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Check out these TransWorld Snowboarding cheats and stay cool!
Primary Collection of Cheats
All snowboards
Enter "JORMA" at the cheats screen.

All default levels
Enter "AAKASE" at the cheats screen.

All single session mode levels
Enter "TURSKA" at the cheats screen.

Alternate costumes
Enter "PUKEA" at the cheats screen.

All FMV sequences
Enter "ELOKUVAT" at the cheats screen.

Bails FMV sequence
Finish the game with a 100% completion with two characters to unlock the Bails FMV sequence.

Bring Me Down FMV sequence
Complete all the goals in Transworld Tour mode with any three characters.
Faster speed boost
Hold [A] + [X] to go faster than just pressing [X] for the regular speed boost.

Helidrop, USA: Shortcut
You can get on top of and even get around the ice cavern without going through it. Follow the right path that goes over the bridge, and instead of going around the left bend, cut right hard and get up over the ice patch to the right. Then, cut hard to the left and follow the path farther up the mountain, being careful not to go too far to the right or left. Once at the top, go right then hug the mountainside using the ridges to keep you from sliding all the way down. You can keep going and skip the ice cavern, or you can go off one of the ridges and land on top of the cavern.

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