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Geometry Wars mini-game
Go into the garage and press [Y] to enter walk mode. Go to the area where there is an arcade game next to some tool boxes and rims, to the right of the garage door. Press [A] to play the Geometry mini-game. To quit the game, press [B], then [A]. Note: The arcade game is usually in the north area of the garage.

Delfino Feroce
Win the the Kudos Challenge with a Steel medal.

Ferrari 250 GTO
Win the Kudos Challenge with a Bronze medal.

Mercedes CLK-GTR
Win the Kudos Challenge with a Gold medal.

Porsche 911 GT1
Win the Kudos Challenge with a Silver medal.

TVR Cerbera Speed 12
Win the Kudos Challenge with a Platinum medal.
High scoring
There seems to be a loop hole to get great combo bonuses. Unlike the original Project Gotham Racing, this game allows you to go through the cone gates twice. You can go through either forwards or backwards, and hence build up your combo bonuses.

Cone challenges
When playing cone challenges, remember that it is all about the Kudos. If you look at the top ten ghosts of the Cone Challenge, you will see that people do not complete them fairly. They blatantly cheat by doing many, donuts, slides, and cone gates to accumulate the points. Even though this is not completely fair, it is also not that easy.

Better driving and faster laps
Notice that on all tracks there are skid marks (darker tarmac) before turns and fast bends. When you approach the darker tarmac, hit the brakes and make a concentrated, cleaner turn. This will ensure a faster time and less mistakes.

Unlocking cars
Win all of the expert (platinum) races in the Kudos World Championships.

Perform the time attacks in circuit and car modes. Buy the cars with the Kudos that you have accumulated.

Glitch: Porsche 959 spinning
Select the Porsche 959 with a manual transmission. Get the car up to top RPMs in first gear. Turn hard to the left and throw it into reverse. As soon as it is in reverse, accelerate in reverse quickly. Hold the accelerator and the car should spin wildly. Note: This takes several tries to get it to work at its best, but you can get the car to spin like a tornado forever if done properly.

Glitch: Shoot in the air
Enter multi-player mode and select the Nurburgring track while it is raining. Race in a Yellow Ferrari F40 and a Yellow Ferrari 250 GTO. You will start on a large straight away. From there, have the Ferrari F40 will turn around and go the wrong way while the Ferrari 250 GTO drives the correct way. Once at opposite ends, turn around a race down the straight away at each other and collide. You will need to get a lot of speed. Once you collide with each other one of the cars will hopefully be hurled into the air. Note: This may not work the first time, keep trying until it does.

Play the St. Basil's track and race down around the hairpin turn and up to the drop followed by the hard right. Have one car turn around and face the opposite direction around the track then back up and drive forward to stay solid. If you do not do this, your car will be invisible and this glitch will not work. Have other cars one at a time start at the end of the hairpin and go down the straight, headed for the other car. The car on the drop will need to time this perfectly to drive up the hill some distance to hit underneath your car and send you flying. Once airborne, turn hard to the right so that when you hit you will spin out. Pull donuts and slides all over the other straight to get huge combos.

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