Black Knight Sword Cheats - Xbox 360

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Check out these Black Knight Sword cheats and stay cool!
Complete each achievement to get the allotted gamerscore:

A True Knight (100) - Clear Arcade Mode.
Let's start here (10) - Clear stage 1.
Like a lion after its prey (30) - Finish the game in hard mode.
One Knight stand (100) - Finish the game without dying.
P-Whipped (20) - Collect all the cat head grass in story mode.
Are you really the hero? (20) - Game over, 50 times over.
Hard Worker (20) - Finish every mission in challenge mode.
I English Read Good (10) - Read every tutorial board.
Sunny side up (30) - Finish the game without ever entering the shop.
The next story is yours (30) - Watch the end credits.
Three Star Chef (10) - Use a magic attack on the bread.
You call that an ending? (20) - Clear stage 5.

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