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Completion bonus
Successfully complete the game and select the "Yes" option to save the cleared game data. The "2nd Play" option will now be unlocked. Choose this option to replay the game with all previous items and weapons, and a slightly higher difficulty.
Butterfly Spell level 3
Complete level 23 with a time of 2:00 or less.

Hint Butterfly Staff
In level 10, destroy all the pods attached to the walls of the passage. Behind one is a small tunnel. Go to the end and collect the Butterfly Staff.

Chimera [3]
Complete the level where you fought the Mist Lionette in under 2:00.

Black Swallow
Kill Death Serpent behind the start of level 23.

Dragon Point
Kill thirty enemies in level 7.

Dragon Staff
Successfully complete level 5 with a time of 3:20 or less.

Flame Staff
In level 13, destroy the two statues on the sides of the fire cave and the fire will stop. Then, go inside to the very back and pick up the Flame Staff. When you equip the Flame Staff, you will set your enemies on fire every time that you hit them.

Golden Dragon
Found in the narrow passage at the start of level 20.

Holy Staff
Successfully complete level 15 with a time of 2:47 or less.

Hint Jaws Of The Mountain
In level 11, go forward into the main level then turn right. You will see a small passage. Follow the passage and jump the bridge (as it collapses). Follow the path left and you will see three Stone Deities. Once you defeat them, you can collect the Jaws Of The Mountain.

Moonlight Sword
Free all souls in the first 28 levels of the game.

Needle Of Fury
Complete the level with the Soul Caller in under 1:00.

Ogre's Horn
Defeat the Blaze Ogre in level 18.

Orchid Malevolence
Kill the Hydra in level 25.

Prayer Beads
Defeat the Crimson King in under 1:00. Prayer Beads lower the rate at which your MP declines.

Found at the base of the hill in level 6.

Can also be found on the bottom of the left rock on a jutting rock in the Red Sea.

Rune Scimitars
Use a 20-hit combo in level 3.

Successfully complete level 14 in 2:00 or less.

Alternately, complete the Omni Stone level in under 2:00.

Staff of Duality
Found inside a tree stump in level 24.

Sutra Of Agression
Defeat the Centipede.

Sword Of Binding
Kill the Yasha Raven King in level 12 to receive the Sword Of Binding.

Sword of Voracity
Kill sixty enemies in level 26.

Found under the bridge between the middle island and the statue in level 22.

Training Sword
Use a 400-hit combo in level 11.

Extra money
Kill as many enemies as you can in level 11 and you are guaranteed at least $4,000.

Defeating the Crimson King
First, you must have the Golden Dragon Club, which is stronger than Raikoh's first sword. Next, equip Needle Of Fury to greatly boost your attack power to nearly full. Finally. equip Chimera Lv.3 to complete the equipment. Then, choose the stage where you must defeat the Crimson King. Make sure he uses his Black Skull magic and not his Fireballs or this trick will not work. When he prepares to fire his Black Skull, lock on to him and double jump. After you hear the sound of him firing, press [Y] to slam your club on his head for one third damage. Next, do a very short double jump until you see him get up slightly. Use the club again to do two thirds damage to him. Finally double jump a short distance above him again until you see him get up slightly. press [Y] again to finish him off in under ten seconds.

Defeating the Hydra
If you have the Moonlight Sword, stand on the ground use a strong attack to shoot out the crescent. One shot should suffice. After you defeat him, the level ends.

Defeating Bosses
Lock on to a Boss and use the Crescent Blast with the Moonlight Sword.

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