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Check out these Ty the Tasmanian Tiger 2: Bush Rescue cheats and stay cool!
Primary Collection of Cheats
All Bunyip Licenses
Press [Start]x2, [Y], [Start]x2, [Y], [X], [B], [X], [A] during game play.

100,000 Opals
Press [Start]x2, [Y], [Start]x2, [Y], [B], [A], [B], [A] during game play.

All Level 1 Rangs (burrumudgee Rangs)
Press [Start]x2, [Y], [Start]x2, [Y], [B], [X], [B], [X] during game play.

All Level 2 Rangs (Sly Rangs)
Press [Start]x2, [Y], [Start]x2, [Y], [X], [B], [X], [Y] during game play.

Show All Objects (lines Form The Sky)
Press [Start]x2, [Y], [Start]x2, [Y], [Up], [Down], [Left], [Right] during game play.
Alternate ending sequence
Successfully complete the game with a 100% rating.

Volcano Rescue: Easy Opals
Once you get into the area where the Thermal Bunyip is located, run towards the left. There will be a 500 Opal bag. Go back out the way that you came in. You can get the door leading to the exit to open for you. Simply walk out the door, turn around, and go back into the room with the 500 Opal bag and pick it up again. Repeat this process as many times as desired.

Gunna Gunna: Easy Opals
Go to the Gunna Gunna training grounds. Go up the hills with the skull blocks coming out. You will see a bridge. Glide over to it, then cross the bridge. Keep going onto the platforms. At the top one is a bag of 400 hidden Opals.

Regain health
Find some water to swim in. Go under water then come back for air. You will have full health.

Boomerang upgrades
Zapyrang: Thunderang
Boomerang: Multirang
Flamerang: Lavarang
Frostyrang: Freezerang
Infarang: X-rang
Megarang: Omegarang
Smasherang: Kaboomerang
Lasharang: Warparang

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