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All WWE Shopzone items unlocked
Hold [L]+[R] and press [A]+[B]+[X]+[Y] at the "Press Start" screen. Then, press [Start]. All items in the WWE Shopzone will be unlocked and will remain that way until you play a match. Also, all arenas and legends will be unlocked for one match. The code can be repeated to unlock them again.
Cash prizes
Reach Amateur status to get $100,000.
Reach Rising Star status to get $100,000.
Reach Superstar status to get $300,000.

To get $500,00, complete all the legend tasks under the legend difficulty setting. With most of them you can use two players, except on "Defeat A Legend".

Career mode
In order to unlock career mode, you must first create your own wrestler. You cannot play career mode with a WWE Superstar or WWE Diva.

Legend tasks: Defeat a Legend
To complete this task you must set the difficulty on legend, then defeat any Legend. The best thing to do is to face him in a Ladder or a TLC match and beat him with the ladder.

If you are having difficulty completing this task or any other one, do the match with a friend. Make it a Handicap match. You do not have to face a Legend; just anyone on Legend.

You do not need to fight a legend for this challenge. Fight anyone (even divas if desired), under the legend difficulty setting. Make sure that you have created and currently hold a title. Then, go into a match against anyone with your title on the line. Once the match starts, go outside the ring, get your title belt, and hit your opponent with it. You will get disqualified. However, because you cannot lose the title by disqualification, you are declared the winner, and it counts as defeating a legend. Note: You may have to hit your opponent with the belt two or three times before you get disqualified.

Winning matches within three minutes
At the beginning of season mode, the game forces you to win some matches in three minutes. An easy way to do this is to choose the move "Mounted Punches" for you character. During the match, get your opponent on the ground and keep doing the Mounted Punches until the his head is yellow on the damage meter. Then, do a submission and make them tap out.

Easy money
Depending on the match type (Single, Cage, Royal Rumble), big money can be earned quickly. First, make a profile. This is the only way to earn money outside of Career mode and get paid. After making the profile, go to any match desired (Royal Rumble recommended). This can take up to an hour, but is worth it. If you win the match quickly and throw out a decent amount of people, you can earn up too $10,000 for winning, which is only enough for one attribute but it adds up quickly. Depending on how high the difficulty is set, you may even get more. Probably the easiest way to get a quick $2,500 is to set up a "Singles" or "Ladder" match with two human players but only play yourself. By doing this, you can do a few very powerful moves to a uncontrolled opponent. Also if you stand there and mock and get your Heat meter full, you will get bonus money when you do your finisher to the uncontrolled opponent. You will get paid every time you win in and out of Career. If you have the skill and want to try this, go to the options menu and under "Gameplay", switch the difficulty to something harder. That harder the difficulty, the more money you will get.

Note: This trick requires an Xbox memory card. Copy a profile to a memory card then buy an item. Go to your memory card and copy it back to your Xbox's hard drive. You will have the item that you just bought and all of your money back.

Change the difficulty to "Legend". Insert a second controller and go to exhibition, single, cage match. Choose your character and your second controller. After that, start the match and just climb out of the cage. This counts as a win and results in easy money. When you climb over, just do rematch. You will win a lot of matches in a very short amount of time. This is a good way to increase your profile stats.

Use the following trcik to get an easy $4,000 every minute and a half. Have two controllers. Set up a handicap 1 vs. 3 tag match having controller two in control of all three of your opponents. With controller one, keep using signature moves to build up your Heat meter. Once that is built up, use your finisher for the $1,000 bonus plus the $3,000 match bonus for the handicap.

Easy way to get Big Show 2003
Go into a normal match and set it to two players. Press [Start], then turn two players off. Go down after Big Show, and you should see Big Show 2003. You can now play as him without having to unlock him normally.

When you are going to play an exhibition, before you select your wrestlers choose where it read "Player One" (or your profile name) and switch it to "CPU". Advance to pick your wrestler and press [B]. Then, switch CPU to "Player One" (or your profile name) and advance to the pick your wrestler screen. Go one past Big Show and you will see Big Show 2003 version.

Go to exhibition mode, single, and choose a singles match. When you get to the superstar selection screen, choose Big Show as player one. Press [Back] and return to the controller set-up screen. Press [A] again and to go to the superstar set up screen. Move down and Big Show 2003 will be available to play as in any singles match. Note: If you play any other match type (Tag, Triple Threat, Rumble), this trick will not work again until you reset the Xbox.

Last Man Standing match: Easy win
Pull out weapons until you beat your opponent into the red. After this, taunt the opponent until you get the heat boost full to do a special. The best way to do this is to use Eugene. First, get special with Eugene, hit the Stunner, then taunt a lot. Follow this up with Eugene's version of the Special Peoples Elbow. However, do this with about eight or nine seconds remaining on the clock; this will ensure that he stays on the ground. It works the same way with The Worm, except you can start it with about six seconds due to the moves.

Royal Rumble match: Easy wins
Have yourself as the third player and make the first, second, and fourth player a CPU character, if you are not using the controllers option. If you have three controllers, this is easy. If you do not, use the following trick. When you are the first player, you usually get attacked by at least two people. However, the third player does not always get double-teamed or sought after. This is a great advantage. You can get immense points from this. When you are in the match, build up your heat meter by taunting only. If you are being targeted by the fourth player, just make him Irish Whip you into the turnbuckle or to the ropes without making him throw you out. He may ignore you and focus on the first player. When your heat meter is full, do a finisher on any player (preferably the first player, unless he is being attacked so much that you cannot touch him). After using your finisher, taunt and fill up your heat meter. Make sure that the first player does not get thrown out. To make sure this does not happen, punch him when he is in the process of being thrown out, or at least, attack him. Quick Jab is useful here. As soon as he escapes from being thrown out, grapple him immediately or he will get threatened again by being thrown out. After you grapple him, do any attack desired. However, do not do a submission move. Go after him, attack him, use a submission move on him, etc. Build your taunt meter and use your finisher on him. Keep building your heat meter and using your finishers. This is a great way to get over 10,000 points, although slow. To get expertise points along with a lot of maximum heat meter points, just get attacked or at least get an orange or red signal on your body. This will show that you are greatly damaged by the specific area, like the face or chest, but you still do not get thrown out. You should triple-team or double-team the first player. The others will also attack him too, so that you are not the only target for him. To make him bleed from the head, just get his face to the red area, then do Mounted Punches on him. punch his face at least two times. He will bleed without you having to use weapons. If you want to throw a CPU player out early even when he is fresh, just tap on the buttons quickly and rotate the [Left Analog-stick].

Steel cage match: Easy win
When on a steel cage, Irish Whip your opponent off. Then, go to the side and press [X] to jump off and hurt your opponent on the ground.

Easy submissions
When you have someone in a submission hold, alternately press [X], [A] instead of just one button repeatedly as the game prompts. The bar on top for the hold will move towards submit very quickly. It will not cause your opponent to tap out however, unless the body part you are applying it to is yellow, almost orange.

Table match: Easy win
Irish Whip your opponent into a table. Follow this up with a Piledriver or DDT for the easy win.

Season mode: Easy win
Batter your opponent, and when it gets between two and three minutes, get your opponent on the floor and press [Start]. Then, return to the menu and you should be the winner. Note: This only works in single matches.

Performing finishers
Each person has two finishers. For the first finisher you only have to press [A] + [B]. For the second finisher, hold the [Left Analog-stick] in any direction then press [A] + [B].

To perform a finisher such as the F-U, when your Heat meter is full, grapple your opponent and press [A] + [B].

To perform a finisher such as the People's Elbow or the 5-Knuckle Shuffle, when your Heat meter is full knock your opponent down and hold [B] when you are standing by their arms or legs, then drag them to the center of the ring. Then, go to their head and press [A] + [B].

To perform a finisher such as the Frog Splash, knock your opponent down and make sure they are on their back. Also, make sure that they are not moving. Go to the turnbuckle but do not climb it. Just stand by it and press [A] + [B].

To do a finisher like the Spear, when your Heat meter is full, knock your opponent down and hold [B] when you are standing by their arms. Drag them to the center of the ring, then back up from them. Wait for them to get on their feet, then press [A] + [B].

To do a finisher like the 619 or the West Coast Pop, when your Heat meter is full, use strike attacks until your opponent gets caught into the ropes (not the corner). When they are caught in the ropes, strike them one more time and quickly press [A] + [B].

Edge's music
If you play a match as Edge and win, it will play his music that he had before his theme by Alterbridge.

Recreate Batista vs. Triple H rematch
Enter exhibition mode and do a regular singles match. Go to Wrestlemania 21 and have your match. The winner of this match is Batista. Note: You cannot play for the World Champion Belt. You can do this to any PPV event rematch.

Legend vs. Legend Killer rematch
Go to exhibition mode and do a singles match with The Undertaker and Randy Orton. Then, choose Wrestlemania 21 and then have your rematch of Legend vs. Legend Killer.

Create a championship
Create the Intercontinental Title, WWE Championship, The World Heavyweight Championship, WWE Tag Team Titles, and Womans Championship under Create a Championship. Go into exhibition mode and fight for the titles.

Glitch: Christian's entrance
When Christian comes out on his entrance, he comes out to the part where it says "If you close your eyes". However, if you unlock his Titantron it starts with the introduction before singing the song.

Glitch: HBK's and Kurt Angle's pyros
Look at HBK's entrance. Notice how his pyrotechnics go straight up instead of his side to side. Then, watch Kurt Angle's and notice how his pyro goes side to side instead of straight up.

Glitch: Matt Hardy's entrance
Win a match with Matt Hardy. Listen in the background to hear the keyboarding going off that usually reads "Matt Hardy Version 1.0" on his Titantron. However when you choose him, during his entrance it starts with him coming out at the part where it says "Whoa yeah!". Also, due to Matt Hardy's entrance not having the keyboard on the game, his Titantron is not available to buy in the WWE Shop.

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