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Completion bonuses
Successfully complete the game to unlock Ragnarok in local multi-player mode.

Successfully complete the game under any difficult setting to unlock a mech called Ymir.

Note: The Ragnarok mech is a perfect blend of armor, firepower, and heat design as long you do not use the lava gun constantly. The Ymir has greater firepower than the regular chassis of Ragnarok. However, it generates a great deal more heat, making it a good choice for advanced players for to make short work of their opposition.
Secondary mechs
As you will notice, every mech has a secondary mech (for example, The Cougar and The Puma). They are the same class, tonnage, and speed. but the weapons and defenses/specials are different. The following is the data for all the secondary mechs.
Offensive weapons: Pulse Laser, Gauss Rifle (x2), Crossbow Missile
Defensive/Special: Jump Jets

Offensive weapons: Lasers (x2), Machine Guns (x2), Hammer Missile (x2)
Defensive/Special: Chaff, Jump Jets


Kit Fox
Offensive weapons: Pulse Laser, Hammer Missile
Defensive/Special: Null Signature, Jump jets

Mad Dog
Offensive weapons: Pulse Lasers (x2), Autocannon, Crossbow Missiles (x4)
Defensive/Special: None

Offensive weapons: Gauss Rifle, Crossbow Missiles (x2)
Defensive/Special: Null Signature

Offensive weapons: Lasers (x3), Gauss Rifle (x2), Hammer Missles (x2)
Defensive/Special: Chaff

Offensive weapons: PPC, Machine Guns (x2), Crossbow Missiles (x2)
Defensive/Special: Jump Jets, Null Signature

Offensive weapons: Pulse Lasers (x4), Autocannon (x2), Hammer Missile
Defensive/Special: Jump Jets

Offensive weapons: Pulse Lasers (x2), Gauss Rifle (x2), Crossbow Missiles (x4)
Defensive/Special: None
Avoid PPC projectile
To easily avoid a PPC projectile when playing on Xbox Live, choose a mech that has jump jets. While the enemy is charging up their PPC, activate your jump jets. Once they fire, release the jump jets and the PPC will fly over you as you fall to the ground. This can be very effective against Mad Cats.

Lava area
When playing as the Atlas in the lava area, at the end near the party, do not go into the area from the cave too far. It will activate several Mechs including an Atlas or two. Instead, destroy the helicopters with ease, then start destroying everything around that gets targeted. Eventually, you will find two Atlases in the back left corner. You will know that you are targeting them because it takes a lot to destroy them. Note: you should not be able to see them. Inch forward from the opening and you should be fine. Note: You will face two mechs, a Madcat and a Belial. Also, the Atlases will not attack you in retaliation.

Easy catapult kill
At the beginning of the level where you must kill the WOB's second in command, stay on the ledge. Do not fall or you will be slaughtered. Kill the stray Mech that is not one of the objectives. Next, walk further down the ledge until you reach a bridge. Use your radar to see when the objective Mech catapults are under the bridge, then blast the bridge. It should kill most of the Mechs. Then just finish off the survivors.

Using any Mech with high output energy weapons, go forward as fast as possible to the gate where the WOB second in command is headed. Take out any opposition along the way and ignore the Catapult convoy in the valley below. After eliminating any enemies along the way, power up health and weapons as much as possible and wait for the convoy on the other side of that first gate. If they do not come at first, you may need to engage them, then fall back to the gate and hold position there. If you position yourself at an angle, you can take out the whole convoy one Mech at a time with your energy weapon, while taking minimal fire through the opening of the gate. You have the wall as cover, protecting you from all but one Mech at a time, and the opening as your line-of-fire to take them all out one by one. The result is an easy low-risk kill with a huge pile of power-ups at the gate for you to replenish your health and weapons as you pick off each of the enemy Mechs. When you are done, power up and pick off the second in command. He should be alone in the valley.

Water walking
When you are on any map with water and you have a mech with null sig, click the Right Analog-stick. When you do so, when you walk you will not make any splashes in the water. This is very useful on Xbox Live in the Jotenhiem map when approaching the red or blue base.

Easy stats on Xbox Live
Two controllers are required for this trick. Sign into your Xbox Live account from the Mech Assault menu. When you are ready to play, create a match of your choosing (Destruction, Team Destruction, Capture The Flag, etc.), but set the number of people in the game to two. You can do this cheat by yourself. When you ar in the team selection, mech selection, and skin selection room, make sure that if it is a team game that you are a different color from your guest (controller two). If its a game like Destruction, then choose a big Mech with lots of powerful firepower and have your guest control a weak Mech (like elemental). If it is a game like Capture The Flag, then choose a fast Mech and any desired Mech for the guest. Start the game and you can score points easily without worrying about being killed. Your stats will increase at the stats menu.

Easy Last Man Standing win
Get at least three players. Hide, and then after everyone has killed the others, come back out and fight the last player that was standing.

One at a time fighting in Grinder
Go to multi-player mode, Grinder, and select River city. Fight normally until two enemies appear at a time (one that jumps down and another that walks through the gate on the north side of the city). When this happens, stand directly in front of the gate and fight the Mech inside for a few seconds without letting it through. If done correctly, the Mech will get stuck behind the gate wall, and only the enemies that drop down will have to be fought. 100 kills can easily be accumulated this way. Note: This can only be done when the enemies are an Uziel or Vulture.

River City: Getting on the other side of the dam
When playing at River City, select a Mech with jump jets. Go to the dam that is not located near the bridges that are crossing the river. Fly up the hill on the right side of the dam. Once there and are standing very near the dam, use your jets a little bit to get onto the dam. You will now probably have to edge your way on top of about half the dam. Once you get there, try to fall over the other side of the dam. There should be a little space located there that you can use to slip onto the other side of the dam. You can now hide here or do whatever desired. Note: Sometimes you may accidentally fall into the dam and get stuck. The only way out is to kill yourself or have Lava or Hammers shoot at you.

Size Matters 1: Easy completion
Go forward from the beginning of the level then fly over the gate. Instead of going into the middle of that section and triggering the three Mechs, go up to the Mech depot. Jump jet just slightly, then fire at the missile turret behind it. Drop down fast, or you may be hit with the missiles. Do this three or four times and it should explode. After that, jump jet on top of the warehouse type of building on the right. Move around a bit on top of the warehouse and the three Mechs will appear. Wait until at least one of the Mechs walks inside the building and blow it up. The Mechs usually get crushed, or simply die from the explosion of the others. If they did not all die, repeat the trick on the warehouse next to the first one. If you could not do the trick correctly using both warehouses, try luring the Mechs next to the pumping machines then shoot them so they explode on the Mechs. There is also a second one that can be used in the same manner. Note: It helps to get health hidden in the odd, metal, twisted, dumps. Blow them up, then take the health. Also, when you are on top of the warehouses, make sure that when it blows up that you do not get caught on top; you will also be killed. Avoid this by watching the building's status. When it is still sturdy, every shot you make will make a flaming hole. When it is almost ready to collapse, it will make an opening that is just a hole or no hole at all. When you see that is it is almost destroyed, use jump jets then fire at it. Repeat that until it collapses. Power Armor will sometimes annoy you by jump jetting over the mountain that separates the two sections and firing at you. Ignore it or wait for it to jump jet and hit it with some missiles. Note: There are two of them; so this may take awhile. Only use missiles to destroy the buildings.

Wolf In Sheep's Clothing: Atlases
If you do not care for the Atlas' upgrades, do this instead of the trick that involves jumping over the wall. Act normally until the Mechs turn against you. When they do, take out the power generator as usual. Then, run outside of the gate. Turn around and destroy the building to the right of the door. The doors will close, and the Atlases will be stuck inside. The Ullers will fly over the gate, but you can deal with them easily with the machine guns. After killing the Ullers, destroy all enemies in the area. You can then go through the level as normal, stopping whenever desired. From that point on in the level, destroy all units you encounter. At the end of the level when you are told to cross the bridges and then blow them up, wait until the Atlas walks on them to do so. Note: Make sure that you are on the other side before you blow up the bridges or you will have trouble reaching the end of the level.

You will see two Atlases before the base. Go into the base and the Atlases will not attack you yet. Go to the satellites, then go to the door. The door will not open. Wait until the timer ends and the door will open and close. The Atlases will be locked out.

Ready to Rok! 2: Easy completion
First, destroy all the helicopters, missile turrets, and tanks. Then, get the salvage. Next, go inside. There are two Atlases, one Thor, and two Madcats that will meet you. They are very difficult to fight. Once you destroy them, do not mind the little power armor. Keep firing Lava Gun Missiles. You will then be instructed to go into the middle and self-destruct, completing the level.

Defeating Ragnarok
Before you destroy the ship that the leader tries to escape in, go to the back and destroy the bridge and tunnel. If you do not do this, a lot of reinforcements will come through the tunnel after you destroy the ship. To kill Ragnarok easily, shoot him until he gets by a barrel that explodes, then destroy the barrel. It weakens him a lot.

When you to the part where you have to face Ragnarok, before you shoot the ship, go on top of the small room to the right of the door. While you are up there, start shooting the ship until he starts talking. When Ragnarok comes out, stay up there. He will turn around and the doors will close with him inside. While he is inside, keep shooting missiles until he dies. He cannot get out. You must use a Mech with the Charge Up missile. Any other will not penetrate the door.

The best Mech To use is an Atlas. Walk into the part of the base where you are going to destroy the dropship. Destroy the dropship and the WOB leader will appear and speak before shooting at you. Walk around the ship until you see a door where the reinforcements are coming in. Destroy the reinforcements and the tunnel, then walk across the bridge. Stand in the small area to the right of the tunnel as you are walking to it. Wait for the Ragnarok to step on the bridge. Blow up the bridge to take him down in health to the point where a couple shots from your best gun will kill him.

Avoiding PPC or Javelin
If a PPC or Javelin is approaching you, wait until the last possible moment and step out of the way. This works well if you chose an Atlas or another Mech without jump jets. Note: This trick does not work with Crossbows because they move too fast.

Tag enemies with flares
This trick requires you to be in a Mech that has a flare launcher. Get right up to an enemy mech (touching it), then launch a flare. It should stick to them. Any missiles fired from any enemy tank or Mech will hit the one "tagged." This also works on tanks, but they are smaller and faster.

More Jump jet fuel
When you have a mech with jump jets, fly in the air until you have three quarters jump jet fuel remaining. Then, release the Analog-stick and press it again before you fall. Continue to do this until you run out of jet fuel. You will fly up in the air for a long time. Note: Get on top of a building for more flight.

Glide up a wall
When jump jetting up a wall, press [Start] and you will just glide up it.

When you play the game on Xbox Live, choose Host Game or Optimatch, then play "Last Man Standing". When you die, you will become a human. Click the Right Analog-stick and you will commit suicide.

Glitch: Demolition City: Enter building
Play the downloadable Demolition City level as a Mech with jump jets (for example, Hellbringer). Locate a building with a large green cross on the top of it. They are on all the corners and there may be a few on the bottom. Go to the side of the level. Jump onto the entrance gate. It is very close, in the opposite direction of the bridge by the building. Jump onto the land above the gate. Jump towards the building across from you (towards the building with the crosses). Then, carefully jump onto this building with the crosses. Land on the helicopter landing pad. Note: There can be absolutely no damage to the building when doing this. Next, very carefully walk around on the top. Jump a few times if you must. You will fall through it onto a second story inside the building. There is no advantage to this other than hiding; or if you have damage or need to cool off. To escape, walk around on the little floor until you fall out of the building.

Glitch: Size Matters: Kill Mech while it is frozen
When in the elemental after you have gotten past the Power Armors and hopped across the lava islands, you will reach a point before you should hop again. You will see a stone ledge. From the stone ledge, you will see a rock wall from which a Mech will appear. Before Foster gives you the message that the Mech is coming, jump jet onto the top of the wall. You will see the Mech standing there. Go ahead and fire on the Mech until it is destroyed it will not fight back. You can then continue. You will still get the message that the Mech is coming, but it will not appear. You can then complete the mission Mech free.

Glitch: Size Matters: Destroy Mechs early
In the last part of Size Matters, you will reach the mech. base. Do not destroy the building that opens the gate. Instead, go to the right and you will find a hill. Try to get as high as you can. This will allow you to jump jet over the wall. Foster will still say something, but the level will not end. You can destroy the Mechs if desired. To leave, just jump on to the weakened wall section then jump out. When do go in through the gate, the Mechs will be standing there (if you destroyed them) as if nothing happened.

Glitch: Wolf In Sheep's Clothing: Kill two Atlases while they are frozen
Go though the door that the two Atlases are guarding. The woman will tell you to go to the base so she can access the database. Instead of doing that, look back at the base. Go left slightly and you should find a small gate. Jump jet on the small gate. You must do this because you need the extra boost to get over the big gate. Jump jet over the big gate and the two Atlases are still there, but they will not fire at you. Kill the two Atlases and take their power-ups. You cannot go though the door in the gate and you cannot jump over the gate again. Face the big gate, then go left. There should be a pack of trees nearby. Go there, then go all the way to the end. Go as close as you can to the rock and walk up to the hill until you just slide down. Use your jump jets to go on the huge rock. Once your jets refill. jump jet from the rock to the other side of the gate. You should now be back on the other side, where the two Belials are located. Do not fire at them -- they still think you are good. Go to the base and let the database get accessed. When the Belial approaches and says "Friendly Thor please give your identification code or you will be fired upon", the two Atlases will no longer appear. You can now kill the two Belials easily without dying.

Note: This trick works much easier if you stand on the top of the huge door that the Atlases are guarding, then snipe them instead of jumping down and back over.

Glitch: Wolf In Sheep's Clothing: Blocked door
Go though the level as usual. When you get though the door that the two Atlases are guarding, the woman will tell you to go to the base so that they can access the database. When the timer starts, go to the door that you went though and stand in front of it. When the Belial says "Friendly Thor, please give your identification code or you will be fired upon", the two Atlases will not appear because you are blocking the way.

Glitch: Floating tanks
Go to a bridge that tanks cross. Fire at the tanks and kill destroy them. Next, shoot down the bridge. When you look back at the bridge, you will see the tanks' remains floating in mid-air.

Glitch: Wall walking
To wall walk, you have to line the side of your Mech's head up with a wall. Note: The wall cannot be too steep or this will not work. If the wall is on the left side of your Mech, press the "Left Analog-Stick Forward" then [Left Analog-stick Left], and keep repeating that in a pattern. If it is a wall to your right, then do the same except substitute [Left Analog-stick Right] instead of [Left Analog-stick Left]. You must time your rhythm differently for each Mech; practice is required. Once you get your rhythm correct, you will walk up and across the wall.

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