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Complete each achievement to get the allotted gamerscore:

Big Game Hunter (10) - Showed Barbarians up in food hunt
Bouncer (20) - Won a scenario by knocking all opponents out of playable area
Gold Digging Ants (20) - Earned 20 gold medals
Good Host (15) - Hosted 10 multiplayer games
Ice Maker (15) - Froze 50 water tiles
Let Loose the Bugs of War (40) - Completed the single-player campaign
Recruit (10) - Completed the Tutorial
Skilled (20) - Used 25 skills or spells
Spider Tamer (10) - Earned 30 points in a single Spider Hunter game
Tactical Maneuvers (20) - Earned five of every hit bonus type outside of the tutorials
Third Time's the Charm (5) - Won three multiplayer games
Wet Bug Smell (15) - Defeated an opponent by knocking him into the water

Ninja Bee Gamer Tag Picture (Maal's Story Mode)
After Ninja Bee joins your party in Maal's Story mode, select him first in the first battle in which you can use him.

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