Bust-A-Move Live! Cheats - Xbox 360

 All cheats for this game by platform: Xbox 360
Check out these Bust-A-Move Live! cheats and stay cool!
Complete each achievement to receive the allotted gamerscore:

A Single Jewel (10) - Clear 1 Zone in 1P Puzzle mode.
Hero of the Day (20) - Win all matches in CPU Battle mode.
Like a Shooting Star (20) - Break through at least 30 bubbles.
A Beautiful Journey (20) - Clear 1 Route in 1P Puzzle mode.
A Flash of Brilliance (15) - Clear any stage in 5 seconds or less.
A Rock-Steady Friendship (15) - Play 30 player matches.
A Rocky Friendship (20) - Win 5 player matches.
The Dream Traveler (30) - Win all matches in CPU Battle mode.
The First Step in the Hardest (10) - Win one Xbox LIVE Match.
Master of Infinite Patience (20) - Play in Infinity mode for 60 consecutive minutes.
Slay Thy Enemy (10) - Win one match in CPU Battle mode.
Twisted Genius (10) - Destroy bubbles by bouncing a bubble 3 times.

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