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Apr. 15, 2006
Author: JPaterson46KB
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Cheat mode
The following codes have no effect until you have collected the indicated number of "Platinum" awards to unlock them. When this is done, the code will be revealed and can be used in any single player level in the game. However, codes cannot be enabled while trying to attain a "Platinum" award to unlock other codes.

Golden Gun
Unlocked by getting 1 "Platinum" award. Pause game play, then press [B], [Y], [A], [B], [Y].

Improved battery
Unlocked by getting 5 "Platinum" awards. Pause game play, then press [B], [X]x2, [A], [B].

Double damage
Unlocked by getting 9 "Platinum" awards. Pause game play, then press [B], [Y]x2, [X], [B].

Unlocked by getting 13 "Platinum" awards. Pause game play, then press [B], [Y], [A], [Y], [X].

Full battery
Unlocked by getting 15 "Platinum" awards. Pause game play, then press [B], [Y]x2, [A], [B].

All weapons
Unlocked by getting 17 "Platinum" awards. Pause game play, then press [B], [Y], [A]x2, [B].

Unlimited ammunition
Unlocked by getting 23 "Platinum" awards. Pause game play, then press [B], [A], [X], [A], [Y].

Platinum gun
Unlocked by getting 27 "Platinum" awards. Pause game play, then press [B], [X]x2, [B], [A].

Completion bonuses
Successfully complete all single player levels to unlock the MI6 Combat Simulator and MI6 Survival Test bonuses.

Bond gadgets
Successfully complete the indicated level to unlock the corresponding Bond gadget.
EMP Grenade: The Pontchartrain Bridge
Frag Grenade: Ground Zero
Network Tap: Diavolo's Plan
Q-Cloak: Sand Storm
Q-Spider: Sand Storm
Q-Spider Dart: Diavolo's Plan
Q-Spider Explosive: A Show of Force
Q-Spider Nano: Diavolo's Plan
Rappel: Ground Zero
RC Car: Sand Storm
Sleeper Dart: Sand Storm
Strobe Grenade: Sand Storm
Thermovision: Ground Zero
Multi-player characters
Get the following number of points to unlock the corresponding character in multi-player mode.
003: 290 points.
Baron Samedi: 50 points.
Diavolo Moscow: 400 points.
Egypt Commander: 90 points.
Egypt Guard: 180 points.
Hazmat Guard: 110 points.
Katya Jumpsuit: 320 points.
Le Rouge: 260 points.
Miss Nagai: 450 points.
Moscow Guard: 230 points.
Mya: 130 points.
Odd Job: 70 points.
Serena: 350 points.
Serena alternate: 430 points.
South Commander: 210 points.
Interview with the cast
Watch the credits and wait for the end (which takes awhile). At the end it seems like the Everything or Nothing introduction with the Mya song starts. Actually when the glass breaks, John Cleese's face appears and that is the interview. If you do not want to watch all of the credits, just press [A] when it starts to skip through it.
Eliminating enemies quickly
While you are facing a lot of enemies, press [L] to aim and shoot with [R]. Continue to press [L] and you will go from enemy to enemy, weakening each without eliminating one by one. You can also do that and dodge shots if they get a chance to shoot you by pressing [B].

Dart Gun
When you get the Dart Gun from Q, he says it will knock out your enemies for a few hours. However, it will actually kill them in one hit, just like the Golden Gun. Note that it does not have a long range. Save the gun until you are low on health or are surrounded; it is very useful.

Glitch: Kiss Kiss Club: Pretend gun
After opening the door in the Kiss Kiss Club, kill all the guards. Before you go into the door, put away your weapon. When you see the intermission sequence, you will actually see Bond holding his hand up with an imaginary gun in it. He will still pull his finger back and you will see the gun move.

Glitch: Pontchartrain Bridge: Float on

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