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Nov. 29, 2006
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Unlimited ammunition
Press [R], [L], [A], [Up], [Down], [B], [X], [R]x2 during game play.

All weapons
Press [R], [L], [Up], [Down], [A], [Up], [X], [A] during game play.

Level select
Press [R], [L], [Up], [Down], [X], [Y], [B] at the main menu.

God mode
Press [R], [L], [Up], [Down], [A], [R], [L], [Black], [White] during game play.

Full heal
Press [R], [L], [Up], [Down], [A], [Up], [Down] during game play.

Lethal charge
Press [L], [R], [Up], [Down], [A], [Black]x2 during game play.

Slow motion
Press [R], [L], [Up], [Down], [A], [Up], [L] during game play.

Toggle gravity
Press [R], [L], [Up], [Down], [A], [L]x2 during game play.

Megaforce mode
Press [R], [L], [Up], [Down], [A], [R]x2 during game play. Restart the level to remove its effect.
Silenced Ballers gun
Successfully complete a level with a "Silent Assassin" rank.

Sawed-off shotgun
Successfully complete a level with a "Silent Assassin" rank twice.

Using the Methoxyfluorane (Anesthetic)
Equip the Anesthetic and go to your target person. Hold "[Fire]" as long as desired. While using it, you will automatically use two bottles, or if held longer, you can use three to five bottles. Each bottle will result in one minute of unconsciousness. Be careful or he will tell the guards about you. You can also take their clothes, but if they wake up without them they will tell the guards.

Start the level by running into the city and move in a general direction to the left until you reach a building. On your map, this is the bottom right building with a silver icon. Go in there and a man will talk to you. After that, walk up behind him (there is no need to sneak), and use some Anesthetic on him. Take his clothes then get out of the building. Then, go to your map. Note: This is very hard to describe in detail because the position of the agent is different each time. Look for the small red weapon pick-up icon. Go in, and a man sitting at a chair will fire two shots in the air, but no one will be alerted. After the intermission sequence, look at your map and find the yellow icon that is stationary (another one will be moving). The stationary icon will be somewhere in one of the two main plaza areas. Wherever the stationary icon is, go into the storage thing under it, and go up the stairs. Sneak up on the man at the window and Fiber Wire him. Take his Sniper Rifle, and take out the other yellow icon. Then, take pictures of the two dead men. Take the pictures back to the agent, and follow your map to the exit.

Anathema: Urinating guard
Equip a sniper rifle and watch the door directly in front of you. If you watch long enough, a guard will appear and walk to the trees on the left side of the door and urinate. Do not shoot him too soon or you will miss the funniest part.

At The Gates: Custom W2000 rifle
Use the following trick to get the W2000, which is best sniper rifle (the only one that is silenced). Start the mission with a rifle and take out the guards in your sight. Follow the road and be ready for the "Sniper has acquired target" message. After this, quickly run back a few yards, and he will probably lost you. The snipers are at towers to your left. At your left it is a hill that helps give you cover. The first sniper at the tower at the right is an easy target. After him, you will see another one at a higher tower. Do not shoot him. Walk back and save the game. His rifle is very fast and powerful. Use your sniper rifle to shoot him, but do not try to kill him with a headshot. You must hit him lower than his rifle. If done correctly, you will see him dropping his rifle out the window while falling back. Do not run to take it, as another sniper is at a tower to your left. Use your map to find him. Kill him, then find the rifle. It is a custom version of W2000 with very powerful shot and is silenced. You can kill multiple enemies with one shot. Note: Do not stop trying if he does not drop the rifle; try to hit him at the correct spot.

Basement Killing: Easy Silent Assassin rank
You need to bring Anesthetic. Once you have started the level, go into the men's restroom. It is located on the left side of the map. If you look closely on the sign near the door, it should read "Gentlemen". Once inside, wait in any stall except the last one until the delivery boy enters to urinate. While he is doing so, sneak up behind and use your Anesthetic. Take his clothes and drop all of your guns in a different stall. Keep your Fiber Wire. Then, go to the food court. Go to the window and wait for the delivery boy to give you a pizza. Once you have it, go to the elevator while staying as far away from the guards as much possible. Once you are down there, go to the second basement and pick the lock. Once you are down there, watch out for chips on the floor. The man at the computer will hear them. After you get past the chips, strangle the man with the Fiber Wire. Then, head back upstairs and return to the bathroom. Change your clothes and hide in the stall with your guns. You must hide because once you get back up, the delivery boy should be telling the guards about someone taking his clothes. Wait for the police to stop entering the bathroom. Once this happens, go into the place with your stash. Go into it and get the Smoke Bomb. Then, go to the laundry room and drop the bomb into the chute. Next, go outside the fire department and wait until all the fireman have exited. Because of the Smoke Bomb, the fire alarm should have gone off. When they are out, go in, change into the fireman outfit, and grab an ax. Then, run down the fire stairs and enter the office where the stairs are to get to your target. Once there, use the fire ax or the gun in the cabinet to destroy the computer. Once that is done, go into the elevator.

You will only need the Anesthetic, 9mm SD, and the Fiber Wire. You will start in the little "booth". Check your map to see where the Hitman symbol is located and go to the area. Before going in the door, check your map to see if there are any guards walking in that room. If there are no guards, go in. Open locker #137 and only take the Smoke Bomb. Walk to the clothes shaft and drop the 9mm SD down one of them (while not being seen by any guards). Next, check your map and go to the men's bathroom on the other side of the level. Go in the bathroom stall that is second from the right. Stay there until the pizza delivery boy walks in. Then, go into sneak mode and use all five bottles of Anesthetic on him when he is going to the bathroom. You may want to shut the door before taking his clothes. Save the game at this point. Leave all your guns in one of the bathroom stalls. Go to the elevator, through the metal detectors. Take the elevator down to the basement. Walk to where the 9mm SD that you dropped down the shaft earlier is located. Take it, then walk to the area the kill target is at. Once you have picked the lock at the very bottom of the stairs, sneak all the way to the "Kill target". Be careful not to step on the potato chips, as this will alarm him. Stand behind him with the Fiber Wire and use it. Drag his body behind the desk. Save the game at this point. Drop the Smoke Bomb in this room. Stand outside of the police office for a short while. Once the fire alarm goes off, wait till the police run out of the office. Shoot the computer all the way to the left. Then, run into the elevator.

You are not required to bring anything with you (except Fibre Wire which is automatically selected) for this trick. As soon as you start, run to the guards quarters which is around the corner to your right. As you enter, wait the for guard that is in there to enter the room on the left and for the door to shut. Quickly run into the room on your right. Open locker 137 and take all of the contents. Quickly leave, making sure that you have holstered the pistol. Go into the gentlemen's toilets, which are located behind the first door on your right as you leave the guard's room. Enter one of the stalls and use the Smoke Bomb. From this point on, speed is essential. Leave and run to the fire department room at the other side of the building. When the fire alarm sounds, all of the firemen will run out of the fire departmen. Make sure all of the firemen have left (using map or counting either five or six of them). Then, run into the room they just vacated and change into the fireman's outfit. This may cause your alert meter to flash. If it goes red, it could be a problem later. Note: Try to get as close up to the locker as possible; this hides you from whatever it is that that sees you. Pick up a fire ax and leave. Run through the metal detectors and to the elevator. Enter it and ride down to the basement. If you have done this quickly enough, the fire alarm should still be on (but cannot be heard from basement). There should be at most one guard there. Go to the stairs to the lower basement. Drop your ax down the stairs, and shoot the surveillance computer with your 9mm SD. Then, run down the stairs picking up the ax on the way, so that the guards will not see it when they return. Drop your ax near the door and pick the lock to the room. Although this is slow, sneak your way to the target, avoiding the crisps which will make a noise if stepped on. Kill the target with the Fibre Wire. After the intermission sequence, run back to the door (and pick up your ax if desired). This is where you have a problem. Up above in the room where the elevator is located are at least two guards. If you did not get a red bar while changing into fireman clothes, then this is a lot easier. If you did, do not worry. You might want to save your game at this point. Run back up to the stairs through the door and into the elevator before the guards realize that you are there. If your alert bar flashes red, you may not get the Silent Assassin rank, because you are only allowed one close encounter. If you did not get Silent Assassin, check the stats at the end, There should only be one close encounter, if any.

Basement Killing: Getting the pizza rank
When the level starts, immediately run to the brown boxes and wait for the guard to go up the little "hill". Run towards the water and stay along it. Go into the sewer and look at your map. Find the way up the stairs. When you get there, do not go up the steps. There should be four walls that stick out. Find the one that is the darkest and go through it. Then, go up the ladder and head right into the room. Go left and keep running to the next room. The doctors will run, but just keep going. When you cannot go through any more doors, look on the bed and change into the clothes quickly. Go out the way you came from quickly and run. Some of the doors on your right have bathrooms. Find the one that does not have one. Walk out calmly and go to the supply room. Get the door key then go to where the lady you are supposed to kill. When you arrive, there should be two people sitting down. Wait for the nurse to get up and talk to you. Follow her up the stairs and she will take you to the lady in the green. Wait for the nurse to leave and the lady in the green goes to the window. While she is still talking, go up behind her and cut her throat or strangle her. After she dies, drag her out the door and watch out for any patients or innocents. Go straight across the circle so the guards do not see you. Go to the door on the right and put her inside. Walk out calmly and go back all the way you came from. When you reach the end of the sewer where you first entered, watch out for any guards that may be present. When it is clear, run to your motorboat, still in your doctor's clothing.

Start by dropping any rifle that you have and equip, then holster, your Anesthetic. Wait for the nearest bodyguard to go to the nearest narrow passage. Run to the helicopter landing site and go into the sewers. Watch out for the bodyguard patrolling it. Run to the end of the sewers but do not go up the ladder, as the guards will see you. On your right while facing the ladder is a passage. Go there. Watch out for bodyguards, nurses, doctors, or patients that are going your way. Save the game. If you get through this, go to the room on your right. With luck, there will be no one there. If there is, wait for the doctor to go away. Alternately, sneak by the crouch behind him not using anything; he will not even notice you and go away. Go to the last room and change into the doctor's clothes. Walk to the place with the Hitman symbol. Get the door key and poison. Bodyguards will not notice your disguise. Go to the place where Dr. Von Kamprad is located and talk to her. Poison her water first, and when she returns to drink her water she will die. Immediately drag her to the room with the symbols. Walk to your boat and you will receive a Silent Assassin rank without using your weapons. Note: Use the Anesthetic was in emergency situations.

Assassin rank
You need Anesthetic for this trick. As you start the level by the elevator, drop you axe and look at your map. You will see a room to your left side with an attention point. Move to the door on your left side, but do not open it. Wait until the guard moves aside, then open the door and move calmly towards the room. Pick the lock and open the door. Grab the keycard and save the game. Get out of the room and knock out the guard with the Anesthetic. Take his clothes and hide his body in one of the bathrooms. No one will find him there. Look at your map and you will see a room directly in front of the server room. Its door is marked red. Run towards that door and make sure that the guard does not see you. When you reach the door, open it with your keycard and put a bullet in the server cooler. This will overheat the server and cause the administrator to run towards the server room and enter it. When he does so, enter the room after him before the door is locked again. Knock him out with the Anesthetic, plant the bug, then calmly get out of the room. Save the game at this point. Run towards the great window leading to the skybridge. Smash it by puting a bullet into it. Ignore the guards outside and just run towards the exit to complete the level.

You will need a silenced pistol and Anesthetic for this mission. As soon as you start, go into the room to your left that has a "!" blinking in it. This one is the closest blinking one next to you on your map. Once inside, shoot the camera aimed at the coffee pot. Then, go back into the elevator and get the Anesthetic ready. Watch your map for the system administrator to walk into the room with the camera that you shot. While he is standing looking at the camera, sneak up behind him and use all five slots of Anesthetic on him. You only have about five minutes to complete the next part; and must be quick. It is difficult, so run when you can. Take his clothes as soon as he is out cold. Run to his office and grab the key card. His office should be the room with the "!" in it on the far left of the map. Run to the office that has a "!" blinking in it with the yellow door. This room should be at the top of your map; it is the left room (and not the right one). Plant the bug on the computer server. Run to the big window and shoot it with your silenced pistol. Then, run all the way to the exit. It will be difficult with the guards there, but by now the administrator is waking up and about to tell the guards someone took his clothes. The trick for this mission is not to get noticed or shoot anyone. Also, in order to walk faster, walk backwards.

Hidden Valley: Getting the custom Assassin rank
Run down the road that the Agency's pickup is down, heading west until you see a man wearing a tuxedo walking towards you. Knock him out with the Anesthetic and hide his body around the wall. Take his clothes and grab the invitation. Go to the front gate and show the guard your invitation. He will let you in. Go through the front door and go into the ballroom. Wait until General Zuphikov walks past the maid's room, then kill him with the Fiber Wire. Drag his body into that room. It is the one next to the maid's room, closest to the ballroom door. By now, the German ambassador should be walking up to the office on the second floor, alone. Follow him, and when he gets to the office, knock him out with the Anesthetic. Take his combination and use it to open the safe. Take the briefcase and go back downstairs. Walk out the front door and go through the front gate. Run back to your boat, and you should complete this level with a Silenced Assassin rank.

When you start, chloroform the waiter. Take his clothes and his key. Go to the agency pick-up and get the poison. Enter the right gate entrance (not the center one). Enter through the garage door. Carefully walk past the guards through the hallway and go into the kitchen. Get the champagne glass. Exit through the first door on the left. Go to the top of the stairs on the left. Put the poison into the glass. Enter the main room and wait for the general. Walk up to him and he will take the poisoned glass. He will cough and run into the bathroom. Follow him and watch him vomit to death. Then, carefully go upstairs and enter the secret entrance to the second floor balcony (go up the left staircase, go in south left south door, walk into the wall right in front of you, then open the door). Be careful, because there will be guard, a W2000 sniper rifle and a guest's clothes. Quickly put on the clothes and leave without the guard seeing you. Ignore the sniper rifle. Buy now the Spetsnaz has held up the ambassador. Quickly go to where the agent and the ambassador are located. Go into the connecting room. Sneak in behind the Spetsnaz agent and Fiber Wire him, slit his throat, or shoot him in the back of the head with the silenced 9mm; make sure he dies quickly. If he is not already dead, chloroform the ambassador. Get the suitcase and leave through the front door, then exit through the gate you first entered (not the center one) and proceed back to the boat.

Your objectives are to eliminate the general and to retrieve the suitcase. In this mission, there is also a Spetnaz agent trying to retrieve the case. Do not eliminate him unless he tries to kill you or gets to the suitcase before you. If you kill him, you will not get the Silent Assassin rank. When the mission starts, immediately run up the stairs and take out the Fiber Wire. Sneak up to the waiter who is smoking. After you strangle him, drag his body and hide it behind the nearby dumpster. Take his clothes and a key then run up to the open road. Check your map and you will notice the agency pickup is hidden in an alley. Run towards it. Do not worry about being spotted, as you are in disguise. Pick up the poison and anything else you need. Then, check your map and you will notice that a guest is arriving on the far end. Run towards the guest and hide in the alley behind him. With perfect timing, you can strangle him. Hide his body without being noticed. This may require a few attempts. When you finally succeed, take his tuxedo and invitation. Then, walk towards the gatekeeper. With your invitation, he will let you in. Walk towards the entrance and enter the building. There will be two staircases and a huge door which leads to the party, However, instead look for a small side door which leads down to the kitchen. Go down and through the kitchen, ignoring the cook. Then, pass the bodyguards and look for a small room on the side. Go inside and you will find another waiter's suit and a 9mm pistol with ammunition. Put on the suit then go back to the kitchen. Take a champagne glass and go up the stairs. Without anyone noticing, poison the glass. Your objective is to kill the general and retrieve the suitcase. Go into the party hall and walk towards the general. He will take the glass and drink it, then run outside. Your first objective is now complete. Now, look for the ambassador (marked as a VIP on the map). He will go up the stairs. Follow him. Then, follow him into a room with a safe. When he opens the safe and turns his back, strangle him and take the brief case. Hide it in any other room on the same floor. Then, run back all the way tp the kitchen without being noticed. Go into the room where you found the waiter's suit. Change back into the tuxedo then rush back into the room where you hid the case. If you run into any trouble with the Spetnaz agent, eliminate him with the silenced 9mm pistol and hide his body. Take the case and rush out of the building without being noticed. Run back to the starting point of the mission to end it.

Invitation To A Party: Getting the Sniper Rifle
If you want to pick up the Sniper Rifle and the suitcase at the same time, holster any weapons you may be carrying and pick up the suitcase. It should be in your left hand. Then, pick up the rifle and you will drop the suitcase on the ground. Take out you 9mm SD and the rifle should go into your left hand. Holster you 9mm SD, then pick up the suitcase. You now have the suitcase in your left hand, and have shifted the rifle to your right. You can even use the rifle with one hand.

Get the briefcase but do not kill the general. Instead, run to your boat and drop the briefcase directly next to it. Go back, kill the general, then get the rifle. Next, go up to your boat the mission will be completed. Try different positions for the briefcase if you do not get it the first time.

Invitation To A Party: Secret entrance
Do all the necessary objectives and go to the second floor of the level. Take the left set of stairs and turn left. If you look closely, you will see a keyhole. Open the door and go to the narrow passage. Be careful because there is a bodyguard here. This secret area contains a W2000 rifle, some sniper ammunition, and guest clothes.

Invitation To A Party: Saving the rank
When the level starts, immediately hop over the railing next to you and enter the door. Go towards the two double doors that lead to the elevator hallway but do not go through either of them. Stand between them, next to the potted tree. If you are in the correct location, the guards will not see you when they enter. Once they have passed, calmly walk through the double doors and toward the Jacuzzi room. Enter it and stand behind the screen so that the bikini guards cannot see you. Wait for them to go to the bathroom then sneak up and rope Charlie Sidjan with the fiber wire. Quickly drag his body towards the door and position him and yourself so that when the door opens you will be hidden behind it. When the girls re-enter the room they will not see you. After they walk by, drag Charlie into the bathroom across the hall. By doing this, the girls will not find his dead body immediately. A male guard should now be heading your way. If desired, open the door and chloroform him as he turns and walks back from the end of the hall. Hide his body in the bathroom as well. Next, walk straight to the piano room where the expensive statue is, but do not take it. Exit the doors and wait outside, watching your map. When the computer woman turns around (green circle on map), enter her room then sneak up behind her when she has the wall safe open. Feed her some chloroform and take the money in the safe. Leave her body there -- no one will see it. Exit the other door in the room and cross the hallway to the next room. Smash the fuses so the power goes out. Head back, grab the statue, then wait for the technician to arrive in the elevator. Stay out of his sight. When he exits the elevator and heads for the fuse box, walk into the elevator and get your Silent Assassin rank. Note: You can optionally chloroform the second male guard in the dark when he cannot see you. Also, if you cannot see in the dark, turn up your brightness on your screen or get the nightvision (difficult to use) near the statue.

Kirov Park Meeting: Easy Silenced Assassin rank
Walk over to get the sniper rifle that the agency dropped off for you. There is a building across from here that has stairs that only go up one story. Make sure you do not get spotted with the rifle in your hand and make you way to those steps, but do not go up them. Use them to hide behind. Set your aim to where you are still behind the stairs and have the last bit of road that the limousine will get to before entering the castle gates in view. This should leave you with a good shot at your target. Once you have scored the shot, drop the rifle and walk calmly to the exit. It may take a few attempts to hit the target. Note: Kneeling helps.

When you start this level, it is recommended that you bring a 9mm SD. Start by walking normally to the agency drop-off and get the .50 caliber sniper rifle. Holster it, then run and duck behind the boxes next to the street. Keep checking your map until there are no guards on the street in front of you. Once the street is clear, run across the street to the building with the stairs behind it. Position yourself on the steps so that you have a good view of the road, but the guards cannot see you from the street. Kneel down, and once the note that the motorcade has reached the gates appears, save the game. Zoom in with the rifle and shoot the target through the window of the limo. Immediately drop your rifle and walk around the area. Find a hiding location near the MP guards. Eventually the sound of the machine guns will die down. This indicates that the MP guards have all shot each other. Quickly run to where the MP guards were located and pick up an M4. Run as fast as you can to the exit, because there will probably be one or two MP guards remaining who will chase you once you pick up the M4. If you run into a regular guard on the way to the exit, either avoid him or kill him with one shot to the head. If it is an MP guard, just keep going. If done correctly, you will get a "Silent Assassin" rank and have an M4 in your gun hut.

Motorcade Interception: Getting the Murder At The Bazaar: Easy completion
Equip any silenced guns, the Crossbow with at least three arrows, and the AK-47. When you start, you will be near the entrance to the bazaar. Get into sniper mode while using your Crossbow. Zoom in as far as you can and you will see the Colonel coming around the corner. Snipe him in the head, then quickly run to the backdoor of LT.'s House. Quickly unlock his door. To do this, open your map and look at it quickly. Crouch, then silently open the door and close it. Ready your .22, 9mm Silencer, or Silverballer .45 Surpressed. Crouch, climb the stairs, and look up. Get a good shot at the LT.'s head and shoot. If done correctly, he will not be disturbed if you miss and hit the upper floor. Quickly run to his bedroom and pick up the coordinates. If you check your map, two guards will walk in and stay on the first floor, talking. Drag the LT. to the left side of the bed and wait for them to leave. Go out the same way used to enter. A guard should be walking towards the map's right from the back door. Kill the guard. Use his clothes and your/his AK-47 for disguise. Drag it to a hidden location. There is one with boxes near the back of the LT's house. If you do not kill him here, wait until he is past the alley near where you started the level and kill him -- thus also making a good spot to hide his body. Next, pick up the Colonel's Key and find the exit. Note: If desired you can use the LT.'s and the Colonel's clothes, but you would probably get shot.

Murder At The Bazzar: Easy Silent Redemption At Gotranno
Your objectives are to eliminate all of Sergei's bodyguards, and to eliminate Segei Zavarothkhov. Note: You will need these weapons :SPAZ 12 Shotgun, Svd sniper, the sniper from Motorcade Interception, the sniper from the second to last mission, SMG, AK-47, 9mm pistol, revolver, Deagle, crossbow, and the Hitman Ballers. When the final mission starts, do not run out into the open or you will die. Instead ,check the map and look for two bodyguards. When they are out of range and slowly turn their backs, run up to the big door and jump down the stone stairs. Before you run to your weapon shed, look out for a sniper and time your run to the shed. When inside, equip and be ready with your Spaz 12. Crouch and wait for the door to open and the agents to run in. With one shot each, about five agents will die. After all the agents are dead, take off the Spaz 12 and take out a silenced sniper. Carefully snipe outside and look for an agent who is sniping from the monument-like building. Take him out. Now, go back inside the shed. Take every pistol you find, SMGs, and any other weapon that can be holstered. In addition, take your Spaz 12 and go into the building next to your tool shed. Open it and eliminate every agent you find. Look for a church key and enter the sanctuary. Go up the stairs and kill the two agents who are on top. Then, wait for an agent who will pop up and kill him. If you run low on ammunition, use the SMG. Next, open the door and kill the sniping agent. Then, run all the way to your weapon shed. Run back to the place where you eliminated the two agents with a good weapon. Now, run back and forth until you have three snipers, a crossbow, an AK-47 and Spaz 12 all stored with you inside the sanctuary. Then, utilize the crossbow and kill all the agents who are sniping on top. There are now lots of agents below. Carefully crouch and sniper all of them with a silenced sniper. Once all are dead, only Sergei remains. Run down and find a door which leads to the main hall. Go to the confessing chamber and shoot the heart. Sergei will run out into an open room. With your Spaz 12, wait for him to come out and give him five shots. Alternately, run to the big cross and hide behind it. Once there, out Sergei when he is vulnerable.

Redemption at Gontranno: Defeating the priest
When the mission starts and you are in the shed, enable the "All weapons" code. Then, open the door. While the priest is walking to the church you can kill him. Do not bother to shoot him, as he will not die by a bullet. Walk up behind him and use the Fiber Wire or Combat Knife.

Secret Valley: Easy Silent Assassin

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