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1,000 shiny things
Pause game play, then hold [L] + [R] and press [Y], [X]x2, [Y]x2, [X]x2, [Y].

Concept art
Go to the third part of Bikini Bottom. Get 40,000 shiny things. Go to the movie theater and press [R] to go inside. Press [A] to see the art.
Goo Lagoon: Unlimited Golden Spatulas
Go to Goo Lagoon and find Bubble Buddy. Find The spatula then go around the corner. Jump on the cloth and touch the "Thunder Tiki". Run, jump off, land in the water, and repeat the process.

Goo Lagoon: Easy shiny things
Go to the carnival at Goo Lagoon. First, throw the watermelon at the robot in the ticket booth. Destroy all of the other robots. Jump to where the Ferris wheel is located. Destroy the Duplicatotron and continue until you see Wack-A-Tiki. Throw the watermelon at the button and jump to where the tikis pop up. Destroy all of them in 40 seconds. Note: If this is your first time playing, you will get a sock if you win. Continue until you find a skee-ball machine. Switch to SpongeBob and Bubble Bowl into it. If you do not have it, get fifteen spatulas and go to the toll booth in Bikini Bottom. Note: If the ball does not reach any holes except the "10" and "20", charge up the Bubble Bowl by holding it down. Do this as many times as needed and you will have enough to trade with Mr. Krabs. The amount of shiny things you need increases every time you trade with him.

Go to the carnival at the skeeball game and fall off. Then, just bowl and do not move. When you cannot bowl anymore, either fall off again or go on the skeeball arena.

Go to where Bubble Buddy is at the other side of the area. Then, go through the whole sand castle. After a few minutes, die, and you should come back with out the water rising. Now, take your time. Continue until the end, and get the Golden Spatula. Then, go around the corner. You will see wooden planks. Jump on them each, then jump on the barrel, then onto another wooden plank until you get to a cloth trampoline. Jump onto the middle of the area and touch one of the tiki boxes so that it will explode. Then, after collecting about 1000 shiny things, jump off the cliff into the water and repeat the process.

Sand Mountain: Easy shiny things
Go to the third area in the level, which is called Sand Mountain. Destroy all Tikis that are around. For the Tikis next to the bus stop, use Bubble Bowl then aim at the Thunder Tiki in the middle and they will all explode. For the Tikis next to Larry, Cruise Bubble the Stone Tiki at the top and Bubble Bowl the Thunder Tiki next to them. Note: If you do not have the Cruise Bubble move, sneak up to the Shh Tikis and destroy them all. Then, Bubble Bowl the Thunder Tiki and the Stone Tiki will explode. Then, start the level and fall off immediately. The Tikis will be there again. Destroy them again as many times as desired.

Sand Mountain: Lines
The red/orange and the blue lines before you jump are important. The red/orange lines only single bounce and the blue lines indicate a double bounce.

Sand Mountain: Golden Spatula
At Sand Mountain, fall and die when you are sliding and time should run out. You will get the Golden Spatula.

Sandy's Dream: Easy shiny things
Go to Dream World and then to Sandy's Dream. Go to a side and you will see a number of Tiki. Jump on one then double jump away. Keep doing this repeatedly.

SpongeBob's Dream: Squidward's dream
When you get to the SpongeBob's Dream level, you can play in many people's dreams, including Sandy, Mr. Krabs, Patrick, and Squidward. When you play in Squidward's dream, watch out for the yellow music notes. They will fall in a few seconds if you do not jump to the next note or next musical instrument.

SpongeBob's Dream: Easy shiny things
Enter Sandy's dream bubble. Knowing how to do the Cruise Bubble torpedo is recommended. Switch to SpongeBob in Sandy's dream, then look to your right. There should be a long line of Tikis. Aim the Cruise bubble ([L]) at a Storm Tiki furthest out. The screen should read "Super-Ultra-Mega-Monster-Combo". You should get about 275 shiny things. Then, jump off the ledge and repeat this as long as desired. It is possible to get about 5,000 shiny things in about a minute.

Defeating Dirty Bubble
Find Neptune's Golden Spatula at the museum and take it. Go to Shady Shores to learn that M.M and B.B are trapped by the Dirty Bubble. Aim the Spatula at Dirty Bubble's center and throw it.

Defeating the Flying Dutchman
Get Sandy and fly to the big platform. When he does the Eye Beam, jump or fly over it. When he does the Fire Snot, move to the back of him and lasso his tail. Do this three times to win. Note: Remember to keep your view focused at the Dutchman.

Defeating King Jellyfish
When you get to the mountain where the Jellyfish is taking a shower, after a short intermission sequence, he will hover toward you. Try to avoid him. He will sit on the ground for a few seconds. While he is sitting, he will make a shockwave, similar to what Robo Sandy did in the Posidome. If you avoid the shockwave, the King Jellyfish will sit down for five more seconds. While he is still sitting, whack him. He will jump up and make five to six little pink jellyfish. You will now have to avoid the small jellyfishes and the big jellyfish. This time, the big jellyfish will create two shockwaves. When he sits down (if you did not get hit by the shockwaves) hit him again. The third time, he will make five to six little blue jellyfish (faster then the pink ones). Avoid the two shockwaves and the pink and blue jellyfish. Once you hit the big jellyfish for the last time he will give you a jar of jellyfish jelly. He opens the curtains behind him, where there is a slide down to a place that leads to Jellyfish Rock. However, first go in the pool where you fought the big jellyfish and get the shiny things.

Defeating Man Ray
Go to the Mermalair and get the control of the Tickle Belt, Aquaglove, and Orb Of Confusion. Then, unfreeze Man Ray. First, blast him with the Aquaglove, He then shoots you. Use the Orb Of Confusion to confuse him. Finally, activate the Tickle Belt.

Defeating Neptune
Go to the museum and pull out the Spatula. Neptune will appear and battle you, Swim up to shore until he loses air, then hit him with anything. Repeat this five times to win.

Defeating Patrick
Go to the Food Olympics and challenge Pat to a contest. Defeating him in two to three challenges to win. The games are random.

Defeating Plankton
Go to the Krusty Krab and chase the walking patty to the Chum Bucket. The patty will grow to ten times its size. Just hit the parts sticking out, then hit the patty with the spatula onto the grill. You then have to find a Copepod (shrimp-like creature) to eat Plankton, then a Anchovy to eat Copepod, then a Tuna to eat Anchovy, then Hans to eat Tuna, in ten minutes.

Defeating Prawn
When he starts doing the Sonic Boom, jump over it or run away. When the disco floor lights up, find the gray line and Bubble Bowl him. He will start releasing robots. When he does the Sonic Boom again, jump or run away but watch out for the HAM-MER robots. Do the same thing, but do not jump over the boom. He will throw robots and do the Sonic Boom at the same time.

Defeating Ripped Pants
Go to Goo Lagoon and play volleyball until your pants rip and turn evil. Starch up your pants until they are too stiff.

Defeating Robo Patrick
To defeat Robo Patrick, wait until he spins around and gets dizzy. If he hits you, he will not get dizzy. Then, hit him in the back or butt. Do this three times and you will switch to Sandy. Do the same thing, except he will fill the pool with goo every time you hit him. Swing on the Texas things to make the boxes fall down. Use the boxes to get to him. Do this three times and you will be SpongeBob again. Wait until he spins and falls, but you cannot hit him with the wand. You must Bubble Bowl him in the back three times and u will win.

Defeating Robo Sandy
In the first part, dodge Robo Sandy's attacks until she gets tired and sits down, then do a bubble stomp (press [X], then [B]). Do this three times. In the second part, as Patrick, do the same thing, only pick up the robot's head and throw it at the wires. Do this three times. Now, as SpongeBob again, do the bubble stomp only. When the robot holds out her head, press [Y] when you are under the red button. Do this three times and you will win.

Defeating Robo Spongebob and Robo Plankton
The first part is easy -- when he does a side-ways chop, use the Cruise Bubble to hit the green lights on his body. To dodge the vertical chop, jump from platform to platform (he does this more than once). Be careful not to fall or he will start over. After every two or three hits, Robo Plankton will attack. Hit him with the Cruise Bubble when he stops firing his machine guns. He will start to use Kah-Rah-Tae after that. Jump to one platform to dodge the Rah and jump to the others to dodge the Kah and Tae. Do the same thing for the rest of the battle. When you defeat him, you will have to go in his brain to break fuses. Like always, the first is easiest. Destroy the Duplicatotron and the robots it creates, and Robo Plankton will start to fire at you. Defeat him the same way as before and go to the fuse (long light bulb object), and just hit it. Do the same thing with all the others. except you have to use Bubble Bowl, Bubble Bash, Bubble Bounce, etc. After the one with the electric gate. you will be near his brain there are no Duplicatotrons. You must defeat Plankton with small platforms and Cruise Bubble into the brainholes to hit the fuses.

Entering The Salty Spittoon
Destroy Weenie Hut with the Aquaglove to gain entrance to the Salty Spitoon. Everyone inside is a Boss; just battle them.

Golden Spatula from Squidward
Go to Squidward's house and talk to him. Then, destroy everything in sight. Next, jump and press [X] when you are near the giant picture. Talk to him again. Start jumping. He will give you a Golden Spatula.

Go to the third part of Bikini Bottom and clear out the Krusty Krab. After that, go back in and look at the left front window. There will be a mime. Note: You will get a Golden Spatula from Mr. Krabs when you clear out the restaurant.

Secret sock at Goo Lagoon pier
Under the Wack A Tiki, there are tikis. Destroy them and you will get a sock.

Secret socks at the Krusty Krab
Enter the Krusty Krab and defeat the robots. Go to where it says "Condiment Island" and get on it. Use Bubble Bounce to squish the ketchup and mustard ([A] + [B]). A sock will appear in the crow's nest. The second sock is behind the Krusty Krab. Hit the dumpster to get it.

In the third area of Bikini Bottom (after you defeat Robot Patrick), go to the Krusty Krab. After you cleared it out, destroy everything you can possibly destroy. Then, go up to the crow's nest and get the sock.

Go to the Krusty Krab and destroy everything you can. After that, the camera will point near the corner. Look there to find the secret sock.

Secret sock in Patrick's house
In Patrick's house, just hit the couch to get the sock.

Secret sock in Shady Shoals Rest Home
Whack the television twice to get the sock.

Go next to Shady Shoals Rest Home. Go to the fountain and press [B] and a sock will appear above it.

Secret sock in SpongeBob's house
In Spongebob's house, get enough shiny things to get into his attic then Bubble Bash the button near the floating Tikis. A beach ball will appear. Move the ball to the button near the door. Get on the ball, double jump, and hit the button. Then, Bubble Bounce the button on the floor. Jump on the trampoline that appears. The sock will be on one of the platforms up on the higher shelves.

Secret sock in Squidward's house
Go into Squidward's Tiki and destroy the moose statue above his fireplace. The camera will turn to the window, and the sock will appear for Patrick.

If you ruin everything in Squidward's house, a sock will appear. Do the same thing in Patrick's house and another sock will appear.

Underwear and Golden Spatulas
The first pairs of underwear can be found on top of SpongeBob and Squidward's house. Hit the buttons between SpongeBob and Squidward's house and Patrick and Squidward's house. Get on Patrick's house and jump on the moving platform. Get the underwear on Squidward's house and jump on the following platforms to Spongebob's house. The spatula is there.

The second ones are on the police station and Shady Shoals. Stand on the pressure plate by the police station and Bubble Bowl the button. A trampoline will appear and you will have forty seconds to get them. Jump on the trampoline, and before you get on the blocks, turn back to where the Tikis are located. You will see the pants in the chimney. You should have about thirty-three seconds to get on the blocks and get the spatula on top of Shady Shoals.

The third pair O gold are on the Chum Bucket and Krusty Krab sign. Go to the right of the Chum Bucket and scroll the view until you see three buttons. Cruise Bubble the buttons and again jump on the trampoline. You should be able to get both before the buttons unpress.

The last spatula is in the Chum Bucket. Go to the red vent by the door. Do the wall jump thing like in the Mermalair.

Larry's tongue slide shortcuts
When you need to complete Larry's tongue slide, there are some short cuts you can follow. When you first begin to slide down the hill, you can bounce of a trampoline to the right. This will take you to an upper tongue slide hill. Once you get off it, look for another trampoline. It will take you to another place. From there, just follow the road.

On every tongue slide/butt slide/snowboard (Sponge/Pat/Sandy) there are shortcuts on every run that you can take for a faster time or secret socks.

Bubble Buddy Slide
When you reach the three paths, take the middle path then the upper path. Watch out for the Thunder Tikis as you near the finish line.

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