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Apr. 15, 2006
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Nov. 25, 2005
Albion: Funny graves
Read the graves around Albion to find some funny tombstones.

Barrow Fields: Demon Door
You must be fat for this door to open. Eat lots of meat and pies in front of it to put on the weight. You get a will Master's Elixir for opening this door.

This Demon Door wants you to be fat to get in. Instead of buying a lot of food, go to the Hobbe Cave. Kill them until you have twenty to thirty Red Meat. Then, walk in front of the door, hotkey the meat, and eat. By doing this, you not only save money, but gain it and some experience.

Make sure you have a large amount of gold before you make your way into the Arena. Once you get inside, it is best to buy about 30-35 Health Potions, and an equal amount of Will Potions if you are a spell-caster. Purchase the best armor your budget will allow, if you do not have any already. The shopkeeper at the Arena is one of the best to buy armor from. Having good weapons (for example, a Flame and Silver-Augmented Ebony Greataxe, an Ebony Katana, and Oak Crossbow) whether you are a warrior, archer, or spell-caster will be imperative. You will face Hornets in the first round. Take them out with your katana. Second round is Hobbes. A few well-placed dodges and a decent thrashing with your katana will take care of them in a quick manner. The next round is Balverines. You will need a Silver Augmented weapon, preferably one with large damage, such as an axe. Balverines are weak to silver. If your Strength skills are not quite up to par, you may have a difficult time. Thrash your way through the beasts, using the twirling blades at the sides of the ring to your advantage whenever possible. Use the same strategy for the Undead. The axe will work better for the Zombies, as they are slower than the Balverines. When it is time for the Bandits, use your katana and bow whenever possible. You will find the axe extremely difficult to wield here, as the Bandits are fast. For the Earth and Stone Beasts, dodge their boulders until Whisper can cause a distraction to one of them. Using your axe, thrash them as long as possible, until they slam their fists down, in which case simply dodge backwards. Repeat this process until the first one is defeated, then use the same tactics on the remaining monster. In the final round you will fact a Giant Scorpion. This is easier than it appears. Use Whisper to distract it whenever possible. If your Archery skills are competent, shoot it with a well-charged arrow while it charges up for its underground attack. If not, just run up to it and give it a good thrashing with your katana. Its attacks are fairly easy to dodge, but stay as far away from it as possible. If it gets you on the ground, it is difficult to get up. Repeat this until it is defeated.

Bowerstone South: Easy money
Use the following trick to cheat at the card pairing game and get a lot of gold. When you first go to Bowerstone, go to the bar and find the man sitting at a table. Talk to him and start a game of card pairing. Note: Save your game first. Bet as much as you can (the maximum bet is 1,000). When the game starts, flip a card and immediately remove your controller. The game will pause. Write down the card number and where it is. Reinsert your controller and repeat for all the cards until you win. It is possible to win about 20,000 in a few hours. You will also win a doll if you beat the time, and get a doll collecting quest.

Join the Fist Fighters Club in Bowerstone South. When you are finished with a fight session, leave that area before the leader then go back in the Quay. Notice that the club is starting back up again. If you are good, you will get about 300 gold each time.

When in Bowerstone South and you have at least level 4 in Guile and the Steal ability, go to the weapons smith's shop. Wait until people are not looking. When you are clear, steal his weapons until you see weapons that have red handles and black blades. These weapons are Obsidian weapons that sell for a nice amount of gold. When you steal these weapons, immediately sell them back to the smith. When you turn back around to the tables, the Obsidian weapon will have instantly reappeared on the table, waiting to be stolen again.

This trick requires owning a house. When you own the house, fix it up, then rent it. During the day, sleep in the bed six times. Then, go outside to find three money bags with 205 gold. This will happen repeatedly, as long as you rent.

Their will be a house for sale close to the Bowerstone Quay. Buy it, and upgrade it has much as possible. You should then be able to hang one of your trophies on the wall to the right, once you enter the house. Hang your most expensive trophy, then sell the house. After you sell the house, the door will close. Break it down and get your trophy back. Then, buy the house again -- it should cost about 4,100 gold. Hang your trophy, sell the house and repeat. The more your trophy is worth, the more money you will get each time.

Go to the clothing shop. The shopkeeper will be to your left when you walk in. Turn right, and there should be a display of an item. Go to the corner of the room and get as close to the item as possible without being seen. Keep selling and stealing the items this way. Some may be worth more, and some less. If you do not like what is there, save the game and reload, A new item will be there. Also, the more difficult the item is to steal, the more it is worth. Note: You must have the Steal ability and Guile.

In the Bowerstone armor shop, there is a shelf that usually has leather on it. The shelf is on the part that holds up the stairs. Stand in the corner where you can barely see the counter. Get close enough to the shelf to where you can steal from it. The shopkeeper should not be able to see you. Steal what is there, then sell it to back to him. The item should be back on the shelf, allowing you to steal it again. Note: Sometimes people will come into the shop. If this happens, immediately stop then try to steal it again after they leave.

This trick requires the Jack's Mask trophy, which is obtained by defeating Jack at the end of the game. Purchase the house in Bowerstone South for about 1,400 gold. Then, purchase all the decoration upgrades for the house. Next, place the Jack's Mask trophy on the trophy board on the wall. Then, break the door and sell the house. Go back inside the house and retrieve the trophy. Then, buy the house again and repeat. Each time you do this, you should gain at least 2,000 gold.

Bowerstone South: Key
Go onto the upstairs porch of one of the houses across from the item seller.

Bowerstone South: Easy experience
At night, go to Bowerstone Quay and you will see some shirtless men. They are the Fist Fighters Club. The following trick will work on anybody except the leader of the Fist Fighters Club, Rund (the only person of interest; a green dot on the map, besides the old man). Start hitting someone until you can use a flourish. Then, hit someone with one, who will then fall to the ground. When they are on the ground their feet should be at yours. Move around then so that their head is your feet. When they get up, their back should be to you. Start punching them. This should increase your Strength experience. Although it does take a long time, it is well worth it. It is possible to get 10 Strength experience points on each hit. Also, when your combat multiplier gets high, it is a good time to use your Ages Of Might, Skill, or Will potions. They give more experience with a higher combat multiplier.

Use the following trick to get dark points and strength experience relatively easily. Buy the house that is for sale and get married, or get someone on the balcony in the upper floor of the house. Then, target them and keep hitting them. The guards will not see you, as long as you do not stop to let the person leave. You will get one dark point every time you hit them, and your multiplier will keep increasing as long as you hit them. It takes about thirty minutes to get the points high, but it is well worth it, allowing you to easily get more than 150,000 strength experience points.

Note: This also is a way to get revenge against the man in the slums that made get your hair trimmed so that you look like an idiot, as well as mastering all of your physical traits when you first start the game. At the end of that quest, when you have completed your "look" and talk to him and he admits his joke, press [X]. Do this as soon as the conversation ends so that he does not move. Then, repeatedly press [X] as long as desired. He cannot die, and you can do this to your heart's content. Your multiplier gauge will rise continuously, and after about an hour, you will have more experience points than needed to master all of your skills. It is possible to get every physical stat mastered and be completely Evil before starting the second main quest. Note: Do not do this if you want to be Good.

Get a girl to follow you in Bowerstone, then take her to the Bowerstone quarry. Repeatedly punch her. You can increase your combat multiplier and get a large amount of Strength experience points. She will never die. You can also try this with a man, but he can block. To attack him, you need to hit him the back without him turning around.

Cemetery: Demon Door
The door in the Cemetery quest only opens after you find Nostro's armor.

Cemetery: Easy experience
Save all of your Ages Of Might, Skill, and Will Potions until you get to the old graveyard path. Turn on a physical barrier and slash away at the undead. It is possible to get your combat multiplier over 50. When you have killed them all, go to your equip screen and drink the Ages Of Might, Skill, and Will Potions. You will get 100 experience times whatever number you combat multiplier is on. You can pull in well over 40,000 experience points on this quest.

Max out Life Steal and go to the Lychfield Cemetery. Life Steal will hit multiple targets and will not do as much damage, hence a higher combat multiplier. Life Steal is somewhat ineffective against undead enemies. Use all the experience boosting potions at once.

Cemetery: Pirates Of The Caribbean reference
Near the center of Lychfield Cemetary, slightly hidden behind a bush, is a grave for "Captain J. Sparrow".

Cliffside Path: Easy experience
After you save your mother, there will be an endless series of undead. If you use your physical shield, your combat multiplier can get up as high as desired. It is possible to get 450,000 general experience in about thirty minutes.

Note: This only works after you rescue your mother. Go to the old graveyard path where unlimited zombies spawn. Use a physical shield and a weapon that kills zombies in one hit. Make sure you shield does not get destroyed, and you can max out your general experience (999,999 points) in a short amount of time.

After you escape from jail and are told to activate the ancient cullis gate in Darkwood, return to the Cliffside Path on the way to the prison just before you actually enter it. Take the high path instead of the lower one. Two skeleton zombies should appear. Kill them and another two will appear. They do not stop respawning, and you can easily get up to at least 200 on the combat multiplier, to where you do not need the Ages potions. Remain there and kill them for about twenty minutes or until you reach a 100 to 200 combat multiplier. Then, teleport back to the heroes guild to reap your reward.

Darkwood: Key
Fish from the right side of the first bridge after entering Darkwood.

Darkwood: Easy money
Go to the camp where you can play blackjack (the fastest game to play). Save the game before you start playing. Max out your bet and play a few hands. The maximum bet limit is 1000. Play until you have more money than you started with, then save the game. If you lose money, just reload the saved game. You can keep saving and reloading depending on your loss or gain of money.

Darkwood: Easy Evil points
Note: To do this trick you must have already completed the Bandit mission to TwinBlade camp. First, go to the Chapel of Skorm by the Darkwood camp, then teleport to Bowerstone South. Go to the Tavern. Inside is a bodyguard. Pay him the money, then teleport back to the Chapel. Then, teleport to Ockvale and find the bodyguard at the second entrance to Ockvale. Teleport back to the Chapel. Teleport to TwinBlade camp and get the bodyguard located there. Teleport back to the Chapel and sacrifice the three bodyguards. If you sacrifice someone at a certain time and day, you will get the most powerful weapon in the game. Also, if you bring a lot of people it decreases your age by 10 years.

Darkwood Marsh: Demon Door
This door challenges you with a few Hobbes. Kill them all for it to open. Behind the door is the Will User's Dark Outfit.

Darkwood Swamp: Key
On the escort trader's quest, you will encounter a glowing rock. Shoot the hole in the top of the rock with an arrow to reveal a key.

Greatwood Cave: Demon Door
This door asks for a high combat multiplier. Your combat multiplier must be at least 15 when you talk to this door. A good plan is to have this area as your recall. Boost your multiplier on the zombies at the Grey House then teleport back here to fight the enemies in the area. Remember, Physical Shield keeps your multiplier from dropping off and Slow Time helps you avoid damage. This door leads to the Cutlass Bluetane.

This is probably the most difficult door to enter. You need an active combat multiplier of at least 14. First, you need a physical barrier (required). Then, start outside the cave by killing an Earth Troll. He is an easy opponent if you use Slow Time. Then, run into the cave. Run to the end of the cave entrance to the door that leads to the cave's main chamber. Then, run back to the cave entrance. All of the Hobbes should be following you. With your shield on, kill all the Hobbes. Again, Slow Time is very useful. Then, head out the door and kill the troll again. The first time your multiplier may be around 13, but repeat again and it should be 14. Repeat this as many times as needed.

Greatwood Cave: Easy experience
Note: This was done during the Bandit Seeress Quest. . Go to Greatwood Caves. The only enemy in the area should be an Earth Troll. It depends on where he spawns, but most of the time you can hide behind the right rock and his thrown rocks will not be able to hit you. Now that you are safely concealed, draw a longbow. Go into zoomed mode and aim into the rock where the Troll is located. You should be able to shoot through the rock and hit him. Hit him, causing as little damage as possible. With continuous little shots you should be able to clear 2,000 Skill experience points before he dies. You will also gain about 1,000 General experience points with a high multiplier. He also drops rubies and Health Potions, which you can sell for a nice profit. If he spawns toward the Greatwood Cullis Gate entrance, he can hit you while you are behind the rock -- simply kill him and re-enter the area. Repeat this as many times as desired.

Greatwood Gorge: Demon Door
This door asks you to perform a deed of great evil. A murder will suffice, or if you are playing the good storyline, eat about fifteen Vrunchy Chicks. This door leads to Wellow's War Hammer.

Greatwood Gorge: Easy money
After you complete the Hobbe Cave quest (or while doing it), go into Greatwood Gorge and walk past the bridge. You will encounter a Rock Golem. If you shoot at with your bow and arrow (so you will not get hit), or just kill him in whatever way desired, he will always drop a ruby. You can sell this ruby for about 1,000 gold, depending where you are at. If you go back and defeat him again you can get several rubies and several thousand gold within five minutes of game time. He also drops money sometimes. It is also an easy way to get experience points with your skill level if you use your bow. Make sure that when you are shooting him that you stay at the end of the bridge; he throws rocks and they may hit you if you are too close. He should go down after five to ten hits with your bow. Try to hit him in the stomach, where you will deal more damage.

Greatwood Lake: Key
Go up the hill to the right when you enter the Greatwood Lake area.

Grey House: Keys
Search her Lady Grey's bed after marrying her to find a key.

There is a fishing spot near the Demon Door at the Grey House area.

Grey House: Easy Strength experience
After marrying Lady Grey in the Mayor quest, go to her house at night. She should be in her bedroom. Lock onto her using [L] and punch her repeatedly. She will not die, and you can keep hitting her. Each punch yields one Strength experience point times your combat multiplier. Your combat multiplier will go up quickly. Once it reaches 50, you will be gaining 50 Strength experience points per punch. Note: This much easier if you back her into a crevice. It is possible to get 70,000 Strength experience points in about thirty minutes.

Guild Woods: Key
There is a fishing location in the pond in the Guild Woods.

Hero's Guild: Demon Door
Use the lantern in front of the door and it will open for you. You will receive an Elixir Of Life.

Hobbe Cave: Easy experience
Go to the Hobbe Cave and kill all the Hobbes in the entrance area. Then, go back outside and kill the Troll. You should get upwards of 1,000 general experience and about 500 Strength experience if you use melee, and about 400 Skill experience if you used arrows. Try getting Ronok the Axe first, though; it kills the little Sorcerer Hobbes in one hit.

In order to do this trick well, you will need a high amount of Will energy (at about level 4), plenty of Will Potions, and Force Push. Go to the Hobbe Caves and run around doing Force Push. You will get Will experience with every hit, and since there are so many of them and Force Push is weak, you will hit them a lot before they all die. It is possible to get as much as 5,000 Will experience plus about that much General experience just in the entrance, as well as a very high combat multiplier. Alternate between the entrance and the main chamber to rack it up.

Hook Coast: Key
Break into the lighthouse and search the cabinet near the steps to find a key.

Hook Coast: Easy experience
On the second time you go to Hook Coast, there are Screamers flying around. You can do the following trick with whichever type of character you desire, however it is best with an archer. Go to the left towards the lighthouse. Shoot and kill the Screamer at the house you can buy, then go towards the lighthouse and kill the one there. If you go just far enough (with an archer), you can turn around and the one at the house will respawn. You can kill it, then turn around again and shoot the other one and repeat the process. It is possible to get your experience multiplier over 80, and get up 150,000 experience points from both spawns. After killing about twelve in each area, get enough to max out everything and you are set. For a melee type character, you cannot get above a 30 multiplier, but you still get around 1,800 experience points every time you kill one.

Hook Coast: Easy money
As soon as you can get to Hook Coast in the storyline, there is a tavern game called Shove Ha'penny. Bid a small amount of gold so you can practice first, then start bidding 1,000 gold per game. After you move the coin to either side (they can bump each other) pull back on the Left Analog-stick until the arrow is just below the 2 point line. If you look carefully, you can see the grain of the wood making a line at about that area. If you put the tip of the arrow on that line, you should land in either the 5 or 10 point areas all the time, giving you 20 points or more every game. You are now winning 1,000 gold as fast as you can finish a game.

Hook Coast: High combat multiplier
Play the mission towards the end of the game where you travel to Hook Coast to rumble with Maze. Make sure you have Slow Time, Physical Shield and Multi Hit pumped up. You will also need about 99 Will Potions. Start the mission, and you will notice ghost-like things flying around. Some of them will respawn without limit. Use Physical Shield, Slow Time, then Multi Hit them repeatedly, using Will Potions as needed. It is possible to get your combat multiplier over 100 by doing this.

Knothold Glade: Key
Go just outside of Knothold Glade. There is a fishing spot in the large lake where you fight the white Balverine for the final time.

Knothole Glade: Demon Door
Shoot this door with a bow at least as powerful as the Ebony Bow. You get an Elixir Of Life for opening it.

This Demon Door requires that you shoot it with a bow of at least Ebony quality. Instead of buying one for over 19,000 gold, complete the Arena and gain access to Bowerstone North. If you go out the northwest gate from Bowerstone North to Bowerstone Jail, you can find an Ebony Longbow in a chest in that first screen. You will get an Elixir Of Life in here, which is definitely something you can wait until you find the free one before getting.

Knothole Glade: White Balverine Quest
You can get all of the Elixirs of Life your character can use if you open the Demon Door while doing the White Balverine Quest. However, this is not necessary since you can already get them in the Orchard Farm quest. However, you can acquire three other items. If you fish in the pond immediately after killing the White Balverine, you can get a Will Master's Elixir. If you take a right when leaving Knothole Glade in pursuit of the White Balverine, just before you step on the bridge you can get an Emerald from the chest. Then, after the second attack by the White Balverine, you can get a Silver Augmentation. Granted, you can do things such as stealing items from the village and running out before you die, then when you kill the White Balverine you will have all of those items as well. When you have killed the White Balverine you can end up with all of the experience and money so far, a Will Master's Elixir, a Silver Augmentation, and an Emerald. If you already have a bow of Ebony or Master's quality when you begin the quest, you can have an Elixir of Life as well. Use any Elixirs you found on the quest, perform a Hero Save, then load that file. You will be just outside Knothole Glade before the White Balverine mission began, and will still have your Silver Augmentation and Emerald. Note: Elixirs do not carry over in a Hero save, but their effects do. You can do this as many times as desired before taking the White Balverine's head back to Knothole Glade to end the mission.

Knothole Glade: Increase Evil alignment
If you do not mind being extremely evil after you complete the game and have the Last Sword, go to Knothole Glade and go on a killing spree. After about an hour, you will have plenty of experience and Evil points.

Knothole Glade: Easy stealing
After the "break the siege" mission in Knothole Glade, before you leave town there will be little to no guards as well as NPCs. You can go to an armory or tattoo shop and steal everything from it without anyone seeing you. This includes one or two augmentations in the armory.

Lookout Point: Key
Slash the brambles away to find a path that leads to a key.

Nostro's Cemetery: Keys
Search the tomb of Scoran Daith to find a key.

Dig up the grave of Mary Sutter to find another key.

There is a fishing spot for a key in the center of the cemetery quest.

Oakvale Cemetery: Key
Dig under the axe of the statue to find the key and a weapon.

Oakvale: Easy money
After going to Oakvale for your first time, before you do the Bandit King quest, return to the Ancient Cullis Gate. The area with the white circle is a location where the Ground Troll spawns. To trigger this spawn, go to the bridge then walk back to the circle. The troll will respond every time you do this. You can only fight one at a time. After you kill the troll, go back to the bridge and walk to the circle again. The red enemy on your mini-map is where the ground troll will appear from the ground. You can get an easy Combat-multiplier and rubies which can be sold for a lot at the Darkwood Camp and the Oakvale store.

This trick only works if you can get people to follow you. Go to Oakvale and get everyone in the town to follow you that the game will allow, even the shopkeepers. Take them all to Barrow Fields and tell them all to wait. Return to Oakvale, and all the buildings except for the tavern should be up for sale. If a few buildings are not, look for anyone you may have missed and repeat the previous steps. In order to get the tavern for sale, you must kill the tavern mini-game character that sits at the table after you take the owners out of town and leave them. Make sure the guards do not see you kill him, as you will get fined and thrown out of town. Then, just buy all the houses and shops and set them up for rent. After a few days of game time, people will start moving in and you will start collecting rent from each house, ranging from 225 to 550 gold. The two shops only give 68 and 62 gold, but the tavern will give you 750 gold. You can do this in any town, however there will be some buildings that you cannot buy.

There is a weapons shop where you can steal items on the back shelves without the owner noticing. Steal all the items then sell them back, They will reappear, ready for you to steal them again. Chainmail armor appears here frequently, which you can sell for almost 2,000 gold. You can repeat this as many times as desired, as long as you watch for anyone who might wander into the shop.

Orchard Farm: Frying Pan
The treasure clues will start you at the dock at Orchard Farm. They will lead you through the apple orchard and down the path towards the barn. At the first barn, dig in between the barn wall and the bales of hay to uncover the Frying Pan.

Orchard Farm: Key
Fish off the end of the dock where you fought the Hobbes.

Rose Cottage: Demon Door
Give this door a Red Rose for it to open. You find a Will User's Bright Robes behind the door.

This Demon Door wants a gift. A Red Rose will do just as well as an Emerald, and will only cost you 3 to 7 gold instead of over 300. You will get the Will User's Bright Robes.

Rose Cottage: Key
Dig in the center of the ring of red flowers next to the Rose Cottage.

Rose Cottage: Unlimited keys
This trick requires a spade and the ability to do the Hobbe Cave mission. Go to Rose Cottage. Outside the house is a mound of dirt surrounded by flowers. Dig in the center to find a silver key. Note: You can also go behind the house and cut down some plants to find a chest with 500 gold. After you get the key, talk to the grandma in the house. She will tell you about her grandson that is missing in Hobbe Cave and give you a "hexagon key". After this, leave Rose Cottage and go to Greatwood Caves. From here you can go into the Hobbe Cave (where your mission is located) or into Darkwood. Try to go into Darkwood and a warning will appear, stating that you are trying to leave the quest area and give you the option to press [A] to reload from before you started the quest or [B] to stay. Choose [A] to reload. The game will put you in front of the Rose Cottage area, with the silver key and the 500 gold (if you also collected it). Go back into the Rose Cottage area. If done correctly, you should be able to dig up another silver key. This process can be repeated indefinitely.

Rose Cottage: Easy money
Go to the Heroes Guild and take the Hobbe Cave mission. Then, go to Rose Cottage. Go around the back and cut down the thorny bush. Open the chest to get 500 gold. Then, teleport out of there. When prompted to leave the quest, select "Reload" and repeat.

Temple Of Avo: Gaining good alignment
In the Temple Of Avo, when you give 500 gold coins you will receive over four good deeds. If you give 1 gold coin you also receive over four good deeds.

Temple Of Avo: Donations
Donate 48,000 gold and you will get the Miracle Of Life. Five to ten years will be subtracted from your age. Donate 68,000 gold for the title Paladin. Have a single donation of 32,000 gold to receive the Sentinus, a legendary mace (255 damage).

At the Temple Of Avo, your donations must be in one donation and exact. Any more and it will be a waste, any less and you will get nothing. Note: If you want both the "Blessing Of Avo" (reduce age by five to ten years) and the Sentius Great Mace, you can only get one at a time. Your Good/Evil level also affects how much you need to "donate". You will spend less if you are 100% Evil and a lot more if your Good. For example, sacrifice four to five people at the Chapel of Skorm, then get the Bow Of Skorm, Then, donate to the Temple Of Avo and get whatever desired. Then donate 1 more Gold for the Title and another 1 Gold for the Blessing (non-specific order).

TwinBlade's Camp: Key
Go across the lake in the first area, then dig in front of the chest against the wall.

TwinBlade's Camp: Demon Door
The door outside tTwinBlade's Camp has poor vision and wants to see three friends. Dress up in these suits to fool it: Bright Plate Armor, Dark Will User's Outfit, and Thief's outfit. The Bright Plate Armor can only be bought in full in the Arena. Behind this door is the Dollmaster's Mace.

TwinBlade's Camp: Free followers
Make one of the bandits giggle twice then tell him to follow you. They can only teleport with you if you have hired a henchmen. They will fight for you at no cost. Note: If yo accidentally hit one, they will turn you. However, you can go back and get another.

Windmill Hill: Keys
Dig in the center of the ring of flowers next to the abandoned farm house.

Dig in the center of the ring of flowers next to the windmill.

Witchwood Stones: Keys
There is a fishing spot across from the Demon Door for a key.

When you teleport to Witchwood, you should see a statue somewhere on your left side. Gig at the left bottom corner when you are facing the statue to find it.

Witchwood Stones: Removing sword from stone
In Witchwood, there is a sword stuck in a stone. To remove the sword you must have 5 more Physique, 2 more Health, and 3 more Toughness than the first time to tried to remove it. The sword that is removed is the fourth hardest hitting and the fastest melee weapon in the game.

Continue game
Once you have completed the final battle, allow the credits to run until the end (about five to ten minutes. Do not touch your controller and your game will continue, where you will receive your Quest Reward, gold and experience. You can then continue the game, but will not be able to accept any Heroes Guild Quests or side quests.

Sword Of Aeons
At the end of the game, kill your sister. After the credits you can continue playing with the Sword Of Aeons.

Defeating the Rock Troll
Get as close as possible to the Rock Troll. If desired, you can use Slow Time or Assassin Rush. Then, hack away at the troll with regular attacks and flourishes. When the troll jumps in the air, hold [Y] + [Back]. This will allow you to do a backwards roll and you will not be hurt. Then, rush back in and repeat until it is defeated.

You can deflect the Rock Troll's own rocks back at him. Stand back, and wait for him to toss rocks in your direction. Time your swings correctly to send the rocks back at him, causing a large amount of damage. This is the easiest way to defeat them.

Defeating difficult enemies
During difficult fights (for example, against Bosses, demons, or a lot of enemies at once), use the mastered Lightning spell. Not only will this give you a high combat multiplier, enemies who are being electrocuted cannot move very well, and therefore cannot surround and overwhelm you.

Marrying Lady Grey
Use the following steps to find lady Grey's necklace and eventually marry her. First, you must be crowned champion at the Arena. Then, go to Bowerstone North and talk to Lady Grey. She will tell you to buy her a gift to show your affection. Buy her the black rose from the item store in the same town. Give her the gift and she will tell you that a suitor must at least have a home for her to consider marriage. Buy a home anywhere (the home in Oakvale is the cheapest, for 5,000 gold). Then, return and talk to her. She will tell you about her sister's stolen necklace. Talk to all the people of interest (green dots) in Bowerstone North. They will tell you that the necklace is in Oakvale. Go to the Oakvale Cemetery. There will be two traders talking, marked by a green dot. Hide behind the wall directly behind them. They will talk about the necklace buried between the two boats on the Oakvale beach. Go to the Oakvale beach and use the spade between the boats to uncover the necklace. Note: The spade will not be available in your quick menu; you must go to the items section in your inventory to select and use it. After the necklace is in your possession, take it to her. She will tell you that you must kill Thunder to win her heart. Thunder is not that difficult of an opponent. When Thunder is defeated you will return and she will ask for marriage. Accept, and you will have access to Bowerstone Manor, and a silver key and chest in the bedroom.

Bandit King mission
At the beginning of the mission, make sure you have the Slow Time spell. Then, kill all the guards. After that, go down the path and wait behind three large stones. After two guards pass, they will turn around. When this happens, use Slow Time and run past the last guard, staying as far away as possible. Then, just run through the door and continue the quest.

Execution Tree mission
If you pick the one where you have to help the guards, get him across. If you do not want to wait a long time, just kill the prisoner. The bandits cannot help him escape, meaning that the quest is over.

Extra maneuverability with Fireball magic
Hold [R] to access your magic, then start a Fireball with [B]. Keep holding [B], but release [R]. Your hero will assume their regular stance, yet his hand will still be lit with the Fireball. If you press [Y] to dodge, you will now be able to, and you will still have the Fireball. Release [B] to throw the Fireball. This strategy works well for letting the higher level Fireballs accumulate without much danger.

Rolling and shooting as an archer
You can roll and shoot at the same time, and when you have your speed upgraded rather high or all the way, you can start charging, roll twice, and almost have a full arrow charge and shoot it. As long as you keep pressing "Dodge/Roll", you will not be hit and still be able to attack as often as desired.

Specialty food items
Carrot: This gives you +3 Skill Exp.
Crunchy Chick: +5 Evil Points
Fish: This Gives you +3 Will Exp
Golden Carrot: Changes night into day
Moon Fish: Changes day into night
Red Meat: This gives you +3 Strength Exp.
Tofu: +5 Good Points
You can only use a certain number of Elixirs before they stop increasing their respective bar. However, they will still restore lost Health or Will. Elixirs will also not carry over if you perform a Hero save, but their effect will. If you find one during a mission and decide to restart the mission via a Hero save, use any Elixirs you found on that quest (unless you have already used enough to max out your bar). You can find an Elixir Of Health almost as soon as you are able to leave the Guild Of Heroes. It is in the pond next to the barn during the Orchard Farm quest. The earliest Will Master's Elixir that can be found during a quest is in the White Balverine quest, in the pond where you fight the White Balverine. If you collect these Elixirs while on a quest and then use them, Hero save, and load that file. You can get them repeatedly until you have gained all of their possible benefits.

Ages Of Might Potion: Might experience; changes with multiplier
Ages Of Skill Potion: Skill experience; changes with multiplier
Ages Of Will Potion: Will Experience; changes with multiplier
Health Elixir: Increases Health bar
Health Potion: Restores Health
Will Masters Elixir: Increases Will Pool
Will Potions: Restores Will Power
Legendary weapons
Name: Harbinger
Damage: 198
Class: Light
Value: 44,100
Location: Pulled out of the stone by the Temple Of Avo.

Name: The Katana Hiryu
Damage: 215
Class: Light
Value: 47,775
Location: Found in Bowerstone Mansion if you marry Lady Grey in her bedroom in a 15 silver key chest.

Name: The Cutlass Bluetane
Damage: 165
Class: Light
Value: 40,425
Location: Greatwood Cave Demon Door.

Name: Ronok the Axe
Damage: 165
Class: Light
Value: 36,750
Location: Inside Grey House Demon Door.

Name: Dollmaster's Mace
Damage: 135
Class: Light
Value: 33,075
Location: Inside Abandoned Road Demon Door.

Name: Wellow's Pickhammer
Damage: 120
Class: Light
Value: 29,400
Location: Inside Greatwood Gorge Demon Door.

Name: The Murren Greathammer
Damage: 270
Class: Heavy
Value: 66,150
Location: Found in 20 key chest at heroes guild.

Name: The Murren Greataxe
Damage: 240
Class: heavy
Value: 58,800
Location: At the top of lighthouse in Hook Coast in 15 key chest.

Name: Solus Greatsword
Damage: 314
Class: heavy
Value: 69,825
Location: Purchase at Bowerstone North

Name: The Sentinus
Damage: 225
Class: Heavy
Value: 62,475
Location: Awarded by the god Avo when you donate 32,000 gold at one time.

Name: Skorm's Bow
Damage: 264
Class: ranged
Value: 54,720
Location: Awarded by Skorm when you sacrifice enough people.

Name: Arken's Crossbow
Damage: 220
Class: ranged
Value: 50,160
Location: Found in 15 key chest at Darkwood Marshes

Note: The Frying Pan and Sword Of Aeons are both made of an unknown material.
There are some things you can do to help with boasts, but some of these will prevent you from fulfilling some other boasts.
Boast: No Protection
Description: Do the quest naked
Assist: Berserk makes you faster, and at level 2 or 3 you will not be knocked down or stunned by enemy blows.
Assist: Slow Time allows you to stay behind or away from your opponent so your lack of armor will not get you killed.
Invalidate: Physical Shield acts as armor and will cause you to fail this boast.

Boast: Fist Fighter
Description: Complete the quest without using any weapons or offensive magic.
Assist: Physique. If you are going after enemies barehanded, you want as much muscle as you can get. This also means wielding heavy weapons as often as possible.
Assist: Quickness. It helps no matter what weapon you are using, but since most unarmed attacks are weak, and do not even stun some enemies, you want to be able to hit as hard and as fast as possible.
Assist: Heal Wounds will keep you alive. You will need it unless you are a master of dodging.
Assist: Physical Shield is one of the few spells you can use, but since you do not regenerate mana when using it, you better hope this uses less mana for the damage dealt than healing does. This is recommend over Healing, unless you must also keep allies alive.
Assist: Slow Time. Because you cannot use weapons, and Healing or using Physical Shield takes a lot of mana, this helps you avoid getting hit. However, at lower levels it just is not worth the mana consumption for the time given. Level 3 at least before you rely on it during a Fist Fighter; you will want that mana for other uses.
Invalidate: Drawing a weapon, even if you do not use it.
Invalidate: Any spell except those mentioned above. Note: Even Multi Strike and Berserk, which only affect you, but aid in combat.

Boast: Don't Let (NPC) Die
Description: Keep (followers) alive until the end of the quest.
Assist: Berserk allows you to keep from reacting to enemy hits, which allows you to move over to the followers and either defeat their attackers or heal all allies within range.
Assist: Enflame hits only enemies, even if allies are within the range. Unless you are actively targeting one, your allies will not get hit. This is a useful way to knock all enemies around you away, as well as doing a hefty amount of damage at higher levels.
Assist: Lightning will hit one enemy for each level you put into it. At level 4, it can hit four enemies at once, keeping them virtually immobile, and can even decapitate bandits. The range of this spell, as well as the number of enemies it can hit, makes it a very useful way to take out numbers of enemies at range.
Assist: Heal Wounds at level 1 is practically worthless. It heals almost as much as it costs in mana. Level 2 is a big improvement; all levels increase range. Level 4 will heal over half of the hit points of nearly any ally you have, and in almost the same size radius as a level 4 Enflame, if not more.
Invalidate: Let the NPC(s) die.

Boast: Don't Let (NPC) Get Hurt
Description: Prevent (follower) from becoming injured.
Assist: Enflame. It hits only enemies and has a large range. Force Push will hit anyone, even allies within its radius.
Assist: Berserk prevents you from getting caught up in being your enemies' punching bag. You can plow any enemy out of the way and you will not be stunned by their blows.
Assist: Slow Time will allow you to reach your enemies before they can attack, get in the way of an attack to prevent your follower from becoming injured, and allow you to kill many of the threats to your follower before they can act. Level 4 is a monumental improvement over level 1 in both the time you are allowed, and the speed at which your enemies are reduced to.
Invalidate: You will fail this boast if your follower gets hit. The game may glitch and allow your follower to get hit and give you the money, but record the boast as failed. If your follower gets hit and you do not fail the quest, you will get the money but not a completed boast in your record.
Day-night cycling
There are a few places in towns where you can rest without being in danger of the guards charging you with vagrancy. If a bed or floormat reads "This does not belong to you", then you might be charged for using it.
Bowerstone South: Behind the Tavern is a shack with a floormat. It is against the wall of the tavern, not across the alley. Also, it is the shack just before the cellar doors.

Oakvale: Run to the front of the tavern, turn left, and follow the right-hand wall down to the beach. You will find a rundown building with a chest and floormat in it. This floormat is unclaimed.
Sleeping in houses without getting in trouble
Select a bed inside a house, then run out the door before morning. You will not get in trouble for sleeping in the bed.

Easy money
If you do things in the first part of the game, be it all good things or all bad things, you will be credited with an extra gold coin at the end of the mission.

Be completely evil. Marry the mayor's daughter of any town then kill the mayor somewhere in the woods, where you trick him into going. Most mayors are loaded with gold. Because you are married to the daughter, you will inherit all the money. Once you have the money, kill your wife then leave town. Note: If the mayor has any sons you must kill them before you kill the mayor, or else you could be sentenced to death, so to speak.

The easiest way to get money is to become evil. Kill people and get the gold from their money bags.

First, buy a house (for example, at a cost of 5,000 gold) and upgrade it a lot. Then, place your most expensive trophies in there (for example, Champion Seal and Bandit Seal) and sell the house. It should have sold for 8,000 gold. Then, break into the house and get your trophies back. The house should cost 5,000 gold again. Repeat this to gain 3,000 gold in profit each time.

Buy a house (for example, the one in the ice town for 56,000) and put your most expensive trophies up in the house. Sell the house for an increased value for quick money. The trick here is twofold -- if you have level 6 Guile and can Picklock, break into the now sold house, take your trophies back, and go back outside. The house will sell for the lower value again, and you will pocket the profit. If you do not have level 6 Guile, there is another way. Using the home in the ice village, you can stand inside the doorway to access the sign that allows you to sell your home with the trophies up. Once you do, the door will stay open (because you are in the doorway), allowing you to take the trophies back without having to pick the lock. Using the Champions trophy (at 2,000 gold each time), with the trophy spot sitting near the door, and having the trophy mapped to a hotkey that saves you from navigating through all the menus, you can get 2,000 gold about every ten seconds. This works faster with higher paying trophies. You can also put a trophy upstairs in this house for more money, but it is much faster if you do not have to run up and down the stairs.

Play the game until you get to the Arena. Make sure that you have Physical Shield spell at rank 2 or higher, Magic Power rank at least rank 5 or higher, and 30 Will potions. Fight in the Arena with Physical Shield on and recharge it with will potions if you take too much damage. The shield will allow you to keep your combat multiplier and increase it while you hack away. It is possible to get it to 60 by doing this. Having a weapon with the Silver Augment on it is recommended, as one of the combat rounds has Bauverines and two White Bauverines, and another combat round is all undead. The best weapon for this is a Master Greatsword with Piercing, Steel, and Silver augmentations if you can afford it, and have the Physique to wield two handed weapons. Stay in the Arena and fight until after you kill the second set of Rock Golems. After the fight, choose to go back to the cells to rest. Use the Hero Save option then go to the Arena exit to leave. You will fail the quest, but just reload the game to start at the beginning. You will retain all the gold, experience, and renown gained from fighting.

Once you have earned your first trophy (for example, Queen Wasp Head, etc.) and have at least 1,500 gold, go to Bowerstone South. Buy a marital home, then live in it. Wait until dark, and when nobody is around, break down the door. Place a trophy on the trophy plaque on the wall. When you sell your home, the value should have increased by at least 200 to 300 gold. Go back inside and remove the trophy. When you buy the house, the value should return to normal and you will keep the extra gold. Repeat this to get as much gold as you desired. Try other trophies and marital homes for more gold.

First, complete the game and save a lot of money (about 50,000 gold). Then, go to Oakvale and slaughter the town. Purchase a few houses and rent them out. Sleep a few days and collect rent; preferably six times asleep for maximum money. Buy more houses and repeat the steps. After owning all of Oakvale, rent it all out. You can collect around 25,000 gold in about 5 minutes doing cash runs.

Buy the house in Bowerstone South, renovate it completely, then break the door down. Next, go to the trophy plaque, put your most expensive trophy on it (make sure to hot key it -- to do so, press [Up], [Right], go up to "Trophies", press [Right], then go to "Assign to" and press [Right]; to use it, hold [R], then press the D-Pad direction you assigned it to). Go up to the plaque, hold [R], then press the D-Pad. It will place the trophy. Sell the house, get your trophy, then buy it back for instant money. Do this until you have approximately 150,000 gold. You will make about 30,000 gold every five to ten minutes with this technique. Then, kill everyone in Oakvale. Buy every house. It will cost you about 140,000 gold. Renovate the house that is for sale by default. Sleep six times (three days), then collect the rent. You will make about 14,000 gold every few seconds, depending on how fast you get through town. When you get enough, buy out Knothole Glade, which will earn you about 18,000 gold per round, all together about 32,000 gold. Keep doing this and buying out towns for very fast money. It will be possible to make 300,000 gold every fifteen to twenty minutes.

Before the archeologist quest, buy a few houses. Then world save and load that save again. When you load, teleport to Witchwood and start the quest. Then, teleport back to the town you bought the houses at. Sell them, then hero save and load. You will still have the houses and the gold you obtained by selling them. After you load, you can just teleport to Witchwood and do it again. Note: When this is done, you cannot marry Lady Grey.

Easy experience
To get the most experience out of your food items (for example, red meat, carrots, fish, etc.), use them after building up a high combat multiplier. Set the food item to a quick slot to use them fast.

Find a location where skeletons respawn. With a good weapon and silver and sharp augmentations, they should be no problem. Once you get the [B] attacks, try to use them. They build your multiplier faster. Then, just keep killing them. They will drop Heal Potions so you should not have to worry about life.

When you start the game, you will have the Guildmaster instruct you in the various forms of combat. After you complete each of the lessons (Melee, Archery, and Will), you will have the option to take the tests for a "grade". An "A+" in the Will test earns a Will Potion and a Resurrection Vial. Note: Be careful to choose to play with Whisper after your will lesson, or you will be unable to be graded. After you get the potions, save your Hero and load the file again. You will have returned to childhood, but have kept all the experience, gold, and potions you acquired. This will allow you to start the game with a bit of experience, some better weapons, and a few extra lives. This is very useful, especially for new players.

In the early stage of the game, when you are put into the melee pit to practice blocking Whisper's attack, instead, attack her to get your flourish powered up. Then, smash her down with it. While you have her target locked with [L], you can move around behind her and land a few regular attacks. The trick is to use this tactic to get her cornered, facing the pit gate pillar with the gate on her right-hand side and you standing directly behind. By doing this, you can hit her indefinitely without her backflipping away, or you circling around out of position. Make sure to have the vibration for the controller turned off, as your hand will get sore. The best part is you can release [L] when you have her in the correct location and just keep tapping [X]. You can easily pause and go do something else or rest. Doing this will net 3 Strength experience points for every hit.

When you are sent to Maze to finish your apprenticeship and are told to attack using your sword, move far enough away that you can still see him, but not so close that he can block the arrow. Equip your original bow and activate the scope feature. Hold [X] long enough to make the bow groan once or twice then release. Repeat this for as long as Maze stays in one spot. When he teleports, just reposition and start again. Doing this will net about 100 to 130 Skill experience points each time that he stands in one location.

Complete the game and maximize Physical Shield. Get about 50 Will Potions. Travel through Lynchfield Graveyard and through a few more areas to the area where you have to save your mother. When you find some undead, put on physical shield and hack away with your sword. Keep your shield up so that you can keep a high multiplier. It is possible to get your multiplier to over 350 by doing this. Keep checking on your general experience bar in statistics. Once you max it (999,999 experience points), go to the guild. You will be able to max all spells or almost max all magic, strength, and skill. If you cannot, return and do it again.

In order to do the following trick, you will need magic spell Summon level 2 or above and lots of Will Potions. Go to a place and that will allow you to get your combat multiplier to 12 or above and do so. When everything is clear, use your Summon spell. The first time it will use about 1.5 of your mana, then after that it will take barely any. Keep using it until your combat multiplier gets to about 3. If you have your mana bar high and are quick, you can get bout 6,000 to 9,000 Will experience points. It is possible to get 60,000 Will experience points in ten minutes.

In order to do this you will need to do the "Unlimited keys" hint. Do npt do the the Hobbe cave mission until you have twenty keys. Once you have that amount, go to the guild and open the silver chest outside the entrance of the guild woods. You will get the Murran Greathammer. It has an Experience Augmentation. Do the Hobbe Cave mission and kill any Hobbe you encounter. The higher your combat multiplier gets, the more experience you will receive. By clearing out the cave all the way to the end without clearing the side rooms, it is possible to get over 25,000 general experience points each time.

Easy magic experience
Get the summon spell and have some Will Potions ready. Try to find an area with a lot of enemies, or a Rock Golem. The Arena is a good place to try. Wait until your combat multiplier gets very high. Then, repeatedly use the Summon spell. The first time you cast it, it will take off a good amount of your Will, but consecutive presses will only take a slight fraction off of it. Cast the Summon spell repeatedly as fast as possible. Each casting will give you Will experience. Use a Will Potion once your Will gets low enough. Run around to avoid getting hit by enemies to maintain your combat multiplier. It is possible to gain more than 3000 Magic experience points in one session. Note: You can also assign "Meat" to the D-Pad and make sure you have a lot when your combat multiplier is high. Then, eat some to get lots of strength experience.

Easy high combat multiplier
Master the lightning spell as soon as possible. This causes the bolt to strike multiple targets at the same time. For example, at the master level it will hit four targets at once. It also is a good idea is to set the Will Potion to an assigned location so you do not have to stop using the spell. Note: Sometimes when enemies die from lightning you may want to stop casting for a moment and restart; the spell does not automatically select four new targets.

Easy renown
Go the Heroes Guild and take a quest that you can boast on. Instead of boasting, walk off the platform and dig anywhere. More NPCs will show up. Try digging about eight times, then stand on the platform. The people will come running. Wait until they are all there and use a trophy. You can get about 70 people by doing this, however the game will start lagging.

Easy stealing from stores
Make the owners follow you outside their store, then give, then tell them to wait. Give them three beers to make them drunk then run back to their store and begin stealing. This should give you time to loot everything. However, keep an eye out for when they return.

Once you upgrade your Guile to +4 (or perhaps +3) and have the expression available to steal, go to a shop. The weapons shop in Oakvale is a good example of a place, because it is inside and not too many people come in. Before going to any shops to steal, buy a decent amount of beers. Assign it to one of the D-Pad buttons. Then, walk up to the shopkeeper, and use your body to push out from behind the counter and towards the door. If he starts to walk back, or at anytime, start giving him beers. At least three should be enough. Once this is done, he will become drunk and start wandering around aimlessly. Continue putting your body in front of him, and slowly walk forward and pushing him to guide him all the way outside the shop through the door. Feed him two more beers once you are a few feet away from the shop. He will now just wander around town drunk for awhile, leaving you free to steal everything from inside the store that is lying out. Make sure the eye by the map is completely black. To restock the shelves, find a bed, wait until night, then back to day. The shelves will be restocked with completely new items. You will have to get the shop keeper drunk again. Repeat this as many times as desired to get any armor, weapons, etc. Then, sell whatever you do not want for some easy gold.

Note: This trick only works in towns with docks. Get your scariness down as far as it will go (wear the bright dress suit). Then, get the shop owner to follow you to the docks. You cannot go through any locations where a new map loads. Go to one of the stairs at the docks. Push the owner down the stairs and tell him to "Wait". He will stay there for a long time. Then, go back to his shop and steal everything. You can then sell it back to the owner and get easy money.

First, find out what shop has nice items on display that you want. Then, ask the shopkeeper to follow you. After you have led him away from his shop, get him very drunk. You can do this by buying beer and giving it to him, It should only take two or three beers to get him drunk. Then, tell him to wait and go back to the shop. Make sure that no one is looking. He should not come back into the store, and instead walk around asking "Where am I?". Now, steal everything in the shop.

Increasing Evil alignment
In three different towns, marry three different people. Beat them and when you get divorced by one you will get 40,000 Evil points; two for 80,000 Evil points; and 3 for 120,000 Evil points.

If you are standing in the Heroes' Guild, after the Will training, cast Lightning. Sometimes you will kill a sparrow and receive 1 Evil point.

Increasing Good alignment
To become a rich and powerful hero who wields the Sword of Aeons, just be evil. Kill everyone who owns a house or shop and buy them up. Then, kill your sister at the end of the game. Sacrifice the number of people to get Skorm's Bow. You now have the strongest sword and bow in the game and own all the buildings. Use the rent money from these buildings to buy Light points from the Temple Of Avo. You be a Paladin with a halo over your head in no time.

Winning timed tavern games
Any tavern game that is timed (with the exception of Card Pairs in Bowerstone South) can be easily beaten with an extremely low time. Before you talk to the man running the game, cast the Slow Time spell. During the game, the time spell will stay active permanently, giving you plenty of time to finish.

Funny events
At the very beginning of the game, find the cheating husband, then rat on him to his wife. She will go and yell at him. Follow her, and listen to her read him the riot act.

Getting businesses
There are a few ways to do this. The first is to kill the owner. Another way is to marry the owner. The final way is to have the owner follow you, then leave town. Then, tell them to wait outside of town. When you go back, their store will be for sale.

Buy all buildings in town
Note: Selecting a town where you can have your weapon, such as Oakvale, is best, but this can be done anywhere. At any point while in the town, kill the owner of the building. That building will go up for sale, allowing you to come in and buy it. During the day, kill anyone that has a green aura (for example, the shopkeeper) that is inside that building. At night, smash in people's doors and kill all the inhabitants in the house. You will be then be able to buy that house. Properties can then be rented out. After one day passes, people usually will move in, paying you rent. Ignore the guards and do not pay the fine. Just keep running away while you are on your rampage, then leave and return at a later time.

Ending sequences
There are two different endings for each alignment (four total). Walk the side of good and throw the sword in the vortex or kill you sister. These endings are different if your alignment is evil.

Free hairstyles
Instead of buying your hairstyles from the barber, break into his house at night and take the desired style. Go into sneak mode by clicking the Left Analog-stick.

Big muscles
As soon as you acquire the Berserk spell, cast it and save your game. Then, reload your game. You will have huge muscles, even though your Physique, Health, and Toughness may not be all the way up. Note: When you use Berserk again, you will return to your normal state.

Door whispers "Shit"
In the "Find The Archaeologist" quest, when you are putting in the Demons Door's name "Hits", instead enter "Shit". Two enemies will appear. Kill them, then enter "Shit" again. It will spell "S-H-I-T". Then, wait a few seconds it and it whispers "Shit".

Glitch: Make houses for sale without getting Evil points
Go to the Grey House area off Barrow Fields, then rapidly run back and forth between Grey House and Barrow Fields until no enemies appear in the Grey House area. Once this occurs, teleport to any town. Notice that the Cullis Gate in the town has no sparks, and that everyone in the town is frozen. Also notice that every house in the town is for sale. If they are not but the people are still frozen, just leave town through a normal door and reenter. Once you have made your purchases, world save and reload your game. Everything will be back to normal, except you will own any houses you bought and be able to collect rent on them. This works best with Knothole Glade. You can get as much as 21,000 gold per week in rent there. Note: If you are having trouble getting this to work, try Assassin Rushing between the areas to increase your speed.

Glitch: Headmans Hill silver key and Headmans Cave silver chest without marrying Lady Grey
Ggo to Headmans Hill and stand close to the edge of the cliff that Thunder knocks you off of. It is directly to the right of the separated area on the map. Then, have your character face away from the drop off and start digging. After a few digs you will find yourself backing off the cliff. Once you are far off it, move your character and he will fall to the bottom. There is no gravity, so he kind of "teleports" down. You might be in an invisible wall. If you are, face the cliff you just fell from and start digging until you are out of the invisible wall. You can now fish in that creek to get the silver key, and enter the cave to get the silver chest, all without ever marrying Lady Grey. The only way to get out of this area is to either teleport, or save then load. The reason you cannot get out is because you are supposed to beat Thunder down there, then the Demon door will let you out. However, because you did not fight him you must get out another way.

Glitch: Get into Fisher Creek house
You are not supposed to be able to get into this house, but you still can. First, stand on the opposite side of the house (the side that is opposite the entrance you enter Fisher Creek through). Then, put your back against the wall and start digging. After

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