], [Green], [Blue], [Yellow], [Green], [Yellow], [Red], [Red] - Hyperspeed.
[Green], [Red], [Yellow], [Blue], [Red], [Yellow], [Blue], [Green] - Line 6 Unlock.
[Yellow], [Red], [Blue], [Green], [Yellow], [Red], [Red], [Red] - Air Instruments.
[Blue], [Yellow], [Red], [Green], [Blue], [Green], [Green], [Yellow] - Always Slide.
[Blue], [Red], [Red], [Red], [Red], [Yellow], [Blue], [Green] - Invisible Rocker.
[Red], [Red], [Red], [Blue], [Blue], [Blue], [Yellow], [Green] - Gem color.
[Green], [Red], [Green], [Yellow], [Green], [Blue], [Yellow], [Red] - Star color.
[Green], [Blue], [Red], [Red], [Yellow], [Yellow], [Blue], [Blue] - Vocal fireball.
Complete each achievement to get the allotted gamerscore:

8th Wonder (35) - You completed the song Through The Fire And Flames with 4 stars or more as the Guitarist on Expert.
Amazing Rockstar (100) - Complete single player Expert Career on all instruments.
Artist On The Rise (5) - Create a new custom Band logo.
Band Leader (10) - Score the highest individual score in a 4 player Band.
Bark At The Moon (30) - Complete the Career as the Vocalist.
Bloody Feet (35) - You completed the song Raining Blood with 5 stars as the Drummer on Expert+.
Clash Of The Titans (15) - Win a Band vs. Band match (8 players).
Cowboys From Hell (25) - Get 100% on a song as a Band (4 players).
Hail The Reverend (10) - Get 5 stars on the song Beast And The Harlot as the Drummer on Expert without using Star Power.
I Wanna Rock (5) - Complete a song with any instrument on any difficulty in local Quickplay or Career.
Inhuman (10) - You scored 5 stars in a song on Expert with Lars Umlaut in single player.
Ink And Blood (5) - Create a custom tattoo.
Jaw Dropper (20) - Win an online Face-Off match by 25,000 points or more.
Craving For More (5) - Download a song from GHTunes(SM).
Cyborg (45) - You got a 100 note streak in the song Through The Fire And Flames on Hard or higher as the Drummer.
Deadzone (10) - Fail a song with available Star Power in single player.
Face To Face (10) - Win an online Pro Face-Off match.
Free As A Band (35) - You scored 2,000,000 points on Free Bird as a Band.
Glory to the Daring (10) - Play a song in the Atlantis venue.
Golden Fingers (5) - Perform as the Guitarist.
Golden Voice (35) - You scored 95% or more on the song Killer Queen as the Vocalist (Expert).
Killing In The Name (45) - Win 50 online matches.
Lightning Speed! (25) - You completed the song YYZ with 5 stars on Expert Bass.
Low-Pitched King (30) - Complete the Career as the Bassist.
Master Craftsman (5) - Create a new custom instrument.
Smoking!!! (10) - Complete the song Smoke On The Water as the Vocalist.
That was Close! (10) - You won a song with the rock meter in red.
The Greatest Crew (20) - Complete a song with all Band members on Expert (4 player Band).
The Greatest Journey In History (10) - Complete a song in every venue.
The One Man Band (35) - Complete all four instrument Careers on any difficulty.
There's Hope! (10) - Recover from a poor performance.
Masterpiece (5) - Create a new custom rocker.
Mooned (5) - Perform as the Drummer.
One For All (20) - Complete a song in a Band (4 players).
Open Minded Strummer (10) - You hit all Open Strum notes in the song Laid To Rest as the Bassist.
Play With Me (20) - Play 20 online matches.
Promising Diva (5) - Perform as the Vocalist.
Raining Notes (35) - You perfectly played the First Blood section of the song Raining Blood as the Guitarist on Expert.
Rising Star (20) - You completed 100% on any song on Expert in single player.
Rock Legends (30) - Complete the Career in a Band (2-4 players).
Rock Veteran (20) - Play 150 songs throughout your entire Career.
Rocker's Guide To Godhood (5) - Complete the Career Tutorial.
Thunder Kissing (10) - Trigger Star Power simultaneously (4 player Band).
Wondrous Strummer (30) - Complete the Career as the Guitarist.
You Cannot Beat Me (20) - Win an online Pro Face-Off match by 25,000 points or more.
Unnoticed Presence (5) - Perform as the Bassist.
Unyielding (30) - Complete the Career as the Drummer.
War Apparatus (25) - Complete a song on Expert + (Drums only).
You Play It Well (35) - You perfectly played the Let's Play! section in the song Play With Me as a lead Guitarist on Expert.
You Should Be Afraid (10) - Win an online Face-Off match.

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