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Unlimited ammunition
Enter the inventory screen, then quickly press [R], [L], [R], [L], [R], [L], [Down] on a weapon. The weapon that was highlighted will have unlimited ammunition, and the code must be repeated for each weapon. A message will confirm correct code entry.

Quickly press [R], [L], [R], [L], [R], [L], [A]. A message will confirm correct code entry.

All drugs
Enter the inventory screen. Quickly press [R], [L], [R], [L], [R], [L], then click the [Left Analog-stick] while not on a weapon. A message will confirm correct code entry.

The Refinery
Press [L] + [R] +[B] + [A] repeatedly. A message will confirm correct code entry.

Unlimited crime
Quickly press [R], [L], [R], [L], [R], [L], [Down] during game play.

Extra mission
Collect all 25 drug stashes in Asia.

NARC arcade game
Collect all 25 drug stashes in the USA.
Cops with drugs
Have a Superbust ready. Bust a cop with it. You will see that he carries drugs, just like you.

Avoiding undercover cops
Sprint over everybody that you sell to so that they will fall over. If that person was was an undercover cop, he will not be able to pull out his badge and bust you. Also, women are never undercover cops.

Getting badge points
if you lose a lot of badge points you will become a civilian. Bust a few druggies until you get a 9mm or any weapon. Hoster that weapon. Then. go up to any man and grapple him. Do not hit him. Arrest him. Most of the time he will have some drugs. Turn them in. If you keep doing this, you will get a lot of drugs. Turn them in and you should get on the force.

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